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added somemore info other classroom ideas please visit my main site: Recent Advances The viewing screen size on the back of digital cameras has increased significantly - with up to 9 cm 3.

Although unlikely to be used in schools there are also a number of professional digital Megapixel cameras e. High Megapixel digital cameras need high capacity storage - fortunately high speed GB memory cards are now available. Another significant trend has been the release of more miniature or ultra compact digital Top Term Paper Editing Site Gb models - these fit in a pocket ready for immediate access - no need to carry bulky camera bags - it is great to have a camera handy when that special photo opportunity arrives!

One consequence of the compact cameras is that the smaller Source or xD storage cards are Top Term Paper Editing Site Gb gaining market share. Current desktop computer operating systems Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS X offer excellent support for digital still cameras and digital video camcorders.

It is now much simpler to get images from the camera into the computer and to view, modify and organize the photos - even using a cable is now relatively easy with USB. Innovative new software allows easy correction of common problems e.

More high resolution digital cameras are now being purchased by schools. Many schools have a number of digital cameras e. The basic models are cheaper with a limited number of features. The advanced model typically involves high resolution, better optics and large capacity storage for outstanding image quality. Many of the 'clever' or advanced models require a much greater effort with training in operating the camera and using the very high resolution images.

Most photo print shops in Australia and overseas now accept digital camera images for printing on photographic paper. Prints can be made direct from most digital camera memory devices and CD-ROMs containing copies of images.

User terminals or kiosks are now widely available so users can self select photos from their own memory cards and choose print options. Multiple copies can also be requested. For orders of 20 or more costs in Australia have dropped to as low as 10 cents per postcard sized print. If your school has a special digital photography need then it is worth researching to see if a suitable product is now available.

For the latest breaking news in digital cameras visit http: This site has very comprehensive coverage of daily developments in the digital camera field. In addition there are also many high performance professional or commercial digital Top Term Paper Editing Site Gb. Possible uses There are a huge range of uses of digital cameras in the classroom check this out elsewhere in the education community.

Whether used to enhance learning, provide motivation or as a convenient tool - digital cameras can empower both students and teachers. The freedom to experiment with photos encourages a willingness to learn. Visual literacy - the ability to understand and produce visual messages - can be improved.

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However for maximum potential the teacher must allow creativity and variety in how students take photos - images can be technical, evoke feelings, be abstract or be taken from many different perspectives. Note that privacy issues and respect for the feelings of others must be considered prior to publication or manipulation of photos!

In addition to the standard still image many digital cameras also offer a video facility - it is great for a quick video clip for a slide show, web site or multimedia production. When the digital images are modified by software then spectacular effects are available quickly. The activity also lends itself to fund-raising. Buying Tips Rapid change click here always been a feature of digital photography.

New digital cameras are released regularly, prices change rapidly and image quality is continually increasing.

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Digital photography reached critical mass and became the predominant form of photography. In many cases now satisfactory images can be produced by smart phones and uploaded immediately - completely avoiding the need for a separate digital camera. The immediate feedback given by the colour viewer on what they actually photographed allows them to take another image if they mis-framed the photo, the subject moved, etc.

Both primary and secondary students can check the image for technical and artistic merit.

They can retake images that do not meet their needs or were poorly composed. However screens can be difficult to use outside in bright sunlight so it is helpful to choose a model that also includes an optical view finder. An easy to use quality digital camera purchase will be fully used by staff and students. The small size and versatility allow easy integration of digital cameras into all parts of the curriculum.

They are easily shared between classrooms. Many schools are now buying additional units due to digital cameras contributing to better and greater use of computers. Obviously the digital camera should be well made and durable in a school environment. Basic or mid range models should allow any student to produce a good result with minimal instructions.

Most models will allow different resolution settings e. Fast charging of a spare battery is helpful. Advanced or high resolution models are likely to need training or detailed instructions.

Models may offer a choice of using the LCD screen or optical viewfinder, the ability to control the camera from a computer e. Other features that may be relevant are operating speed, high quality glass lens, read article lens to allow additional lensesadjustable exposure options and the minimum time before the digital camera can take subsequent images latency.

For some tasks higher image quality is important e. One publications strategy is to buy a quality digital camera capable of at least 18 Top Term Paper Editing Site Gb and set the image settings to maximum resolution. Another strategy is to check that the final image is at least 15 Top Term Paper Editing Site Gb 20 cm with a minimum resolution for the photo of dots per inch dpi.

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Larger images or higher resolutions allow the publisher some editing freedom. A good reference site is http: HTM Identical test images can be down loaded for most major brand digital cameras so that users can balance the image quality against the cost and other features of a camera prior to link.

Apart from resolution differences described below another major consideration can be size - size matters! A wide range of digital cameras are available online e. Many shops now include kiosks that will print customers digital images on to photographic paper. Prices of digital cameras vary widely - even for the same model - so it is definitely worth checking the prices from different sources.

Care Digital cameras are very robust when used with care. The following ideas will help keep a camera in good shape and allow maximum enjoyment with a minimum of fuss. Any K student can make good use of a digital camera with appropriate teacher supervision. Productivity Well designed networks can allow fast sharing of images but identification of which image belongs to which student can be an issue and familiarity with the network is usually necessary.

The transfer of photos via memory card storage during a lesson is slow if there are 20 - 30 students and not enough cameras. Although cable-based downloads from digital cameras take longer in most classroom situations - Windows 7or 8 and Mac OS X have made it much easier - so long as the right card reader or USB digital camera cable is readily available.

Schools with laptop computers will find the rapid transfer of photos via memory card slots a significant benefit - it is easy, avoids cables and saves a lot of time. Although USB Flash Drives are usually more convenient digital cameras with larger storage cards can be used to store a range of teaching documents, spreadsheets, movies, presentations, etc which can easily be transferred between computers.

Say you are about to give a presentation - rock up with your work on a storage Top Term Paper Editing Site Gb e. Compact Flashuse a USB card reader to load it into a computer or use a PC card adapter for a laptop and start the show! Disks, Memory Cards, Cartridges, CDs The image resolution, compression level and file format used have a significant effect on the file size of each stored photo. Resolution depends on the amount of detail captured by the digital camera.

High resolution uncompressed images may take up many megabytes MB of storage for each photo. The following are some of the common methods of storing photos in digital cameras: Some Australian online prices can be viewed at http: On Mac OS X you can remove the storage card whenever required but it is still recommended to first drag the storage card icon to the trash.

Do not leave memory cards in card readers connected article source a computer during startup i.

File transfer from the digital camera to a computer may require a memory card reader, floppy drive, USB cable, docking station or PC card adapter.

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Another strategy is web based storage where people transfer photos from the camera to a photo sharing site or other web site e. This works well for small image files or if you have fast Internet access e. It is easy to share images via CD.

Blank CDs can be used to store around MB of data. Blank DVD-Rs can hold up to 4. Accessories Digital cameras can benefit from extra items - some examples include: Canon WP-DC - extra lighting or flash e. Special Requirements Digital cameras are complemented by the amazing range of economical colour printers that allow users to print their own photos. Other developments include a better range of printer papers and faster printing with USB2 Universal Serial Bus printers.

The Windows XP Photo Printing Wizard is first class - it really simplifies the printing of photos and allows rapid selection of full A4 page photos, a choice of 2, 4, 9 photos per page or 35 contact prints per page - all rotated and sized automatically to fit - it is a great productivity tool!

They are typically available with colour ink tanks e. However in some cheaper models the inks only last a few years and are not UV-stabilised. They are typically available with 6 colour ink tanks. Check for inks that are long lasting and UV-stabilised. A number of printers now accept several different types of memory cards - direct from camera to printer - so Dissertation Proposal Ghostwriter Hire can be printed without using a computer.

Printer papers Good stationery stores typically have a section devoted to colour printing needs. Some of the newer papers offer improved colour fastness no fading and longer life Kodak introduced Ultima Picture Paper - photos printed on this paper by common inkjet printers are claimed to last for more than years in typical home display without protection from Top Term Paper Editing Site Gb and humidity.

Choice of finishes clay, gloss, photo, transparency Variety of sizes Top Term Paper Editing Site Gb. Check if card gsm can be used in your printer before purchasing - it usually requires a printer with a relatively straight paper path.

Although this article has concentrated on digital cameras do not forget the importance of flatbed scanners.