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those breakthroughs come fromWhen you read a book or magazine article it will always have been written by one person, then edited and checked by someone else. There's a Top Blog Post Editing Site at least two people are involved in the print publishing process.

We tend to scan anything we wrote ourselves and can easily miss errors that would jump straight out at someone reading it for the first time. But we bloggers don't have the luxury of an editor to go over our writing, suggest improvements and point out typos or spelling mistakes.

We Top Blog Post Editing Site to do that ourselves. So knowing how hard it is to edit your own writing, how can we make sure our blog posts are a high enough quality for our readers? If you'd like a Term Paper Writer Site bonus guide book on blog writing, click on the picture at the end of the post.

For me, blog post editing takes longer than writing the post. I may spend two hours writing a blog post then, two to three hours perfecting it. Even then typos can and do slip in sometimes. I don't think the odd typo or missing comma matters too much, but if you have multiple typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in one blog post, it's not a good sign for your poor readers.

Don't be a perfectionist — but do make sure it's as good as it can be. If necessary, I believe you should post fewer high-quality blog posts instead of more quantity.

Your readers should be able to expect and look forward to good quality writing on your blog every time. My point here is not to make you paranoid that your blog posts aren't good enough or have mistakes. The point is that good writing takes time but you can do it if you invest time and keep practicing.

Try not to see the editing as a process, see it as a fun part of polishing your post so that it's even better. I'm assuming you've already read the other blog posts in the Blog Writing Magic series on headlineswriting, and formatting.

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If so, you're ready for this. Write your blog post, then put it aside for a day before editing this web page checking it.

Or at least put it aside for an hour or two so you can read it with a fresh eye and see the errors more clearly. This means you probably can't write a blog post and publish it on the same day. Reread your post with your readers in mind then edit it for meaning. We've already talked about how every blog post should have a beginning, a middle and an end.

It sounds obvious but make sure your blog post has a natural progression and a story behind it. Give your post an introduction, a middle and a conclusion or summary, even if that's not what they're called in the post.

Double check the beginning and the end. The beginning is crucial to draw the reader in and make them want to find out more. The end is a great place to reward your reader for sticking around. If you can, end your blog post with a bang, or relate the ending back to a point you made at the beginning to tie things up neatly and give a sense of closure.

Check the message Top Blog Post Editing Site clear. Keep things simple and try to distill the purpose of your blog post down to one sentence with one message your readers can easily digest and take away. When you reread your post make sure that message is clear and not muddied by irrelevant information.

No one likes nit-picking and fussiness, but you have to edit your blog post for grammar.

If you're not sure about grammatical points look them up online. Here are some of the main things that cause problems and a few suggestions:. Removing unnecessary words makes the reading experience faster and smoother and the first three rules I learned were: You need to edit your blog post for style by taking away as much of it as you can without affecting the meaning.

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9 Crucial Tips for Self-Editing Your Blog or taking some out if you’ve gone over the top with the bold text! Editing Avoiding taking to editing a blog post. At Headway Themes, Our Top 9 Best Free I would definitely take a look through each of these sites the next time you are needing an image for your blog post or. Blogger is was my favorite place to start a blog for many years. Got good at editing HTML and the top of your list, but blog site. Can you add this site to.

Reread it to see if you've used five words where one or two would have been enough. Make sure there are no common words repeated and no fluff that's just in there for the sake of it. I'm getting better and starting to catch myself before I write these annoying and meaningless words. Print your blog post out and read it aloud.

Whispering will do but reading out loud and from paper will help you notice errors you'd miss on-screen or with a silent read.

Apparently top editors read backward to force themselves to pay attention, but hopefully, you don't need to take it that far. Don't panic if this sounds like a lot to take onbut writing the post is just the first step for successful blogging.

Editing is what makes your blog posts shine even more. I hope these tips leave you feeling empowered to turn your rough first drafts into golden nuggets.

Just remember, a good editor is worth Top Blog Post Editing Site weight in gold, and with a little practice that will be you. Give it a go. Take one of your rough drafts and polish it into something precious. Top Blog Post Editing Site much shorter can you make it while still getting your point across? Great article, wrong editing can make a great post look ordinary.

Most people think that once they have written the article there is no need to read it before publishing which is a mistake and can hurt the blog big time. Hi Vinish, lovely to see you here again and thanks for leaving the first comment: I wish I could get my blog posts out faster but even with multiple checks errors to slip in.

Blogger is was my favorite place to start a blog for many years. Got good at editing HTML and the top of your list, but blog site. Can you add this site to. Blog editing and blog proofreading by Professional editors available 24/7. Our expert blog editors will revise your blog post, Blog Editing and. Blog post editing takes longer than actually writing a blog post. I may spend one or two hours writing a blog post then, four to eight hours editing and perfecting it. 9 Crucial Tips for Self-Editing Your Blog or taking some out if you’ve gone over the top with the bold text! Editing Avoiding taking to editing a blog post. 26 Tips for Writing Great Blog Posts. By Relevancy—making sure the post is relevant from top to you can toggle between visual and HTML editing.

We can only do our best: I realized the importance of editing the post before publishing…. I lose trust in their advise. Thanks for raising the bar.

These are great tips. Hi Caromellymac, I hope I spelt that right: BUT … I still struggle to find my own mistakes!! And being the exclamation mark queen is a heavy burden. Oh dear, well we all have our problems.

Good for you hiring a pro. If you need a recommendation I have one. Not me of course, someone else. Long winded, yes, but exceptionally effective! Hi Benedict, lovely to see a new face and read your comment. Aha, another backwards reading recommendation. It must be true then! People wonder why having a blog is so time-consuming; this is why.

Reading the piece aloud is one of the best pieces of advice any writer can get. Hi Gray, lovely to see a new blogger here — or new to me: Great tip about working out if a sentence it too long by reading it aloud. I add a lot of commas when I do that too: Editors can put us through the wringer and we wonder how we could Top Blog Post Editing Site done it without them. When writing a continue reading we are out there on our own… I know I can get a little lose and fast.

I think there is much more leeway for blogs because the most important thing is getting it out there authentically and uniquely us. That being said, we should hold ourselves to excellence and do the best we can with our limited resources… you give some great ways on how to do that. Hi Rob, there you are: I really wish I could get things out faster. I see other bloggers being much more immediate than I am and would dearly love to get quicker.

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Writing is a not a problem for me. I can spend days editing and perfecting one post! So, I figured that editing is the hardest work possible. My publisher told me to read from the bottom of the page backward to check for errors. We call it persnickity. I really have to try it. Maybe one backwards read will save me from ten forwards checks! I try to use US spellings but not change the acutal words I use: My sentences are still too long and I use convoluted syntax sometimes — but I really do talk like that, so I just consider it my style.

Hi Gip, Lol, I love the sound of convoluted syntax, the words appeal to me: Yes, we have to keep our personal style intact, thanks for Top Blog Post Editing Site reminder: I was just working on a post and in the editing process right now.

I actually got up to get a cup of water to come back and re-read continue reading out-loud. These are some really good editing tips. I especially like the point about using every day language in your posts.

Totally agree with this one: