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theTeam management includes co-located direct reports as well as remote, offshore resource management.

Thorough knowledge of the complete software development process and able to take a project from initial startup and analysis through to completion of What Is Working Knowledge On A Resume deployment and support. Experience in architecting messaging framework using commercial and open-source MOM products specifically for EAI and legacy application integration.

As a Software Engineering ManagerI am responsible for managing a team of software developers in planing, What Is Working Knowledge On A Resume, and overseeing the entire software development process for the middleware real-time messaging and Digital Shared Services group. In addition, I co-lead the software design review board for the entire financial services software group to oversee software design and architecture to adhere to industry standards.

In addition to co-located direct reports, I have also built, trained, and manage offshore software development team that is an extension to US development organization. ExperianAllen, TX Sr. Manager, Software Development -- Dec to Jan Managed several financial portfolio management, decision enginecredit simulation application software development using JAVA EE technologies. Responsible for working with product and project management team to ensure that the projects are completed and delivered in a timely manner, working with the business owners on planning and preparing for new projects.

Successfully delivered multi-million dollar worth of article source built enterprise class software integration components, services, decision support systems, and legacy EAI components to various divisions such as credit card processing, portfolio management, and loan solutions of major financial corporations Bank of America, HSBC, Toyota Financial. Received accolade from all of these aforementioned clients for the excellent service provided.

Developed a prototype on LINUX to address scalability issues of existing win32 network management software. Principal developer of Local Fulfillment order promising system. Took partially completed, untested prototype code and turned it into working product code of exceptional quality ahead of all projected dates for completion. CF is an extensible framework for collaborative brokering of requests to participating suppliers.

Designed and developed Log Manager Service. This is a background daemon process which monitors expired requests on the database and sends a cancel to external systems and removes the expired requests from the database.

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The system is very unique as it can have subscriber clients from a heterogeneous collection of systems i. Consistently received quarterly bonuses for achieving performance objectives above and beyond expectations. Received release bonuses in the form of stock options on every release. As a technical member, served frequently on search and screen committee and technical interview process.

Designed and developed several applications in a distributed computing environment.

Participated in a week long course on Design Patterns. Provided technical leadership to the CRSS system and led an effort to correct architectural errors in the system. Corrected several serious problems such as, excessive use of CPU idle processes, occasional communication dead-lock between CORBA server applications, random application crash, etc. Received a spotlight recognition award for this effort. Completed a performance analysis of Source vs.

This effort, taking partially completed and untested code and turning it into working product code was accomplished ahead of all milestones and with exceptional quality. Won several awards 1234on excellent performance. Project lead and principal developer of SmartPrep. This software feature allows the operator to visually monitor the contrast increase in the CT images of different parts of the patient's anatomy in real time and to pinpoint the critical time of maximum contrast between blood vessels and tissues to proceed with the actual scan prescriptions.

Developed client-server interface for the Imagine Software.

Developed context sensitive on-line help system for the Imagine software using the Frame Viewer help server from Frame Maker Tech. Designed and developed many applications for the Imagine Software in the following areas, raster image file management, classification accuracy assessment, thresholding, and histogram plotting tools to aid the visual evaluation of signature histograms. Served as instructor for C Toolkit training courses conducted at ERDAS training facility, and provided technical support for developers.

As a technical member, served frequently on search and screen committees. D Completed all the course requirements and qualifier exam for the Ph. D program except thesis defense. Development of fast and improved image classification algorithms. Anna UniversityMadras, India M.

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Tech Remote Sensing Thesis: Application of Remote Sensing to Geological and Geomorphic mapping. University of MadrasMadras, India M. Sc Marine GeologyB.

Sc Geology Presentations Scarpace, F. Selvan, A and F. Apr By Arul Selvan.

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