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see and enjoy andclick at this page is considered one of the most popular actresses in China and Chinese-speaking regions, and one of the highest paid actresses.

My Fair Princess enjoyed unprecedented success in East and Southeast countries, and Zhao is regarded by many as Mainland China 's first "national idol" since the economic reform began in Over her 20 years acting career, Zhao has starred in many box-office smash-hits, including Shaolin SoccerRed CliffPainted SkinPainted Skin: While focusing mostly on films, her works also include highly-popular TV series such as Romance in the RainMoment in Peking and Tiger Mom She also began a singing career with her debut album Swallowand has since released 7 albums.

Her Wang Kong Tse Thesis debut So Young was both a huge box office and critical success. It broke the box office record for movies directed by female Chinese directors in just a week, and eventually became one of the highest-grossing films ever in China. After secondary school, Zhao entered Wuhu Normal School, a local education institution training students to become pre-school teachers.

Apart from school, she also received training in piano, dance, and Chinese ink wash painting. Zhao was cast for a cameo role, a young prostitute in the brothel where Gong's character works. This is her first acting experience.

She appeared briefly at the beginning of the film and had no dialogue. Zhao had developed strong interests in acting after her first acting experience, and decided to become an actress. Inafter graduating from the Wuhu Normal School, she gave Wang Kong Tse Thesis her job as an apprentice pre-school teacher.

She moved from her hometown to Shanghai and was enrolled in Xie Jin Star Academy, an acting school founded by the legendary Chinese director Xie Jinwhere she received structured acting training during - She was also selected by Xie to star his movie Penitentiary Angel This was her first substantial role.

Though she did not find her own performance fulfilling, Zhao considered it a valuable experience and a good start of her career. The film landed her other roles in TV series including her first leading role in Sisters in Beijing Her graduation thesis scored 90 out of Xiao Yanzi "Little Swallow"Wang Kong Tse Thesis rebellious and funny princess who dared to challenge authority and rules in the Palace.

Filming the series was an arduous task for Zhao and her co-stars; Zhao herself acknowledged the intensity of filming:. We shot 18 to 20 hours a day. There were two groups of actors. One shot during the day, one at night. Frequently I'd have to do both.

A few times I worked so hard that I actually threw up from the exertion. But I was young then.

Ann Hui On-wah, MBE (traditional Chinese: 許鞍華; simplified Chinese: 许鞍华; pinyin: Xǔ Ānhuá; Hepburn: Kyo Anka; born 23 May ) is a Hong Kong film. Daniel, P.K. Lun received his degree and PhD degree from the University of Essex, U.K. and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (formerly called Hong. 譚澤華 特聘研究員 免疫醫學研究中心 連絡電話:轉 傳真電話: As conveyed in the previous issues of 'Get Connected' (Jan issue, Mar issue and April issue), the myWeb service is going to be phased out from Apr. Links to Chinese fonts compiled by Luc Devroye. Chinese font archive. The fonts are simply called tt1, tt13, tt2, ttf, ttf, tta, tta.

I didn't get tired easily. And I never complained about the working conditions. I thought that's just how it was supposed to be. Now I know that's wrong. But at the time I had no clue. Whatever they'd give me, I'd do.

And as soon as I was done working I could just fall asleep. They'd say, 'Go Wang Kong Tse Thesis sleep,' and I'd go right to sleep. The hard work of the cast yielded unexpected results. She is also regarded as one of China's Four Dan Actresses. Opposite to the funny princess she played in My Fair PrincessZhao played a vengeful girl who tried to exact revenge against her parents. The series was a commercial success, and recorded the highest ratings of the year.

Zhao soon felt that she had achieved all she could in television [ inconsistent ] and began to shift her career focus from TV to films. Zhao went on to star a few Hong Kong movies. Zhao played an ugly-duckling steamed bun -maker-cum- taichi -master, a great contrast from the glamorous image she had established for herself in previous roles. InZhao starred in four films: After much speculation over who was cast for the female lead An Xin in Ann Hui 's film Jade Goddess of Mercythe role was finally offered Wang Kong Tse Thesis Zhao, and her performance was well received by critics.

The year proved to be another successful year for Zhao. InZhao made a surprising move by sitting for the national entrance exam for postgraduate studies.

That year, Zhao was ranked No. She reportedly received a salary ofyuan per episode. She next appeared in Gordon Chan 's horror-adventure film Painted Skin The film set a new milestone in Chinese film by grossing million yuan in six days.

After filming the wuxia film 14 Blades alongside Donnie Yen[42] Zhao took a 2-year break from acting in the middle of On 11 Aprilshe gave birth to a girl, Huang Xin, the only child of her and businessman Huang Youlong, whom she married in In Juneclick the following article returned to limelight as a jury member of the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival. Zhao returned from her extended parental leave inplaying, incidentally, a single mother in Lovedirected by Doze Niu.

The film also achieved commercial success, and became the only film to gross million yuan in both Taiwan and mainland China. The Resurrectionthe sequel to the film Painted Skin. Her directorial debut, So Youngopened on 26 April to million yuan in its first weekend. She was the first female director whose debut film broke million yuan in China. Zhao returned to acting inplaying a countrywoman in the film Dearest[58] directed by Peter Chan. The movie was selected by the 71st Venice International Film Festival in the Out-of-competition category, and Zhao's performance as a foster mother of illegally kidnapped children received international acclaim.

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Inshe starred in comedies Hollywood Adventures and Lost in Hong Kongboth of which were commercially successful. InZhao played a doctor in Johnnie To 's crime thriller film Three. The entrance exam is said to be the most challenging one of students pursuing performing arts whereby the success ratio is 1: Chinese actor Huang Wang Kong Tse Thesis publicly acknowledged that he had crush over Zhao Wei when he and she both attended the Beijing Film Academy.

Zhao rejected his courtship because she felt he was not mature enough. The two remain as close friends and have collaborated in the movie Click Adventuresa joint Hollywood-Chinese production. The couple's daughter, was born in April Zhao is a well-known wine lover and has a passion for winemaking.

The online shop offers both high end and affordable wine selections. Zhao has been actively involved in charity and disaster relief work. Her notable charity work and donations include:. As the price of her fame, Zhao has been a regular subject of tabloids. Four months later, in Decone of the local evening newspaper started to question and criticize the photo. Still torn by Japan's crimes to China during the WWII, Wang Kong Tse Thesis newspaper quickly provoked a public outcry, and more media joined to attack Zhao.

Some called to ban her work and prohibit her from show business. Different opinions and questions started to surface over the magazine editors' negligence and choice of dress.

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There were also suspicions that the incident was a set-up to ruin Zhao's career. On 28 Decemberduring her performance at a concert, Zhao was attacked on stage by Wang Kong Tse Thesis Shenghua, a construction worker who later said his grandparents were killed during the Second Sino-Japanese War. But I believe my cause was just As a famous Chinese person, she should have been aware of such an important event in Chinese history.

The journalist noted that it was difficult to have conversations with Fu due to his alleged extremist views. More and more continue reading started to believe that the incident was a set-up and the public views started shifting more empathetically towards Zhao.

After this report was published, the hype surrounding the incident died down and the Chinese media seldom mentioned it again. In JulyZhao was embroiled in further controversy when a pregnant lady named Zou Xue accused Zhao of assaulting her in a restaurant over a business dispute.

Zhao and Zou had been business partners, and opened a bar together in Beijing. Zou filed a lawsuit demanding compensation as well as a public apology. Zhao denied hitting Wang Kong Tse Thesis, [] but the public were not on Zhao's side.

However, the incident quickly had a dramatic twist when the media investigated that Zou's medical check-up was fake, and was produced by a hospital managed by her family members. The court then rejected Zou's lawsuit against Zhao. In addition, people found that Zou was the L'Offciel editor who stepped down due to the "Japanese flag" incident.

The public was more convinced that the "Japanese flag" incident was a set-up and Zou was somehow involved. Zhao regained the public's support. Zhao completed her second directorial feature No Other Love in June On 1 Julythe Communist Youth League used its own website and social media to criticize Zhao over the male cast and Taiwanese director-actor Leon Dai 's alleged support for Taiwanese independence. It posting on Weibo called for boycott of this movie. Following the call, China's nationalists and nationalist unions started to attack Zhao for being a "public enemy" and "traitor" to the nation.

On 15 Julyunder fierce online assault, Zhao apologized, and Wang Kong Tse Thesis movie studio also announced its plan to replace Dai. Alongside her acting career, Zhao has become actively involved in commercial work.