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for threePhoto courtesy of Vic. And trust me, I would know — This is my first blog post at Spokal!

Before you even start thinking of writing your first blog, get target audience-focused by doing some research. This is where your competition comes in useful. Read through their posts. Read their comments sections.

By doing this, you can easily find answers to some of these crucial questions:. What information does your target audience need? What information does your target audience want? What information is your target audience interested in right now? Thinking up an excellent topic idea! The self-conscious writer and the overly-confident writer.

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But both types of writers deal with similar issues when it comes to generating a good topic to write about:. Photo courtesy of Office. For the self-conscious writerchoosing a topic will be hard because they doubt their ability to come up with an excellent idea.

The overly-confident writer, on the other hand, will take the first idea that pops into their head and not give anything else a second thought. To create an excellent topic idea, you need to find the right balance between the two extremes. Photo courtesy of Peddhapati. How to start a productive brainstorming session Photo courtesy of Juliana Coutinho.

Sit down in a quiet room. Set a timer for between 15 — 20 minutes. Start writing topic Write Me Business Blog Post. Keep writing them until the time runs out. Type up your good ideas in one word document and your mediocre ones in another document.

Ditch the bad ones and forget that they ever happened. The good ideas list will be your main focus. The mediocre list will be ideas that you can work on. The bad ideas list will be… well….

May 31, · I’ve read A LOT of blog posts. Much of my workday is spent reading, writing and publishing articles. And over the years, I’ve figured out a few things. How to Write a Blog Post I’m often asked by businesspeople how much time should they dedicate to writing blog 6 Helpful Hints for Writing Sterling Business. This post made me clear to write about myself,i I have struggled for more than a month to kick start my new home business with my blog and I have been reading a. Using a blog for your business website can Here are my top tips for writing and building a successful business blog. Write you could write a blog post on. 6 Tips for Wooing Customers with an Enchanting Business Blog. Can you write a business blog so good that readers When you write your next blog post.

The exercise will build your confidence in your writing abilities by focusing on how many good ideas you can generate. There are plenty of different ways to more info topic ideas.

Blogging platforms can be unfamiliar and cluttered. Photo courtesy of Illustration by Andrew Joyner. You can easily keep this screen clear of buttons that are likely to distract you while you write. Blogging platforms might give you stage fright. Photo courtesy of Andrew E. Not being relaxed will wreak havoc on the tone and style of your writing.

This is truly my worst nightmare. And for the record, it has happened to me on more than one occasion. Write your topic sentence Write Me Business Blog Post What will you be saying in this blog? Why are you writing about it? Why is it important? Why should people read this? Answer these questions by creating a topic sentence before you dive into the nitty-gritty of your blog. Writing a description of what you want to say or do in your blog before you write up the outline of your article will help you focus as you write.

Write the outline of your post second To make your blog especially juicy, the outline of your essay should always follow the same formula of introduction, body and conclusion.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Burke. Like with the top bun of a burger, it can either make your readers hungry for more or turn their stomachs. Your readers want to know that you understand what they need. Now that makes me hungry for more! Body Photo courtesy of Jesslee Cuizon. The body is where you start talking about the topic of your blog in detail. Three main headings is the minimum I would recommend for a blog post, so feel free to add more.

Longer posts generate Write Me Business Blog Post interest, with Second, create a call to action. This means asking your readers to leave a comment, share the blog, recommend other posts, share their stories etc.

When you edit your blog, you have to be prepared to delete a lot of stuff. Writing too little or not enough may leave you tempted to keep some stuff just because you need it for word length. Writing too much eases this temptation and ensures all the content is of the highest standard. Editing is what sets you apart from your competition. Giving up a first draft is like giving up a piece of scrap paper for a final exam.

First edit Your first edit of the completed blog should concentrate on bulking up your points. Or to the contrary? This gives your blog more substance, and makes it authoritative. Reading aloud will reveal these to you as clear as daylight. Third edit Read over everything again and make changes were necessary.

Remember to keep your sentences short and to the point to the best of your abilities.

See what I did there??? Fourth edit Read over everything again and make changes were necessary.

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Fifth edit Read over everything again and make changes were necessary. Edit until you can read through your entire blog post without stopping to make any changes. Photo courtesy of Photo via Office.

All it takes is determination, hard-work and a lot of patience. Still not ready to write your first blog post? Head on over to the second part of this post to start writing you first blog post right now.

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If you are writing a personal kind of blog for the first time, how should you introduce yourself as a person?? I hope you have every luck in the world with your blog! I will take my time and research first now before diving in. Anyway i think this was really helpful and inspiaring. Search Engines loooove content and posting photos without any text can result in little to no interest from the search engines.

Also, make sure Write Me Business Blog Post alt tag your images with relevant keywords. Hi there, glad you liked it! Your first post can be anything you want it to be, especially if read article a personal blog. What feels most natural to you? Absolutely love this post! Very informative information as I am starting fresh on my first blog.

I will definitely follow these steps! Hey Sarah, thanks for the piece of information you shared with us. I am an Aviation Enthusiast and want to write about it, any idea or help would be appreciated.

Hey thanks for the info it was great. Starting or not will. Perfect information, it seems, It has written only for the beginner like me: The first blog post is always the toughest lol. Thanks for the info!