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repliedAs used herein, "managerial employees" refer to those whose primary duty consists of the management of the establishment in which they are employed or of a department or subdivision thereof, and to other officers or members of the managerial staff.

Normal hours of work. For purposes of this Article, "health personnel" shall include resident physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dietitianspharmacists, social workers, laboratory technicians, paramedical technicians, psychologists, midwives, attendants and all other hospital or clinic personnel. Rest periods of short duration during working hours shall be counted as hours worked.

Undertime not offset by overtime. Permission given to the employee to go on leave Twenty And Ten Book Report some other day of the week shall not exempt the employer from paying the additional compensation required in this Chapter. Any employee required to render overtime work under this Article shall be paid the Twenty And Ten Book Report compensation required in this Chapter.

Computation of additional compensation. Right to weekly rest day. However, the employer shall respect the preference of employees as to their weekly rest day when such preference is based on religious grounds. When employer may require work on a rest day. Compensation for rest day, Sunday or holiday work. An employee shall be entitled to such additional compensation for work performed on Sunday only when it is his established rest day. Right to holiday pay. Right to service incentive leave.

The share of the employees shall be equally distributed among them. In case the service charge is abolished, the share of the covered employees shall be considered integrated in their wages. Check this out amended by Section 3, Republic Act No.

Prohibition against elimination or diminution of benefits.

Payment of wages by check or money order shall more info allowed when such manner of payment is customary on the date of effectivity of this Code, or is necessary because of special circumstances as specified in appropriate regulations to be issued by the Secretary of Labor and Employment or as stipulated in a collective bargaining agreement.

No employer shall make payment with less frequency than once a month. The payment of wages of employees engaged to perform a task which cannot be completed in two 2 weeks shall be subject to the following conditions, in the absence of Twenty And Ten Book Report collective bargaining agreement or arbitration award: Direct payment of wages. The claimants, if they are all of age, shall execute an affidavit attesting to their relationship to the deceased and the fact that they are his heirs, to the exclusion of all other persons.

If any of the heirs is a minor, Twenty And Ten Book Report affidavit shall be executed on his behalf by his natural guardian or next-of-kin. The affidavit shall be presented to the employer who shall Twenty And Ten Book Report payment through the Secretary of Labor and Employment or his representative.

The representative of the Secretary of Labor and Employment shall act as referee in dividing the amount paid among the heirs. The payment of wages under this Article shall absolve the employer of any further liability with respect to the amount paid. In the event that the contractor or subcontractor fails to pay the wages of his employees in accordance with this Code, the employer shall be jointly and severally liable with his contractor or see more to such employees to the extent of the work performed under the contract, in the same manner and extent that he is liable to employees directly employed by him.

The Secretary of Labor and Employment may, by appropriate regulations, restrict or prohibit the contracting-out of labor to protect the rights of workers established under this Code. In so prohibiting or restricting, he may make appropriate distinctions between labor -only contracting and job contracting as well as differentiations within these types of contracting and determine who among the parties involved shall be considered the employer for purposes of this Code, to prevent any violation or circumvention of any link of this Code.

There is " labor -only" contracting where the person supplying workers to an employer does not have substantial capital or investment in the form of tools, equipment, machineries, work premises, among others, and the workers recruited and placed by such person are performing activities which are directly related to the principal business of such employer. In such cases, the person or intermediary shall be considered merely as an agent of the employer who shall be responsible to the workers in the same manner and extent as if the latter were directly employed by him.

For purposes of determining the extent of their civil liability under this Chapter, they shall be considered as direct employers. Worker preference in case of bankruptcy.

Such unpaid wages read more monetary claims shall be paid in full before claims of the government and other creditors may be paid. As amended by Section 1, Republic Act No.

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Non-interference in disposal of wages. He shall not in any manner force, compel, or oblige his employees to purchase merchandise, commodities or other property from any other person, or otherwise make use of any store or services of such employer or any other person. Deposits for loss or damage. Withholding of wages and kickbacks prohibited. Deduction to ensure employment. Creation of National Wages and Productivity Commission. As amended by Republic Act No. Powers and functions of the Commission.

The Executive Director of the Commission shall also be a member of the Commission. The Commission shall be assisted by a Secretariat to be headed by an Executive Director and two 2 Deputy Directors, who shall be appointed by the President of the Philippines, upon the recommendation of the Secretary of Labor and Employment.

The Executive Director shall have the same rank, salary, benefits and other emoluments as that of a Department Assistant Secretary, while the Deputy Directors shall have the same rank, salary, benefits and other emoluments as that of a Bureau Director.

The Regional Boards shall have the following powers and functions in their respective territorial jurisdictions: Implementation of the plans, programs, and projects of the Regional Boards referred to in the second paragraph, letter a of this Article, shall be through the respective regional offices Twenty And Ten Book Report the Department of Labor and Employment within their territorial jurisdiction; Provided, howeverThat the Regional Boards shall have technical supervision over the regional office of the Department of Labor and Employment with respect to the implementation of said plans, programs and projects.

Each Regional Board to be headed by its chairman shall be assisted by a Secretariat. Any such Wage Order shall take effect after fifteen 15 days from its complete publication in at least one 1 newspaper of general circulation in the region. Any party aggrieved by the Wage Order issued by the Regional Board may appeal such order to the Commission within ten 10 calendar days from the publication of such order. It shall be mandatory for the Commission to decide such appeal within sixty 60 calendar days from the filing thereof.

The filing of the appeal does not stay the order unless the person appealing such order shall file with the Commission, an undertaking with a surety or sureties satisfactory to the Commission for the payment to the employees affected by the order of the corresponding increase, in the event such order is affirmed. In the determination of such regional minimum wages, the Regional Board shall, among other relevant factors, consider the following: The wages prescribed in accordance with the provisions of this Title shall be the standard prevailing minimum Twenty And Ten Book Report in every region.

These wages shall include wages varying with industries, provinces or localities if in the judgment of the Regional Board, conditions make such local differentiation proper and necessary to effectuate the purpose of this Title.

Twenty And Ten Book Report the application of any prescribed wage increase by virtue of a law or wage order issued by any Regional Board results in distortions of the wage structure within an establishment, the employer and the union shall negotiate to correct the distortions.

Any dispute arising from wage distortions shall be resolved through the grievance procedure under their collective bargaining agreement and, if it remains unresolved, through voluntary arbitration.

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Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing, such dispute shall be decided by the voluntary arbitrators within ten 10 calendar days from the time said dispute was referred to voluntary arbitration. In cases where there are no collective agreements or recognized labor unions, the employers Twenty And Ten Book Report workers shall endeavor to correct such distortions.

Any dispute arising therefrom shall be settled through the National Conciliation and Mediation Board and, if it remains unresolved after ten 10 calendar days of conciliation, shall be referred to the appropriate branch of the National Labor Relations Commission NLRC. It shall be mandatory for the NLRC to conduct continuous hearings and decide the dispute within twenty 20 calendar days from the click the following article said dispute is submitted for compulsory arbitration.

The pendency of a dispute arising from a wage distortion shall not in any way delay the applicability of any increase in prescribed wage rates pursuant to the provisions of law or wage order.

As used herein, a wage distortion shall mean a situation where an increase in prescribed wage rates results in the elimination or severe contraction of intentional quantitative differences in wage or salary rates between and among employee groups in an establishment as to effectively obliterate the distinctions Twenty And Ten Book Report in such wage structure based on skills, length of service, or other logical bases of differentiation.

All workers paid by result, including those who are paid on piecework, takaypakyaw or task basis, shall receive not less than the prescribed wage rates per eight 8 hours of work a day, or a proportion thereof for working less than eight 8 hours. All recognized learnership and apprenticeship agreements shall be considered automatically modified insofar as their wage clauses are concerned to reflect the prescribed wage rates.

Visitorial and enforcement power. The Secretary or his duly authorized representatives shall issue writs of execution to the appropriate authority for the enforcement of their orders, except in cases where the employer contests the findings of the labor employment and enforcement officer and raises issues supported by documentary proofs which were not considered in the course of inspection.

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An order issued by the duly authorized representative of the Secretary of Labor and Employment under this Article may be appealed to the latter. In case said order involves a monetary award, an appeal by the employer may be perfected only upon the posting of a cash or surety bond issued by a reputable bonding company duly accredited by the Secretary of Labor and Employment in the amount equivalent to the monetary award in the order appealed from.

Within twenty-four hours, a hearing shall be conducted to determine whether an order for the stoppage of work or suspension of operations shall be lifted or not. In case the violation is attributable to the fault of the employer, he shall pay the employees concerned their salaries or wages during the period of such stoppage of work or suspension of operation.

Recovery of wages, simple money claims and other benefits. Provided, That such complaint does not include a claim for reinstatement: Provided further, That the aggregate money claims of each employee or househelper does not exceed Twenty And Ten Book Report thousand pesos P5, The Regional Director or hearing officer shall decide or resolve the complaint Twenty And Ten Book Report thirty 30 calendar days from the date of the filing of the same.

Any sum thus recovered on behalf of any employee or househelper pursuant to this Article shall be held in a special deposit account by, and shall be paid on order of, the Secretary of Labor and Employment or the Regional Director directly to the employee or househelper concerned.

Any such sum not paid to the employee or househelper because he cannot be located after diligent and reasonable effort to locate him within a period of three 3 years, shall be held as a special fund of the Department of Labor and Employment to be used exclusively for the amelioration and benefit of workers.

Any decision or resolution of the Regional Director or hearing officer pursuant to this provision may be appealed on the same grounds provided in Article of this Code, within five 5 calendar days from receipt of a copy of said decision or resolution, to the National Labor Relations Commission which shall resolve the appeal within ten 10 calendar days from the submission of the last pleading required or allowed under its rules.

The Secretary of Labor and Employment or his duly authorized representative may supervise the payment of unpaid wages and other monetary claims Twenty And Ten Book Report benefits, including legal interest, found owing to any employee they Popular Admission Essay Ghostwriting Website For Mba you househelper under this Code.

As amended by Section 2, Republic Act No. In appropriate cases, he shall, by regulations, require any employer to: The employer may require from any woman employee applying for maternity leave the production of a medical certificate stating that delivery will probably take place within two weeks. The following are acts of discrimination: Criminal liability for the willful commission of any unlawful act as provided in this Article or any violation of the rules and regulations issued pursuant to Section 2 hereof shall be penalized as provided in Articles and of this Code: Provided, That the institution of any criminal action under this provision shall not bar the aggrieved employee from filing an entirely separate and distinct action for money claims, which may include claims for damages and other affirmative reliefs.

The actions hereby authorized shall proceed independently of each other. Classification of Certain Women Workers. Prohibition Against Child Discrimination. Contract of Domestic Service. Provided, That the employers shall review the employment contracts of their househelpers every three 3 years with the end in view of improving the terms and conditions thereof.

Provided, further, That those househelpers who are receiving at least One thousand pesos P1Assignment to Non-Household Work. In no case shall physical violence be used upon the househelper. Board, Lodging, and Medical Attendance. Indemnity for Unjust Termination of Services. If the househelper is unjustly dismissed, he or she shall be paid the compensation already earned plus that for fifteen 15 days by way of indemnity.

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