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that you haveMathebula, I should say I find your views challenging Hosi Nxumalo quite interesting, and they are substantially deepening my understanding of history. I know that the 4 generations preceding me were all Zulus, but I clearly understand they are descendants of Soshangane who himself came from the Ngunis.

I understood early this year, he was from the Ndwandwes. I am still continuing with my study of history in this area, particularly to find out more about my Mpisane ancestors, but also about the history of SA tribes in general. Thank you for an interesting piece, particularly your arguments clarifying how Machangana differ from Tsongas, and what role our great grandfather as it were Soshangane played in the whole thing.

I never try and read such long theses and I must say that this is a theory proven by a single group with the same interest of not allowing Hosi Eric Nxumalo to be the king of the "shangan". This report clearly indicate that of all the Tsonga I'll use Tsonga and shangan interchangeable to be politically correct chiefs, only the mafemane tribal autority needed to reclaim what should have been claimed my shoshangana before mawewe negatively worked on it.

The research lack flow and the presentation of the subject is more questionable than chalenging. According to my understanding, this doesn't say anything about the nyiko yamafemani tribal authority.

After going through this document, I realize the information contain in this document contradicts please click for source the history the we knew and I decided to classify this type of documents under rubbish bin because they might mislead the public. While on the document, the following Write A Hiku Poem comes to my mind What are they trying to say about us Nxumalo's? Are we coming from the royal family or what?

Is Eric going to become the Write A Hiku Poem Hosi ya Matsonga or what? Are we trying to claim something that belong to someone else?

If not us, Who should be the Hosi ya Matsonga? What about the stature of Ngungunyana e Giyani? Vamakwerhu Mhaka ya vuhosi ha yi twa. Xana a ri mani hosi ya Vastonga lava tshama swimitanini leswi nga hlayiwa laha tsalweni? Loko tihosi ta Vatsonga a ti ri kona, hi yihi nyipi leyi ti nga yi lwa ti hlula? Hi ku angarhela tihosi leti nga tsariwa laha tsalweni leri hi tona ti tivekaka, handleka swona hibyeleni tihosi ta Vatsonga.

Tihosi heti a ti vulavula xitsonga naswona a ti hanya na vatsonga. Swingaleswi a ni voni hikwalaho ka yini these people should not be called Vatsonga. Loyi a nga sungula ku tiveka hi kuva hosi va vatsonga i Shoshangan Changana hikokwalaho vatsonga va vitaniwa shangaans Machangani.

I believe vatsonga va vitaniwa machangana hikwalaho ka hosi ya duna Shoshangane. Muyisa loyi o lava recognition hikwalaho a vitana Vatsonga lava a va rhangela Machangani not because va vulavula xichangana! Xana hi kwihi ku hambana ka Xitsonga na Xichangana?

Swilo leswi swa fana mani! Hi ku mali va ri i xuma, ku languta i ku civuka.


Mara loko u lo yingisela kahle swa fana swilo leswi hikuva hi na wona Marito lawa yo ka ya nga tirhisiwi ngopfu. Swifana na xinghezi lexiya xa va "thy" xa king James. Gaza a ku ri yona capital cicy ya machangana united states of xitsonga speaking people. A ku ri na hosi yo dawuka mutsonga lahaya?

Vatsonga a va ri hava murhangeli hence a va nga lwi. Don't you know the saying, Vatsonga a va tsongoli xa munhu? Vatsonga va dume hi ku rhula, ko biwa mati tingwenya ti etlela. Kasi miri Soshangane a swi tivela kwihi le swo ba mati loko a ta ze a ba mati ka mabunu?

Khindlimuka u tlhela u kula Gazankulu I find the information very interesting we need to consolidate our history and make it available to the next generation. I do not subscribe to the notion that we should have a king. There is a lot of sense and follow in the research work. I respect the authors. I am not convinced that we need one.

What are we trying to establish here. We never heard of Write A Hiku Poem "one king" all along, it is only now people want to raise this issue.

11, 2001 Write A Hiku Poem understood

Our history has shown through different accounts Write A Hiku Poem we have been living separate "set-ups". This not a platform Write A Hiku Poem people to raise and utter their unfinised Gazankulu "issues". I thank you Tinyiko I thank you.

Well, i feel is time we step-up to the next gear This is a very interesting and informative blog. Thank you for your continued posts! When I first came across your Write A Hiku Poem, I thought you might enjoy this Tsonga website that read more modern usage of the language: I was disappointed when I receive this documentation from a non Tsonga Shangaan person.

The read more of persons like the late Ntsanwisi will be missed. In all, thanks To the authors or those persons that brought about this topic. While the Gaza empire never subdued all the Tsonga speaking political groupings of its time, I have a feeling you are making it appear weaker than it actually was I concede I need to research on this PS: Greet u in the name of the great powerful king Mutsonga.

Please provide us with also history of king mutsonga, as history prove this King Shaka Zulu, 4 zulu. Vatsonga never had one single powerfull chief. The word Tsonga, according to the history books ringava ri huma eka rito "Dzonga" vaDzonga, people from the south, South of Mozamzique.

Loko u lava kuri hi burisana kahle hi mhaka leyi natin'wana join the forum in the link below: I little bit differ with u rural boy Therefore Enough waka Mbhovo is clearly wrong on that score. The present day type of ethnic identity is a creation of colonial and missionary authorities.

Michavi do iu know dt Zulu r from one KIng Shaka. Mchavi all nations in de world created by one king, den they split to thousands of chiefs God bless Matsonga Machangana as cousins for ever not brothers.

We all belong to the certain names.

Xana u yikuma kwihi mhaka ya ku aku ri na hosi muTsonga? This is the first time to hear about this Write A Hiku Poem Tsonga. If i may ask you,how much do you know about your history? Well i will suggest you get yourself a book called "Life of a South African Tribe" or Matimu ya vatsonga. Hlungwani's are related to the Sono's, they are pure Tsonga. Chabalala Mshengu, Miyen are Nguni's. You find both this surnames in Tsongas, Swazi's and Zulus yes Interesting peace of reading, I agree that as African's and specific the Tsonga people have to try and understand our history.

As it stand now the history of Tsonga people is mainly based on events after the birth of Shaka Zulu. I find this to be bias and to an extent claiming that one tribe is superior to any other tribes that co exist in this country called South Africa. History according to what my grandfather Hezekias Miyen Write A Hiku Poem his soul rest in peace] told me is: We are all from Up Africa and had to migrate due to the search of a better place to live in and war between the different tribes of Africa.

Matsonga, Mavenda, Manghuni, Masotho and many other tribes already existed. Things could have took a turn when the Nghuni's reached the ocean and realising there was no where else to go, they decided to fight for survival and the Khoi-san decided to move on the edge of Africa to the west since they were the first tribe to reach the shore.

Since the Nghuni's were prepared to fight and the other tribes were just roaming the country, most of the tribes were taken by surprise hence they were easily disarmed and became slaves to the Nghuni tribe. Hence the word Shangane it is used as a derogatory word to any foreign amongst the Nghuni majority are popularly known as Zulu's Shangane - when showing disrespect without fear of anything, the Zulu's even say "amashiya nghane" meaning, those who ran and left here kids behind.

Most definitely this is not all of our history we are not Shangaan's but Matsonga, I agree those who ran from the rule of King Shaka can accept the word Shangane but before they were that they were something else and that is what this research should Write A Hiku Poem about and not necessarily about who is the king ya maTsonga.

Our Tsonga history is well documented my brother, there are loads of books written by the Sailors, Arabs etc I think most of the peeps on this page are just generalising just becoz you are born and growng up speaking Tsonga may not necessarily constfitute you to be only Tsonga.

I tend to think through unrelenting reserch- ; that we r both Shangana and Click to see more. But WHY Write A Hiku Poem may ask? Nkulunkumba Nyiko Nxumalo you are making so much more Write A Hiku Poem tome than most folks here.

Remember that many things had to be changed to give this newly-formed tribe a continue reading and unique id.

Jus becoz the Ngunis are our blood ancestors. I like yo ideology. Not that I was accepting all source points made, but I found them, and I still find them, as good ideas to bear in mind in trying to understand South Africa's tribal history, and particularly that of the Mpisanes.

Sep 12,  · Matimba said I never try and read such long theses and I must say that this is a theory proven by a single group with the same interest of not allowing. List of characters. For brevity, only one English translation is given per kanji. The "Grade" column specifies the grade in which the kanji is taught in Elementary. 年9月17日敬老の日午前中にに私達オカリナサークルはオカリナ演奏をします。 演奏曲 「子守唄メドレー.

I visited Bushbuckridge in Decemberand was to my surprise welcomed by the locals with such honor. They said being a Mpisane, there was a whole area interestingly named "area" or "eriya" which belonged to Mpisane. They said as a descendant of Mpisane, I should return to reclaim that area: Now what I would like to know is: From Soshangane and therefore, Nxumalo or from Nkuna because my father tells me we're descendants of Nkuna.

Now can anybody tell me what they know about the Mpisane origins?