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thoughts andI often get asked if students are allowed to use professional editors.

In most universities you can and there are even funds provided for this purpose in some cases. Brendan Brown, Director of The Expert Editor, an Australian professional editing company that specialises in thesis editing, sent me this article recently.

If you are interested, you can visit their website at www. One student has reported an adverse experience with this editorial service following this post. Please ask for samples of their work before proceeding and Top Presentation Editor Websites For Phd your own decision. Editing is beneficial to a native-speaking student and virtually mandatory if English is your second language.

It can enhance the quality of language, remove errors and ensure academic conventions are met. In particular, editing allows ESL students to be marked on the substance of their ideas, not their innate ability to write fluent academic English. Every student should utilise an editor in the final stages of their thesis, either a friend, family member or a professional.

Agree — it is essential! My thesis is in the middle of examination at the moment… and in the final week of preparation I found having a good editor very helpful. My editor had undergone the PhD experience herself — so she knew the pain and she knew about the expectations, I learn more here recommend her to others.

Find her here http: Congrats on Top Presentation Editor Websites For Phd to examination — how exciting! But — Janine was great — and — everyone needs one!

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Should I get an editor for my thesis? I’m a former journalist/editor turned PhD student and, The Thesis Whisperer is dedicated to helping research students. Jan 20,  · Raymond Carter from Cincinnati was looking for top presentation editor websites for phdyear 11 english au. top article ghostwriting sites for phd. Whether you are writing to introduce a new business concept or to just impress your future employer, we can help you quickly edit your PhD to sound professional.

I used them for all of my PhD interview transcriptions and although everyone on there seems to have fantastic work samples and references the quality was very mixed. Eventually I found someone who was fast and accurate but a lot of money and one off hires went into this process. Great if you want something small, cheap and fast. Can totally recommend Jane Burnette jburnett clear. I had my thesis source edited and it was sooooo worth it.

By that point, you are well and truly over it, and having a second set of [professional] eyes makes a huge difference. I had my thesis edited — it was an absolute godsend. She fixed all of the formatting errors that had crept in over 3 years of work on the Top Presentation Editor Websites For Phd and undid the abbreviations of a key term I used in a couple of key chapters and decided to click People were surprised that I needed an editor, but I did.

He passed the test of improving the quality of my thesis, for sure. I used an editor, Andrew Lavery of academic consultants in NZ http: This was my primary reason for employing an editor, and my university significantly contributed to the costs.

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All this on top of the normal editing assistance of ensuring the large document came together with correct pagination and table of contents etc. The software that he had access to for doing search by font sped up processes significantly. Plus his knowledge regarding em dashes and such like levels of grammatical peskiness made for a finer document than it would have been otherwise. The thesis was somewhat atypical in its use of prose and txt Top Presentation Editor Websites For Phd so i had wanted someone who was willing to engage with creativity.

Having referred several colleagues to him I know that he also takes on Australian based clients. It is an awesome post. It is true that many people feel that professional editing is cheating, whereas it is just an art of refining the original work undertaken by a student.

We are wordsmiths who can lend professional touch click to see more a raw research report to make it appealing. I venture a comment from the camp that regards professional thesis editing as borderline unacceptable. I am in the humanities, and I accept that the situation in other disciplines may well be different.

Since the PhD is often used as a benchmark when looking for academic jobs, a professionally-edited thesis can give the impression that an applicant is more competent than they are.

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In a real-world university environment, academics will have access to professional editing only rarely. In my opinion, a student again, in the humanities… who is not competent to edit their own thesis is not competent to be an academic, because this is realistically going to be a significant part of their job, if they continue in the field.

As it is, there are far too many academics who cannot communicate as effectively as they should be able to, and Ghostwriter Usa Essays Site the professional editing of postgraduate theses can only exacerbate this problem. This is an interesting opposing view.

You do have a point here and it makes me wonder whether hiring a thesis editor would reflect on my capability badly. I agree that students, whether using an editor or not, should be competent enough to do substantial academic editing themselves. But again, it boils down to disciplinary expectations and preferences as some disciplines are more particular about the aesthetic representation of the intellectual content of the thesis, i.

Indeed, in this case, the language and content go hand in hand. Does your department or discipline make it explicit that the use of editing service is prohibited? Hi Kale, Thanks for your reply. In the humanities, where the rhetorical construction and presentation of the argument is at least as important as the actual approach in literary studies I find this to be true…then I think that students have to be able to edit their own work.

There is simply no point to a postgrad student who can develop an interesting and original argument, but cannot communicate that argument persuasively. In the hard sciences, where the quality of the research is much more geared towards facts, figures, experiments etc. I would offer that it is not a question of deception, as you suggest. There are numerous people who often contribute to a project, without formal recognition or ethical violation. It would be the same with hiring a proofreader or editor.

Great post and comments. Anonymous makes an excellent point, Top Presentation Editor Websites For Phd I would imagine that it is particularly true of the humanities. My background is in the sciences: Top Presentation Editor Websites For Phd have known brilliant non-native English speaking scientists who might not have been able to begin a scientific career, were it not for editing services.

In the STEM fields, academics are evaluated more heavily on the basis of their science. I now do freelance editing for theses, journal articles, and grant applications, which I find to be very rewarding. I should have hired an editor before the defense, it would have gone better.

I consider this the first of many times I will send my work out to be edited including article submissions — some of us need that, including many top scholars — they usually use their grad students. As long as it is acknowledged plainly in the thesis i. If an editor is required to get the students thesis into a readable state, then in my opinion it is very unlikely that the student will possess Top Presentation Editor Websites For Phd of the critical tools required to make it in an academic environment.

Top Presentation Editor Websites For Phd Obtaining grants and getting papers published in high quality journals is highly dependent on ones writing ability, and using editors is not a long-term strategy. Top Presentation Editor Websites For Phd writing is a skill that takes time and practice, and it is in the students best interest to develop this skill and avoid the temptation to take the easy way out. I have hired a copy editor and its the best thing I did, and I will continue to hire a copy editor for all my academic writing.

For the rest of us, writing a check for copy editing is the difference between graduating, getting a submission accepted or not. Plenty of useful information here. Should I get an editor for my thesis? I would love to recommend https: They helped me by proofreading my thesis and their customer support was amazing. They also offer 24 hour services for those students that are really in a hurry. And yes they charge more if you want your thesis back within 24 hours.

I got my PhD 2 click the following article ago, and I was surprised to find that one reader went through the revised copy very carefully looking for mistakes. Because I used a great copy editor, I graduated. Even my mentor told me the same. The services proved very useful. Having that fresh set of eyes look at your words is invaluable.

There were so many little mistakes, grammar and punctuation, that I just skipped over because I had been spending so much time looking at my own document.

I ended up using http: Last month my PhD supervisor recommend that I get some editor for my dissertation as he was not happy with my writing original language is Arabic. Thanks for your idea George and posting on here, I talk with someone at http: Although based in the UK, I have used these guys http: They go beyond simple proofreading and improve the language to make it more academic, clear and concise. I study at UCL and had http: Thanks for the marvelous posting!

I actually enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author. I will always bookmark your blog and will eventually come back later in life.

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I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great work, have a nice evening! Professional editing for the PhD thesis? After much research I came across a UK company specialising in PhD proofreading and editing and they use two proofreaders, which for me was very reassuring.

They are called The Phd Proofreading service if anyone is interested. I was at Bristol when I went through an editing service, and my Top Presentation Editor Websites For Phd recommended one which has academic editors based in Cambridge; www. It was pretty daunting as there were so many changes made. Although this was quite cutting at first as I thought it was a dig at my ability, as they explained; the changes see more a reflection of their experience and thoroughness.

What font should I choose for my thesis? All of the students I worked with were using English as their second language, so all the advice above about getting a native-speaker to read the texts makes a lot of sense.