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happy jerseysJen Palmer, now 40, wrote a negative review on private business review site RipoffReport. It was no different than writing a review, good or bad, about any company.

We just figured we'll share our story and hopefully it warns anybody else. Then last summer, her husband, John, a senior network engineer, received an email from KlearGear.

We couldn't believe that somebody would even attempt to do this. The threat of doing it was scary enough, but the extent to which they did it blew my mind. The Palmers say they asked RipOffReport click to see more take down the source review, but the site has an arbitration process that requires the involvement of the business.

The couple say they shared this information with KlearGear. When the Palmers refused to pay the amount, KlearGear. When the Palmers disputed the debt with several credit reporting agencies, KlearGear.

Unable to afford an attorney to dispute the debt, the Palmers said the mark on their credit history affects their ability to obtain Writing A Review For A Business, most recently for a financing plan for a new furnace. Besides the debt to KlearGear.

We don't live on credit," she said. After the Palmers took their story to a local television station, the nonprofit advocacy group Public Citizen volunteered to represent the couple, sending a letter on Monday to KlearGear. In Michelman's letter, he writes that the Palmers asked KlearGear. The harm imposed on the Palmers wasn't just theoretical, Michelman points out in the letter, detailing the numerous times the denial of credit affected their lives.

In addition to the inability to obtain financing for a new furnace, the Palmers experienced a delay of a car loan, denial of a credit card, and the inability to sell their home and purchase a new one.

The Palmers also say the negative credit report has deterred them from seeking to refinance their home or secure a home equity loan for roof and window repairs. It never should have happened in the first place. I don't want to conjecture their thought process.

Visit web page want this resolved as quickly and peacefully as possible.

Michelman said it's not the first time he has seen a business try to muzzle its critics through the use of non-disparagement clauses or legal devices to stop customers from writing negative reviews. One method he has seen is a company assigning over to itself copyright of a customer review.

Earlier this year, Public Citizen represented a customer in Greenville, S. Michelman said these companies' terms are so "unconscionable" that a court will likely not enforce them, which often happens when a term is imposed on a party that has no choice but to agree to it.

Michelman also said that the "non-disparagement" clause was not even on the website when John Palmer placed his order in Sente discusses legislation to reduce head injuries in football Soon: Ultimate Gift Guide for "The Hunger Games" Lover The Palmers say they asked RipOffReport to take down the negative review, but the site has an arbitration Writing A Review For A Business that requires the involvement of the business.

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