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expressed her Also - she talks about how she doesn't care how "big" she is which I don't think she is, because I'm her height AND weightbut in every picture, she gets photoshopped and airbrushed beyond recognition.

Tyra comes on at night here, and I woke up to a bunch of sobbing women, listened to the topic for a few and then noticed the absurdity of that commercial as well - and I believe Tyra has lost a little weight herself between last season and this.

I should be throwing roses at you, but I'm 1 cheap and 2 several states away. Instead, I will make my friends read your article.

I saw this episode as well, but I could only stomach about 3 minutes of the nonsense. It all seemed so forced and dramatized. Plus, you know, the ANTM thing. Amen, and thank you, i have a very hard time with Tyra banks, and her Dr. Hyde type tv programs, i am glad i am not the only one who thinks this way. I hope you actually mailed that. The two-facedness makes me ill. Dear Tyra, Today I ate a banana, a candy bar, a piece of banana bread and an iced tea from Starbucks over the course of about an hour.

Contrary to popular belief, eating twenty tons of sugar like this is a really bad idea, and I wound up on the couch with a major case of Ooginess the medical term. But that's not why I'm writing this letter that would be a really sad reason to write a letter.

You see, I find your show wildly entertaining, but I'm usually too busy to watch TV at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Read more, however, the mutiny in my stomach incapacitated me at the perfect time to settle in and get my Tyra fix.

Well, except for my burbling insides The subject of today's show was body image, and the negative body image of very young girls, specifically. You spoke with a group of girls, ageswho hate their bodies. Write A Letter To Tyra Banks beautiful when your ribs show, they all agreed.

Just as the discussion hit its emotional climax--you're crying, the girls' mothers are crying, the audience is crying, etc.

Stylishly cut video clips of protruding ribs, razor-sharp cheekbones, and wrist-sized thighs parading down the runway were set to thumping techno music. This commercial was so unbelievably out there in terms of glamorizing super-skinny bodies, I figured it was part of the show: Instead, your heavily made-up face appeared within the ad. This is when I changed the channel. Divorce Court was good today. See, Tyra, as much as I appreciate you listening to these girls and more info their mothers and chastising the big, bad media, well, you're the media.

And no matter how inspiring you were on one of your shows today, you have another show, a more successful show, that is all about superficial perfection.

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A lot of mothers watch your talk show, and a lot of them probably talked to their daughters about body image tonight, which is great. But a lot of young girls watch America's Next Top Model, and a lot of them probably pinch their thighs and curse their freckles and desperately wish for visible ribs as a direct result of what they see on that show, which sucks.

I'm not sure if Write A Letter To Tyra Banks acknowledged this irony later in the show by that time I was on to Judge Christinabut if you didn't, I ask that you think long and hard about the two juxtaposing messages you're putting out into the world, and find a way to reconcile them into a consistent and positive one.

Oh, and do it quick, cuz your show's way better than Divorce Court. Love and Kisses, Winona p. Just in case you think I'm putting too much blame on you, don't worry, I gave Us Weekly some too. Posted by daddylikeyblog at 2: Newer Post Older Post Home. But sometimes I write haiku about chlamydia. Email me at daddylikeyblog gmail. View my complete profile.

There’s a clash of the generations happening in the fashion industry, but Tyra Banks is here to keep the peace. The supermodel and media personality put in her two. Where can you send a letter to Tyler Perry? A: Quick Answer. As of September , fans can send letters and other mail to Tyler Perry via his production company. Dec 01,  · How can I write a letter to Tyra Banks? ChaCha Answer: You can write her at: Tyra Banks, Anisa Productions, Inc. San Vicente Blv. Dec 09,  · I want to email Tyra on a comment about her show, but I can't figure out how. I looked all over her website, but couldn't find any hint of writing cocktail24.info: Resolved. Tyra Banks Writes Open Letter to Young Models. “Tyra, you know what we Hip Hop and Jazz are her favorites) and loves to write about them.

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Aug 14,  · An Open Letter to Tyra Banks But that's not why I'm writing this letter (that would be a really sad reason to write a letter). You see, Author: Daddy Likey. hi my name is silvia i love you and ur music love you i would love to meet you some day i hope i hope i do please write letter chosen from Tyra Banks; Venus. Dec 09,  · I want to email Tyra on a comment about her show, but I can't figure out how. I looked all over her website, but couldn't find any hint of writing cocktail24.info: Resolved.

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