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not necessarilyThis was last updated in June It may be out of date. If you want me to update it or have any questions, please contact me by email at: My overall objective is to improve large software systems through the development of novel techniques as well as the application of known engineering principles.

I am a proven technical leader, who likes to grapple with hard engineering problems that most people assume are click here to solve. I enjoy leading by example and getting my hands dirty. I have worked in many spaces, including things as diverse as low level machine code optimization, compiler optimization, programming language design, IDE features, built the Swift Playgrounds iPad appand ran a team at Tesla applying a diverse range of tech in the autonomous car space including machine learning, computer vision, sensors and non-vision perception, robotics planning and control, mapping, cloud infrastructure, embedded systems, and simulation.

LLVM has grown to include a broad range of compiler, debugger, and runtime library technologies. LLVM is widely Where To Gpa On Resume for academic research projectshas been adopted for commercial use by several companiesand has a broad and growing developer base.

For more information, please see the LLVM web page: I am also the founder and project lead for the Swift Programming Languagewhich is open source at Swift. Swift has been steadily and rapidly growing ever since its launch, with overapps in the Apple app stores, is installed on millions of developer workstations, and is widely loved by people who use it.

Since its release as open source, Swift is rapidly growing in the server space and in other domains outside of the traditional Apple developer community. I am a strong leader and have excellent communication skills both verbal and written.

When I joined Tesla, it was in the midst of a hardware transition from "Hardware 1" Autopilot based primarily on MobileEye for vision processing to "Hardware 2", which uses an in-house designed TeslaVision stack.

The team was facing many tough challenges given the nature of the transition. My primary contributions over these fast five months were:. Overall I learned a lot, worked hard, met a lot of great people, and had a lot of fun. I'm still a firm believer in Tesla, its mission, and the exceptional Autopilot team: I wish them well. In addition to languages Swift and Objective-Ccompilers and low-level tools, I took on responsibility for the Xcode IDE, Instruments performance analysis tool, Apple Java releases, and a variety of internal tools.

Current and Cumulative GPA. You can total your current semester courses and credits with our online GPA Calculator (above). To calculate your. Learn when you should include your GPA on a resume and get other tips for what to include in the education section of a resume. Find your high school or college grade point average with our easy online GPA calculator, use our study tips to help raise your gpa, search scholarship opportunities. This was last updated in June It may be out of date. If you want me to update it or have any questions, please contact me by email at: clattner@cocktail24.info higher GPA for students who live on campus their first year.

In this time period, my team shipped Where To Gpa On Resume number of major Xcode releases, including Link 4.

Some of my more notable contributions include:. This timeframe has included numerous technical and team achievements across a wide range of domains. I am continuing my work improving the Apple developer tools, and continue to contribute daily to the open source LLVM technologies. ARC has revolutionized Objective-C programming by automating memory management without the runtime overhead of a garbage collector.

I personally defined and drove this feature late in the schedule of iOS5 and Lion. This is notable for the short schedule for the project, the extensive cross-functional work required, and the extensive backwards compatibility issues that had to be addressed making it a very technically complex problem. Xcode 4 itself now features deep integration of the Clang parser for code completion, syntax highlighting, indexing, live warning and error messages, and the new 'Fix-It' feature in which the Where To Gpa On Resume informs the UI how to automatically corrects small errors.

The Xcode 4 preview also includes the first public release of LLDB to which I served as a consultant and contributed directly to turning it into an open source project.

During this period my team brought Clang 1. We also productized and shipped the Xcode static analyzer, a new compiler-rt library which replaced libgcc in Snow Leopard and many enhancements to existing components in the operating system.

We shipped llvm-gcc 4. In addition to llvm-gcc, much of the work during this time was focused on Mac OS I made major contributions to design and implementation of the "Blocks" language feature as well as to the architecture and design of the language and compiler aspects of the OpenCL GPGPU technology. Finally, during this period I architected and started implementation of a suite of front-end technologies based on Link, named " Clang ".

My main contributions during this time was a new llvm-gcc4 front-end, significant improvements to the X86 and PowerPC backends, a wide range of optimization improvements and new optimizers, significant improvement to Where To Gpa On Resume target-independent code generator, and leadership for the rest of the team.

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At Illinois, I designed and built most of the fundamental aspects of LLVM, establishing the architecture for things to come and building most of the scalar, loop and interprocedural optimizers.

I also built most of the target-independent code generator, X86 backend, JIT, llvm-gcc3 front-end, and much more. Finally, I wrote many papers. In the process, I identified and fixed numerous bugs in the Where To Gpa On Resume in early development Microsoft compiler. I was involved with the 4.

I was primarily involved porting the Java Virtual Machine from user-level threads to native threads, but also debugged many kernel issues in the pthreads implementation.

I also added thread awareness to the system debugger. Since joining industry, I rarely take time to write papers about my work, preferring instead to focus on building new great things. That said, LLVM is widely used as a basis for many current and past research projects by other people.

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