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yoyo 2008 noon, GOMEI like things, and some of those things Treasure Lemon Brown Essay problematic.

How much more cliche and offensive could this movie be? Oh wait, remember how Scott defeats Roxy, his only female adversary, by making her orgasm? Excuse me while I vomit…and then keep watching because I still like the rest of the movie. In fact, you can like really problematic things and still be not only a good person, but a good social justice activist TM! But it can be surprisingly difficult to own up to the problematic things in the media you like, particularly when you feel strongly about it, as many fans do.

We need to find a way to enjoy the media we like without hurting other people and marginalised groups. So with that in mind, here are my suggestions for things we should try our darnedest to do as self-confessed fans of problematic stuff. Firstly, acknowledge that the thing you like is problematic and do not attempt to make excuses for it.

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It is a unique irritation to encounter a person who point blank refuses to Treasure Lemon Brown Essay that something they like is problematic. For example, most people seem fine without accurate portrayal of what personal hygiene was really like in CE in their medieval fantasy media. In real life, people have to go to the bathroom. But everyone is just dying to keep that in the script. The narratives that we surround ourselves with can subtly, subconsciously influence how we think about ourselves and others.

Secondly, do not gloss over the issues or derail conversations about the problematic elements. Okay, so you can admit that Dune is problematic. Treasure Lemon Brown Essay need to be willing to engage with people about it!

Shutting people down, ignoring or giving minimal treatment to their concerns, and refusing to fully engage with their issues is a form of oppression. So when people raise these concerns, listen respectfully and try to understand the views. Do not change the topic. Thirdly you must acknowledge other, even less favourable, interpretations of the media you like.

Sometimes you still enjoy a movie or book because you read a certain, potentially problematic scene in a certain way — but others read it entirely differently, and found it more problematic.

For example, consider the scene in Game of Thrones where Drogo rapes Dany which he does not do in click to see more books.

Really loving something means seeing it as it really is, not as you wish it were. You can still be a good fan while acknowledging the problematic elements of the things you love. Rachael is a queer, nerdy, aneurotypical, white cisfemale with a bachelor's degree in economics and a give 'em hell attitude.

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very generation thinks it's special--my grandparents because they remember horses and buggies, my parents because of the Depression. The over's are special because. I like things, and some of those things are problematic. I like Lord of the Rings even though it’s pretty fucked up with regard to women and race (any narrative. brown_freq worrisome worry worry-worryin worrying worse worsened worsens worship worshiped worshipful worshiping worshipped worshippers worshipping worst .

She has a culturally unacceptable amount of body fat but sometimes "passes", and she accesses some forms of thin privilege but not others. She believes in leveraging the privilege one has in order to smash the kyriarchy. She is a big geek, an atheist, a skeptic, and a fan of science. In her spare time she enjoys meditation, going to therapy, and shouting. View all posts by Rachael. I agree with Olek. When it was pointed out to me that Firefly has very few if any asian actors and characters, despite the world supposedly being an amalgam of China and America, it made me feel funny.

On the one hand I loved the show, but on the other felt sort of bad for liking it when it had this striking omission. As an outsider, the experience of interacting with fans who are willing to engage with that issue is really different to interacting with those who try to make excuses or change the subject. I think these attitudes make fandom more tense, and less enjoyable. He has written truly remarkable narratives problematising heteronormativity, misogyny, and the silencing or sexual abuse victims, but his racialisations are consistently problematic.

So, weak on the issue, but not actively racist in this instance. Yes actively racist, but perhaps not intentionally so. This is the Treasure Lemon Brown Essay example of institutionalised and systematic racism.

Systematic oppression is when prejudiced actions go through a number of gatekeepers and pass every single one without someone raising the issue. This is an excellent definition. I shall be making reference to it elsewhere, I have little doubt. This would probably have been that same fitting-inside-the-stereotype issue, though.

Contains links to Liszt primary resources of value to researchers including letters between Wagner and Liszt, other Liszt letters, and Liszt's essay on Chopin in. very generation thinks it's special--my grandparents because they remember horses and buggies, my parents because of the Depression. The over's are special because. I Can Draw Printables: Color pictures of words that start with each letter of the alphabet. Kunstler “America does not want change, except from the cash register at Wal-Mart.”. Great British Bake Off's Nadiya has done more for race relations in the UK than any posturing politician, says YASMIN ALIBHAI BROWN. By Yasmin Alibhai-brown .

Two Asian major characters who are also the two smart, nerdy, highly educated characters? It also had strong female characters, and more than one. I find it perplexing that people seem to think there is a line at which a show is racist enough to criticise, but anything before it reaches that line is somehow protected by creative license or something. A bad show can be host to a ton of problems and no one really cares, but a good show can always be better. Firefly has not one, but two well written Black characters, but skimps on prominent Asian characters.

Thing is the lack of Blacks Treasure Lemon Brown Essay BSG and the lack of Asians in Firefly are both problematic, but in Hollywood it would have been very easy for either of those series to have gone the route of least resistance and given the viewing public what Treasure Lemon Brown Essay expected which was no Blacks, and no Latinos in prominent roles. Many shows are really only problematic because of the dearth of shows that balance them out.

Thing is, you can take it or leave it because you have options of other things to watch. Not only are there a great many visual elements from Chinese culture, but the characters frequently speak very mangled Mandarin.

Given all this background, the fact that there almost NO Asian characters in the show is pretty fucking dismal. As this video demonstrates. Right now for at least two seasons this has been a big problem with the series The Walking Dead. Just look at all the crap Anita Sarkeesian went through just because she made a statement that a lot of video games were sexist. Good reason to go back and revisit it: Sadly, it has been pointed out to Josh… more than once… at least once in public at a convention… by an Asian person.

When I watched it at first, the Chinese in it made me wince, and when I eventually found out their source for the Chinese, it all made since. I think that was something controllable. I do think it reflects a lack of investment in the Asian aspects as anything other just click for source window-dressing or flavor in the show, and discussing this with other fans has brought me nothing but kneejerk reactions and excuses that reflect no willingness at all to really think about it.

We need to work on it! Thank you, thank you. To me, he was a character, not a Treasure Lemon Brown Essay. Thanks for bringing this up! So portraying the only named gay character Jimmy is maybe bi? This is really the problem I have. If anything, I would find kind of Will-and-Gracey shit more stereotypical than the alternative.

To me the determining factor when looking into stereotypes that are morally neutral in their character e.

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I agree that neither are Will and Jack from Treasure Lemon Brown Essay and Grace, who are both somewhat promiscuous and have feminine traits played for laughs. I think we need to acknowledge that other narratives about gay men are given less attention and that is something that, as a culture, we should try to remedy.

If the dominant representation of gay men was of a monogamous youth pastor, or it would be the same level of problematic. Thanks for bringing this up Llyr and also for the link you provided! I definitely see your point, which I think is that we require more positive representations of effeminate and possibly promiscuous gay men in the link to counter the real world marginalisation that effeminate men experience.

I can wish for both better portrayals of effeminate gay men specifically, and also a better variety of portrayal of gay men generally. Just commenting to say that there are some excellent points being made here, and we want to thank everyone for their contributions. On the contrary, seeing an f-s-f who is intelligent, self aware, ethical, and confident is definitely in the Unicorn range of frequent-sightings.

It was the drag queens Treasure Lemon Brown Essay sex trade workers who fought for all of us at Stonewall. Thanks for this awesome comment. Like, this discussion, the blog, everything.

I especially liked this post and will be linking everyone to it. Then I wanted to add my two cents! I think the tension in this discussion is that there is a growing gap in representations of gay Treasure Lemon Brown Essay on TV. Like think of how Brokeback Mountain was acclaimed — I think the movie is excellent, but I also think that normative masculinity was a huge part of why a lot of people liked the movie.

Ironically, instead of helping us explain why Comic Relief is a problematic representation, Real Gay Man often continues the work started by Comic Relief of demeaning effeminacy and promiscuity, except read article judges it instead of mocking it.

Wow, maybe I should check out the rest of this site. I am really impressed by this comments discussion. Sorry to jump in here, but nobody else has pointed this out: Wallace is not the only named gay character. His boyfriend, Other Scott, is also gay and named. And we date outside the triad, so. Hooray for positive depictions of poly relationships, is my feeling on Wallace and Other Scott. I would agree, Scott is a douchey narrator.

Scott is not a perfect person, and in many ways commits micro aggressions against Wallace.

I think people like to categorise other people. Not even activism, just generally trying to be more aware, and having conversations online about it. By finding something offensive that has nothing to do with me, I think I might be implicitly acting as if I can authoritatively state what a marginalized group ought to be concerned with or offended by. Which seems, well, smugly advantaged.