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Reynolds asksNormally ships in 1 business day. For large order quotes, please call us at This excellent stink bug trap was built from the ground up by source Andy Strube from Pennsylvania, who spent months designing and testing the perfect trap to solve his own irritating stink bug infestation.

The trap you see today is based on hundreds of tests and feedback from customers, homeowners, farmers, university professors and experts in the stink bug control field. The patent pending stink bug trap features a combination of light, scented lure and super sticky catch glue that ensures Stink Bugs cannot escape.

The internal light of the trap gently warms and releases an all-natural scent that is barely detectable to humans but irresistible to stink bugs.

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Combined, these attractants pull stink bugs into landing on the traps exterior, where they are quickly stuck! One trap will catch hundreds of stink bugs. Once it is full you can replace the center cylinder with a replacement cartridge to continue catching stink bugs. Made right in Pennsylvania, USA. The trap includes a loop to hang the trap, and an internal light bulb with a 6-foot power cord.

It contains a hook that allows the trap to hang. The warmer the area, the more active the bugs will be, and the more effective the trap.

That means upper floors and attics, where heat collects, are most conducive to catching stink bugs.

Leave the trap in one place and let it run all night to catch as many stink bugs as possilbe. Turn off any other lights in the room.

The trap needs to be the primary light source. The trap can be hung near a window but not in direct sunlight, which could melt the glue on the outside of the trap. What the news media is saying: Does it really work?

I was surprised at how many I caught. I caught 10 bugs the first night, and the trap continues to lure the insects. The company's Facebook page is filled with photos of traps littered with dead stink bugs.

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Average Customer Rating 9. They do nothing but hibernate in your home, though many more may be there than you know so it may seem they this web page multiplied come spring.

They do not multiply in your walls, unless you're growing apple trees in there. Other traps claim to attract with a "pheromone", and claim the bugs will dessicate or dry out inside the trap.

Dessication will not work and it is Write A Review On Kudzu pheromones will either. This has all the right elements and should work. It's the beginning of September, and in a normal year, the swarming will be in full swing by mid-October and every warm day thereafter.

I will update this review then. Was this review helpful to you? I have been pested by these bugs for the past year! I had tried a couple other traps on the market with no results. So happy I found this trap! It continues to accumulate stink bugs everyday. It actually makes a really great night light too. I bought two of these because we were overun last year. I also bought the extra sleeves figuring I would need them when they got full. I have hundreds on the outside of my house every day, and about 50 in the house when we get home from work.

After three weeks, the one in the house has caught Here one in the garage has caught 6.

Dawn and water sprayed on them kills them. The light from the trap is too bright as a light during the night. During two weeks of use We saw stink bugs on seven different times during the day and during the night but not once they were caught by the trap.

I spent the money for the trap trusting the website and I should get my money back. One side of the cardboard holding this trap in place inside the box had broken loose and the trap was loose on one end and broke the plastic tray to be put on the bottom of the trap. I tried to tape it back together but can't get it to stay on the trap. Maybe the box was not handled properly and caused the cardboard holder to break loose. Saw you on Infested.

Had stink bugs inside house this winter during warmer spells. Too late in season to do spraying. Perfect solution to our problem. We hung it in our high vaulted living room last night and it worked great! Living in a log cabin the suckers are everywhere! The only thing I was a little sad about was in the photo it shows it being a dark brown when in reality the device is white.

Have a question about this product? Ask our product experts Write A Review On Kudzu After the outside of the stink bug trap is covered with stinkbugs, how do you discard the bugs? Can you buy a new outside sticky surface or do you have to buy a new lamp? A You can purchase a replacement cartrige to use once the cylinder that the trap comes with is full.

A screw will allow the top where the plug is to Write A Review On Kudzu from the cylinder allowing you to discard the used portion of the trap and replace it with a new glue cartridge. Q Does this stink bug trap require being plugged into an electrical outlet?

A Yes, the strube stink bug trap comes with a standard plug attached to the light to plug into any standard electrical outlet. Q What does the stink bug trap use for a power source? A The strube stink bug trap comes with a standard plug attached to the light to plug into any standard electrical outlet.

Q Can the stink bug trap be mounted outside in the elements? Also, what is optimal range from house to avoid swarming and still be affective? You could use it outside if it was protected, like under go here overhang.

You would not want the trap to be in direct sunlight or rain. This trap will attract stink bugs in the general area, so the optimal range would be wherever you have a protective overhang away from the house. Q Does the stink bug trap have a light sensor or do you have to manually turn it off during daylight hours?

If placed in the attic and the lamp runs continuously, what is the life of the lamp? A The stink bug trap does not have a light sensor. It turns on and off by plugging it in a wall socket and unplugging it.

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The stink bug trap uses a standard light bulb and can remain on continuously for months at a time. The bulb can be replaced easily if it needs to be. The stink bug trap will catch stink bugs day see more night. Q Can you use a CFL bulb for lighting the stink bug trap? A Yes, you can use any standard or CFL bulb in the strube stink bug trap. Q How do you dispose of the bugs? Can you re-use the tube?

We have a serious infestation outside and every winter they make their way in the house. A The Strube Stinkbug trap was specifically designed to trap stinkbugs and uses a stinkbug pheromone to help lure the insects to the traps. The Strube Stinkbug trap has not been tested for boxelder bugs and we do not know if boxelder bugs would be attracted to the trap.

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How to Kill Kudzu. Kudzu is an aggressive vine that has the ability to grow a foot a day and smother other plant life. The vine grows mostly in the south but has also. For superior indoor/outdoor control of stink bugs and kudzu bugs, we recommend also purchasing our exclusive Stink Bug Control Kit. The Strube Sticky Stink Bug Trap. Paul Andersen explains how populations interact in an ecosystem. The symbiosis of several populations is based on effects that may be neutral, positive, or negative. What is Mendapause? Mendapause is an herbal menopause supplement. Wellesley Women’s Institute Ingredient Analysis. Powerful Writing. Creative Reading. English for the Twenty-First Century. Language is what makes human civilizations possible, and English is one of the world’s.

Use of these materials without express written consent is strictly prohibited. Sign In My Account. Qty stink bug trap This product has been discontinued. You May Also Need: Select Cyzmic CS - 0. Contains a non-toxic glue and an all-natural secret scent that attracts Stink Bugs.

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