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The big topic among successful indie writers in the last six months of is the possibility of burnout. Worse, it has become clear through data and anecdotal evidence that the more a writer produces, the more her income rises. But that fact, coupled with the fact that incomes have fallen for indies in the past year or so, has given rise to something like panic among the successful indies.

I know, Result, Top Expository Essay Editing Website Usa was know. Because indie writers saw their incomes rise and rise and rise in the first three years of the gold rush. It seemed like every single thing the indie did increased her revenue. Now, before the comments come in, I am aware of the fact that Amazon changed Top Blog Post Ghostwriters Site For University Kindle Unlimited payouts during that time.

And other venues, like Smashwords, no longer attract new customers the way they used to. Those writers received major rewards, both in sales and in income, in the early years of indie publishing. Those rewards have diminished, because we are entering into a mature market. When something is new, everyone wants it. When something is new, the growth is usually exponential. We see that in all kinds of new markets over the years, from desktop computers twenty-five years ago to smart phones ten years ago.

In publishing, we went through a Top Blog Post Ghostwriters Site For University, from traditional only to anyone-can-do-it indie, because of the rise of the neat-o ereader, the Kindle, from Amazon, which gave that ereader a platform and an this web page. Year to year, the number of people who joined the new ecosystem was huge. Other players created viable ereaders and ebook ecosystems.

You could do it on other platforms. It could be a print on demand book with little or no upfront cost. To improve matters even more for indie writers, the traditional publishers really messed up their entry into the new market.

I had books on my Kindle from traditional publishers that were simply bad scan jobs. Those books were often unreadable, with incredible scanning errors, like symbols instead of letters, words that the scanning program guessed at and missed, and entire missing pages.

For the honor of reading that terribly scanned book, traditional publishers overcharged, usually double the rate of the mass market paperback—if there was a mass market paperback. Really early on, those publishers charged the same price as a hardcover book for the ebook. Then, in the States, we learned that the major traditional publishers had conspired with Apple to keep ebook prices high.

That caused all kinds of problems for traditionally published writers, but indies reaped the benefits. Readers bought a lot of ebooks, particularly in romance where the prices were artificially low. Romance writers have slowly raised their prices in the past few years because the low-low prices were unsustainable and created other issues.

But by then, those indie romance writers had developed the same kind of fan base that traditionally published big name writers had. It happened in other genres as well. But unfortunately a lot of those early ebook writers in non-romance genres got lured by the siren song of traditional publishing. For the writers who remained indie and had had early success, their numbers continued to rise, and so did their income. Yes, there were the changes at Amazon. And yes, there were other factors, like Brexit in Europe and a contentious election in the U.

There are natural ups and downs in the book publishing industry, and those downs were part of a normal trend. Just like the fact that book sales decline in the summer months particularly August and tend to rise in the fall. Or at least, they did well. Then more and more people join the marketplace, and even though the revenue grows in that marketplace, its spread over more people.

In the gold rush phase, the growth is truly exponential. It doubles or quadruples or sometimes grows by factors of from year to year. A mature market grows, but not at that astonishing pace.

When you go from a gold rush to a mature market, your income goes downeven though the market share grows. There are some outliers who will experience a greater growth. But there are fewer and fewer of them in a mature market. And usually even the income of an outlier follows a pattern. This is indie only. Your business is in an even greater disruption than the indie world, and your income will decrease farther, faster, if you can sell to your traditional publisher at all.

A standard business has phases. Churchill and Virginia L. The following information comes from them. The turmoil in the overall publishing industry has settled a bit. Many of the related businesses have hit resource maturity. They can predict their profits and their year somewhat accurately.

But most writers who came in during the gold rush and had success never went past Stage Two: The writers thought they had gone past that stage because they had earned so much money, sometimes tens or hundreds of thousand per month.

Most writers who achieved that goal, however, had never run businesses before, and they made beginner errors.

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The biggest beginner error there is happens to be financial. When you believe that the income is always going to be there, you spend more than you should. Everyone new to business does that. Hell, everyone does that, period.

They think the money will be there forever. So, a lot of writers hired a lot of help. I know of one writer who hired ten different employees and put them on real-world payroll.

I knew she was in trouble when I learned that one of her employees on payroll was her lawyer. Lawyers are great folks, but they work by the billable hour. And then she bought a new house, and new cars for everyone, and, and, and…. Had a huge windfall a few years ago, which is probably funding her overspending. Some writers have maintained that incredible income from the gold rush period by writing more, faster and shorter and goosing their sales through promotions and a few other gimmicks that will work in the short term.

If the expenses are employees, particularly friends and family, laying them off is painful and emotionally costly. If the expenses are a suddenly unaffordable house, then moving and buying new will take time from someone already pressed for time.

When you work for yourself, whether you own a retail business, a law firm, or a writing business, you deal with cash flow. Cash flow is how the money flows into Top Blog Post Ghostwriters Site For University out of the business. Running your own business is not like getting paid a salary. Writers with that kind of income continue to write fast, trying to stay ahead of that ticking clock of expenses. The writers try all kinds of promotional gimmicks, trying to keep the monthly income the same or higher than the month before.

Or, in the middle of burnout, cuts too far, and damages themselves further.

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What they have all done, almost to a person, is start a manufacturing business. They make something, and sell it, and then make something else, and sell it.

Even if the writer hires someone else to do the actual uploading and publishing and marketing, at some Top Blog Post Ghostwriters Site For University, the manufacturing model falls apart for writers. Some writers hire ghost writers to pretend to be them, but there are very few excellent ghosts.

If the ghost writer is at all inferior, the readers will start leaving the product. Other writers hire co-writers and are obvious about it. It keeps the click here moving through the algorithm, supplying the need, and maybe even creating a need for the product.

But once a product becomes ubiquitous, a consumer will buy less of it. The consumer will think that product will always be there. I am one of those people who fell backwards off a treadmill. If you want to sustain your writing and publishing businesses, you have to stop thinking like a manufacturer. You need to start thinking like an artisan.

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As you can tell, this requires a completely different attitude than the one you had before. You acknowledge that your supply of new product is limited. You plan for the limitation—which is not imposed from the outside not enough consumers or marketsbut from the inside. I am not saying that you need to stop thinking big.

Artisanal businesses can — and often do — become multimillion dollar businesses. The difference between an artisan and a manufacturer, click least in the arts, is the difference between working harder and working smarter.

For the manufacturers, everything has to be new, new, new. There are a million ways to make money off your existing product without writing another word. Understanding and using copyright properly will help link turn your manufacturing business into an artisanal one. Making the shift from a manufacturing business to an artisanal one requires a shift in thinking and in the way you approach your products, your books.

Changes from how much work can you do to how much work can you sustain year in and year out.