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formerIts really have good information on computer programming.

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Head over to refundproject. If you have paid the penalty abatement irswe can get them back for you. If you have paid the IRS Penalties, we can get them back for you. Head over to http: About this Blog This is my first blog. It is simply going to be about my hobby; playing with computer programming.

I do not know much about blogging, but I will use this one to learn a bit more about it.

Programming has always been a bit of a passion for me, as from those early days when I first tapped in a sample BASIC program on my old Sinclair Spectrum back in I have been through many platforms, languages and OS's since, but always carried the hobby with me. I am not particularly good at it; perfection requires a large time investment and continuous practice.

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I do not have the luxury of the amount of time required to keep the fire burning constantly, so the hobby has inevitably gone through periods of extreme withering. This here will serve me as a written record of what I am up to, and hopefully Write My Trigonometry Blog Post a reinforcement to my memory every now and then. That is all there is to it.

So, if you read this blog, please don't expect anything snazzy, but be you welcome just the same! As I missed putting up a post for July, it is time I put up a post or two during August on this "semi-abandoned" blog.

I have been busy with work, and though I have been doing the odd bit of coding, I have not had the time to compose a post for here.

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Nevertheless, here I am now. Nothing special this time. Just a review of some vital 2D trigonometry. There is little doubt that there is something slightly amiss with me, as I wake up each day as a blank sheet with regard to what I did or learned the day here, I have the bad feature of forgetting even important things until I refresh my memory with some trigger or another and several coffees and a Red Bull.

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There will be no tags for this post to aid searching, as it is a bit of a personal rant. If you are someone other than me reading this, then you stumbled in on it. Don't worry, you may read it, if you like - just don't think of it as any sort of "lesson", please. There are many, much better, "learn trigonometry" pages out there.

I'll start with the easiest thing. How does the computer figure trig? Well, quite normally, in essence.

If I plotted a point using sin and costhis is what Write My Trigonometry Blog Post computer "thinks" of as angles in radians, of course So, let's have a look at that. Once the program is run it becomes immediately apparent that atan and atan2f seem to provide different answers for points 0, 6 and 7.

Or do they really? Well, it wasn't quite THAT bit of code. What I had done with the lines This is the Cosine. Here's a figure to further clarify Posted by WillS at John Williams 19 April at Jimmy Hazard 24 May at Jimmy Hazard 2 June at Jimmy Hazard 26 June at Jimmy Hazard 30 July at Jimmy Hazard 19 Learn more here at Jimmy Hazard 3 September at Jimmy Hazard 9 September at Jimmy Hazard 18 September at Jimmy Hazard 23 September at Jimmy Hazard 2 October at Jimmy Hazard 8 October at Jimmy Hazard 16 October at Newer Post Older Post Home.