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thanks online sportsThe New York Times. This specific reporter gave more insight into the societal and political aftermath of the riots and had an educational background in urban affairs and news bureau.

Octavia Butler's Parable Series. The Mary Sue, 21 Feb.

Annotated Bibliography

The author contemplated on the meanings and associations of the characters and traits seen throughout the storylines. Parable of the Sower. The novel was a major component to developing the ideas in my Rhetorical Analysis paper. She uses her abilities and skills to go from living in an enclosed community, to surviving in the harsh outside world with the help of friends and allies.

Guardians of the Galaxy. This superhero, outer-space adventure is a movie about a group of five individuals known for being violent, reckless, and dangerous. For instance, an individual's vitals, personal background information, fingerprints, and physiological state can be seen through special devices. At first, this advance in technology inspired me to write a fictional piece on a portrayal of labeling in the future where societal labels would have less of an influence because others could just be able to "scan" you.

I didn't end up making this a central part of my message, but I still included a fake link to an article about this topic within my RIP project. This online article centered on the famous space shuttle explosion. An article about Temple Grandin's brain architecture and abilities helped me better understand how Grandin's thoughts and perceptions influenced her life to become successful despite having the label of autism looming over her.

This was helpful in introducing Grandin and explaining about how the differences continue reading her brain contributed to her success, despite being labeled as autistic.

This newspaper article covered the events of the Los Angeles civil unrest.

The article also went on to talk about the effects the riots had on the city, including social and political. It gave superficial accounts of the type of violence that initiated in response to the Rodney King trial. These facts were integrated in my RA essay to help the audience understand the type of violence and outcomes I was referring to in my thesis statement. Although she didn't directly acknowledge societal labels, her story and spoken details were inspiring and a component of the way I introduced her in my RIP project.

RDC Design Group, This helpful website was helpful in learning the basics about Grandin's life and her contribution to the animal science industry. It provided short videos, informational links, and many other things that helped the viewer get a sense of Grandin's life. I used a photo from this website to illustrate Grandin in my RIP project; as well as some inspirational quotes that I embedded in the interview.

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