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the firstIt is not surprising that many people wrestle with this question.

But believe it or not, membership in a fraternity or sorority will not automatically discount you from a job or a professional opportunity. Not all fraternities or sororities are social in nature. Here is a comprehensive overview of how one should be able to appropriately list membership in a fraternity or sorority.

First and foremost, outside of work experience and education, employers definitely look to see what type of professional and networking associations and or groups you belong to and patronize frequently.

This shows employers that not only are you a highly connected individual, but you also possess great communication and social skills that can be leveraged to help build relationships with prospective customers and clients. Also, there are some professional fraternities and sororities that definitely look good on a resume. If you belong to a business or an accounting fraternity, corporations and businesses see this as an asset because it means you participated in social and professional development activities related to long-term career growth while in undergraduate or graduate school.

Use the Easiest Resume Maker. Make Your Perfect Resume for Free!. Marketing Your Greek Experience on It is important for fraternity and Greek advisors as well as chapter advisors are good references to put on your resume. Apr 29, · Given the numerous Greek life scandals that have been surfacing, it can be difficult to know whether it would help or hurt to include your fraternity or. Absolutely. (with a few caveats) I think I'm a strong example of this, as I have almost identical education to you, though I opted for more on-campus experience in. May 14, · To put it simply do as much as you can to translate your fraternity or sorority experience into a language understood by most humans and organize your.

Most employers understand that while in college, many students, especially those who belong in social organizations like fraternities and sororities are going to do their fair share of http://cocktail24.info/blog/in-depth-essayists-for-our-time.php and drinking.

However, for the most part, fraternities and sororities are much more than just having a good time. Fraternities and sororities engage in lots of networking, community service and also play huge roles in advocacy and lobbying within their respective universities and colleges.

So, as long as you do not flaunt or openly advertise your party days on your social media accounts, fraternity and sorority members have nothing to worry about when it comes to marketing your greek affiliations.

Many fraternity and sorority members end up becoming very successful corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, attorneys, politicians and other high-powered industry leaders. When applying to a job, if a high-up executive sees that you belong to the same fraternity or sorority, this could definitely play in your advantage since you all have something in common.

Also, many greek organizations have powerful alumni chapters that allow members to meet older frat and sorority members who can help one land a job in a highly competitive field. It always helps to know people when you are trying to go after a high-paying job.

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In the end, putting greek affiliations down on your resume will not hurt you. Do not shy away from listing your fraternity or sorority membership on a resume.

Does fraternity membership belong on a resume? I'm an officer in my fraternity, but am trying to figure this out. If so, where would it go?. always include sorority or fraternity information on your resume, as many components of your Your Resume You can put Greek life on your resume in one of two. To put it simply do as much as you can to translate your fraternity or sorority experience Fraternity Resume, fraternity treasurer resume, how to list sorority on. When it comes to making and sending out a marketable resume, it is often asked whether or not it is appropriate to put one’s membership in a fraternity or sorority.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Why should I put my fraternity or sorority association on my resume? What about the reputation of partying and drinking that a lot of fraternities and sororities have? Will being a part of a greek organization help me down the line?

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