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just because someone famousWant to get notified whenever we produce the latest content? Then subscribe now to start receiving hot updates from today. U need to revise the list Do some more research Refine it please. Very true This above list of great king of world is here. Hitler "turned the entire country against Jews and proved that they are the only reason behind all the problems that Germany is facing?

He was the worst mass murderer in history. Not true, Joseph Stalin was so much worse. Yes its true that Hitler was a terrible person but he killed no one compared to Stalin. Stalin killed around million of his own people. Ashoka, pruthvi raj chauhan and many more kings were great but forgoten by blogger. The greatest is Alexander Ashoka was the greatest emperor considered as samrat. He could have ruled over the world and conquare much more regions than Alexander but he did't cause the aim of his life was not only conquering.

He left behind a lots of thing so that the world could remember him for centuries and decates. His writtingsthe statues and stupas Write A Short Note On Mauryan Administration build will always be remembered. He is a great example of change of a king from most cruel one to the most soft one. Ashoka was not jist a king he has also left behind many A symbol of peice law and order.

That was the main reason for the fall of Mauryan Empire If somebody tries to hurt me i will fight back, that's how your country got freed by British rule, not only by non violence.

Akbar was probably the greatest king of India as he didn't crazily followed non-violence rule like Ashoka and but he believed in religious tolerance, and the policy of 'live and let others to live' if they attack, fight them back. He gave respect to everybody not just kill slaughter like most kings did, he actually won whole India. What no, actually he didn't fought and won the places he won the people's hearts more info Ashoka did, but took that non-violence rule to a certain limit, and was a little better general.

He might be from Mughal but that period was an golden era for nation under his rule. But his identity got lost with himself.

hello insights!! in history optionals can you pls provide us map places in ancient,medieval and modern india and 2 to 3 points regarding that place..i once came. Write a note on Wood's Despatch. [ ] [Answer Limit: 20 words ]? [ 20 ] Who prepared the Nehru report and what was its major recommendation? [Answer Limit: 20 words ]. 38 Comments on “[Download] History Mains Question Papers last 33 Years () for UPSC Civil service exam”. Patheos offers PDF downloads of the complete Chanakya Niti. Book Details English Miles Davis. Hindi Mihir Chandra Sharma Sanskrit Commentary by Iswar Chandra Sharma. (By Tsem Rinpoche and P. Prashant) Dear readers, I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity to write about Emperor Ashoka the Great. During his ear.

According to me Akbar the great ruler Maybe some would be indian lover but I am not I am a real indian and I am proud of my country what you Adolf hitler was great because of his killing of Jews if you thought this then you are biggest fool and what you thought that ashoka was great no he was not greatest yes you are right that ashoka was not greatest of all because he was a humble kind and powerful ruler but he never shown his power if he would have shown than their would be one name when you thought of greatest ruler that name is ashoka the great Raja raja cholan vijayalYa cholan sila vishnu go and study about them they are greatest.

All Muslim rulers were great, their military capabilities were unmatchable. For exampleMughal came from hundreds of mile away with an army of few thousand and defeated all regional armies in no time. Truth is bitter but one should accept it wisely. Illustration often lead to lots of trouble. Genghis khan was not muslim he believed in shamanism, Mongolian sort of shamanism which also worships Eternal Blue Sky and it may sound like Allah but its not.

He was the most successful leader of the world, who with the army of Arabic tribes defeated the two super powers of his times, the Byzantines and the Persians, and layed foundations to a Muslim dynasty which lasted for the centuries. I think Suleiman the magnificent should have been on the list. He was a very tolerant leader and also conquered most of the Middle East, some part of Europe, and North Africa.

Not to mention he repelled all crusade battles and yet he let Christians visit the Holy land Jerusalem. If you talk about Muslim Leader then Sulayman the Magnificient is the greatest of them all This is insanely annoying to read due to the low standard of English. Lol this is a joke great leaders don't kill innocent citizens. No proof he ever lived No one ever comes close to the King of Kings!

You need proof for that claim. But that's the one thing all religion have in common, no proof.

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(By Tsem Rinpoche and P. Prashant) Dear readers, I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity to write about Emperor Ashoka the Great. During his ear. hello insights!! in history optionals can you pls provide us map places in ancient,medieval and modern india and 2 to 3 points regarding that place..i once came. Keralites Community Network for Infotainment. A Group for those who love Keralam and Keralites.

No king in this world can achieve the place of Ashoka the Great. All those mentioned aren't anywhere close to Ashok the greatest of them all!!! Ashoka, the greatest emporer to have ever lived on this planet. Chandragupt Mourya, most noble emporer. Think of the whole world and just not the four corners of india. We have got an opportunity to breath free and come out of stereotype naukar mentality like the other Asians. What about chatrapati shivaji maharaj he should be on 1st position.

Shivaji was nobody to praise a lot like no. Chandragupta maurya or ashoka should be their instead of akbar.

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link Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is the greatest king of all time. He has defeated all the cruel dynasty at his time who were at there peakest at that time. Aurangazeb the cruelest Mughal king ever was frightened of the word Shivaji. There are people who are not disclosing the secrets of Shivaji as they know he is Hindu king. But truth is truth Shivaji is the greatest King and Maratha is the greatest army.

Absolutely true Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is king of republics heart.

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This comment has been removed by the author. Emperor Ashoka should be greatest ruler in the world till date. You have place Akbar, but reality is Write A Short Note On Mauryan Administration Akbar tried a lot but he never defeated Shri Maharana Pratap during his life.

Askoka was the greatest King!!! None of this touch "Ashoka "the greatest empire in the world. As far I know The greatest rulers were caliph Umar ra and the undefeated general of the world khalid ibn AL Waleed ra who broke seven swords in a war of yarmouk against Romans and Persians combined forces Whole joint army was disrouted by only Muslims army which marked a greatest expansion of the Islam in Europe.

Akbar was cruel until he married jodha but even after his marriage he was not a great ruler n he is regarded as great only bcoz of birbal n his navratnas. Ashoka was also very cruel by nature ,people called him" Ashoka the fierce" he killed million of people. After that he thought"are ye kya kar diya" and then he worshipped budhism. Akbar wasn't a kind or great ruler. He is regarded as great only bcoz of birbal n his navratnas. They should be at 1st position.

How can you say the word empire without mentioning Charlemagne? Also some of these are definitely among the greatest but some European rulers were "greater" than the ones listed. Also strange how not a single ruler from Americas, China, or the Middle East qualified as they had some here massive empires. Pathetic English and Less knowledge about History.

But I believe Ghengis Khan not a muslim is the greatest as the land he conquered no one could get till now. Almost entire world he conquered. Ghengis Khan not a muslim, he refers shamanism. And he and his Write A Short Note On Mauryan Administration, grandsons conquered almost half of the world in around and more. And his grandson Batu Khan ruled all russia and Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and nearly countries and the countries was belongs to Mongolia over years.

You seems to miss a lot of history at college! The greatest and just ruler that the world have yet to see is umar ibn alkhattab even though he himself always cry and said "oh lord have I ruled your subject in fairness and justice for by God iam afraid that a doonkey will hurt his leg in iraq due the bad road while iam here at madina until you ask me of it in the day of judgement" so sword is not the only thing which make ruler great but his whole heart!

Ashoka should be on Ashoke should be on no Chandragupta Maurya the king who stopped Alexander the great His name should be mentioned here. I don't think stopping a conqueror is justified for being on this list. The author really needs to read a book. Bruh, he didn't stopped Alexander the Great. He didn't even consolidated his power in the Ancient India The rajputis rules were best,they were not easy to follow but maharana pratap did.

The click life hero was maharana pratap. He MUST be on 1 in this list. I think chatrapati shivaji maharaj is missing here. With very less army he fought with mugal and win many battles. Mughal emperor is great emperor in world! Shivaji was the greatest king of people who destroyed mughal emperor. You are no historian.