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1997go here width="220">One of the most common questions I am asked is which colleges superscore the ACT.

For those of you not familiar with superscoring, it is when a college takes the highest subscores from various test dates to get a new higher superscore.

For example, assume that a student takes the April ACT and gets a 29 reading, 27 math, 28 English and 31 science subscores. This give a composite score of Again, the student has a composite score of However, if a college superscores the tests they combine the best scores from each test giving a 32 reading, 27 math, 29 English and a 31 science.

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This combined superscore gives a new composite of Recently, however, some colleges are starting to superscore the ACT. I first reported on superscoring the ACT in December, If a college is not on the list, I have received no information that it superscores the ACT.

As I become aware of additional colleges I will add them to the list.

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Welcome to MBA ApplyWire. This tool is designed to help you develop your MBA application strategy. By posting the schools you are considering applying to, along with. Learn about admission requirements specific to UVA SCPS degrees and certificates. Interview with Josh Rubenstein, Assistant Dean for Admissions at Harvard Law School. Published August TLS: First of all, Dean Rubenstein, thank you so .

I greatly appreciate all of the help that my readers have been providing by telling me which colleges superscore. California Institute of Technology. California State University System. College of the Holy Cross. Florida Gulf Coast University. Loyola University in Maryland. North Carolina State University. Olin College of Engineering. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

United States Naval Academy. University of Arkansas — Fayetteville. University of Colorado — Boulder.

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University of Louisiana — Lafayette. University of Massachusetts Amherst. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. University of Puget Sound. University of South Florida. University of Tennessee — Knoxville. Washington and Lee University.

Washington University — St. So effect is same benefit as superscoring. If an applicant submits scores from more than one test date, the highest sub-score s will be used in this evaluation. Todd Johnson is the founder of College Admissions Partners. Do you find this to be true? Since the ACT is becoming more popular around the country, more people have been questioning Uva Undergraduate Admissions Essays the ACT is being superscored.

That Uva Undergraduate Admissions Essays why I posted this entry. What is that conclusion based on? Most colleges have been open about their refusal to superscore the ACT in the past.

I have contacted a number of colleges in the last month or so asking about whether they have had a change in policy. Amherst and Washington University source news last December when they both announced that they were going to superscore the ACT.

Because of the announcement of those two well known colleges, there has been some movement toward ACT superscoring. The colleges listed are by no means the only colleges I have discussed this issue with. They are merely those that said that they are superscoring the ACT. We visited Duke this summer. They said to send both ACTs for superscore purposes.

Have you had an official or unofficial word from Duke? There have been suggestions about Duke for about a year but nothing I have been able to confirm.

I will check with them again to see if they are superscoring the ACT.

Thanks for the note. Does the Clearing House send out a superscore to the colleges? The only concern of the Clearing House is to make sure the student athlete is academically qualified. It is my understanding that the Clearing House does not send any test scores to the colleges. Thanks for the note regarding Hendrix. I have a policy of trying to confirm with the colleges before listing them.

I have contacted Hendrix and as soon as they confirm I will add them to the list. They said that they do however consider the best subscores from multiple tests. Uva Undergraduate Admissions Essays seems like a contridiction and i had trouble getting a straight answer from the people answering the admissions e-mails.

I will try to clarify with Illinois but you are right, their description of what they do is superscoring. It may be that there is a misunderstanding of the definition by the people you were talking to. She was quite surprised. We sent all scores to four colleges. Will they then take the best,in this case her ACT score for admission purposes?

This is our first time around with all of this. So in your daughters case they will use the higher ACT score for admissions decisions. If you have more questions feel free to give me a call or send me an email.

My contact information can be found at the Free Consultation page. Are the composite superscores scores used for admissions purposes only? Do all of these colleges use the composite scores in evaluating scholarship offers? It of course varies from college to college but most of the colleges that superscore will use that higher score for determining admissions and scholarships. I have removed them from the list.

Are you absolutely sure about Amherst and Cornell? Amherst made an announcement back in late that they were going to super score the ACT. I had previously discussed with Cornell admissions but will double check. Unfortunately, transparency is not a hallmark of most aspects of college admissions. Uva Undergraduate Admissions Essays, you will not find confirmation of this policy without checking with the college.

Learn more here will let you know when I hear back from Cornell. I just received confirmation from Cornell admissions that they do use the highest scores even from different exam dates for both SAT and ACT. Uva Undergraduate Admissions Essays is one of the schools that do not allow score choice and requires that every SAT or ACT test taken be submitted to the college. Hey I was wondering how you were sure about florida state accepting act subscores.

Most colleges do not have information about superscoring on their web site.

Learn about admission requirements specific to UVA SCPS degrees and certificates. Admissions Intel's program really helped me understand the things that are necessary in order to try to be admitted into college. They really understand the process. University of Virginia is a public institution that was founded in It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 16,, its setting is suburban, and the campus. essays on respect zone occupational therapy research paper obesity reasons essay the war gods horse song analysis essays essay on sport and games quality custom. Welcome to MBA ApplyWire. This tool is designed to help you develop your MBA application strategy. By posting the schools you are considering applying to, along with.

I had Florida State down based on a reliable source but to be sure I will contact them directly to see Uva Undergraduate Admissions Essays they will confirm. Quotes are from their official admissions matrix. I would have to send both score reports into the college for them to super score correct? Also, if they do super score, do they recalculate the composite with the highest subs-scores? Finally, when calculating the regular composite or calculating the super score, what is the policy on decimals?

Yes, the college can only superscore article source they have more than one test date for a particular test. Superscoring is by definition the recalculation of the composite using the highest subscores from various tests. Each college can handle rounding issues as they see fit but most of the colleges I am aware of round up if the decimal is.

If the decimal is. But see comments 15 and 16 above.

I have been told, and at least one other person has been told, that while Illinois does not superscore the ACT they do take the highest sub section score from multiple tests. This is by definition superscoring. So, whether they call it http://cocktail24.info/blog/where-should-a-thesis-go.php or not, I have left them on the list.

Uva Undergraduate Admissions Essays of I Urbana says they do not superscore the ACT, but you know that they do look at the highest subscores you send them. I will double check with them and let you know if there has been a change in policy. I just heard from Tufts and they confirmed that they do not superscore the ACT. However, Tufts will look at the subscores for each of the ACT tests submitted so it would generally be to your benefit to submit all ACT scores.

Do you generally suggest that people send only the best score, or should they send them all and let the school decide which they want to take.