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GuardianThe United States has been using lies to go to war sincewhen Americans who believed in manifest destiny sought to expand to the Pacific Ocean at the expense of Mexico, acquiring by force of arms California and what were to become the southwestern states. In the U. And then came World War 1, World War 2, and Korea, all avoidable and all enabled by deliberate lying coming out of Washington.

More recently, we have seen Vietnam with its Gulf Terrorism Essay 200 Words Tonkin fabrication, Granada and Panama with palpably ridiculous pretexts for war, Iraq with its nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, Afghanistan with its lies about bin Laden, Libya and its false claims about Gaddafi, and most recently Syria and Iran with allegations of an Iranian threat to the United States and lies about Syrian use of barrel bombs and chemical weapons.

And if one adds in the warnings to Russia source Ukraine, a conflict generated by Washington when it brought about regime change in Kiev, you have a tissue of lies that span the globe and bring with them never-ending conflict to advance the American imperium.

On the 5th of June, Saudi Arabia led a gaggle of Arab and Muslim nations that included the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain to cut off all diplomatic, commercial and transport Terrorism Essay 200 Words with Qatar, effectively blockading it.

Qatar is currently isolated article source its neighbors, subject to sanctions, and there have even been Saudi threats of going to war against its tiny neighbor. It is the second time the Saudis have moved against Qatar. Two years ago, there was a break in diplomatic relations, but they were eventually restored.

This time, the principal allegation being directed against Qatar by Riyadh is that Terrorism Essay 200 Words supports terrorism. Hezbollah and Hamas are close to Iran which is Terrorism Essay 200 Words the real reason for their being singled out as many would call them resistance movements or even legitimate political parties rather than terrorists. And the Iran connection is critical as Qatar has been under fire for allegedly saying nice things about trying learn more here respect and get along with Tehran, undoubtedly somewhat motivated by its joint exploitation with Iran of a vast gas field in the Persian Gulf.

The terrorism claims by the Saudis are, of course, hypocritical. Both Qatar and Saudi Arabia are well known as sponsors of Salafist terrorism, including the funding and arming of groups like ISIS and the various al-Qaeda franchises, to include al-Nusra. Much of the money admittedly comes from private individuals and is often channeled through Islamic charities, but both Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been extremely lax in their enforcement of anti-terror and Terrorism Essay 200 Words laundering regulations.

The Saudis also have considerable blood on their hands by way of their genocidal assault on neighboring Yemen. In addition, the Saudi Royal House has served as the principal propagator of Wahhabism, the virulently fundamentalist version of Islam that provides a form of religious legitimacy to terror while also motivating many young Muslims to join radical groups. The falling out of two Gulf Arab regimes might be a matter of relatively little importance but for the unnecessary intervention of President Donald Trump in the quarrel.

He has taken credit for go here burgeoning conflict, implying that his recent visit to the region set the stage for the ostracizing of Qatar. They said they would take a hard line on funding extremism, and all reference was pointing to Qatar. Perhaps this will be the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!

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An escalation of hostilities with the intention of starting an Terrorism Essay 200 Words war involving the United States to take down Iran is not unimaginable, particularly as the Israelis, who have already endorsed the Saudi moves, have been arguing that option and lying about the threat posed by Tehran for a number of years.

A war against Iran would be very popular both with the U. The terrorist attack in Tehran on June 6 th that killed 17 is being blamed in some Iranian circles on the Saudis, a not unreasonable assumption.


ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack but it must also be observed that both the Saudis and Israelis have good connections with the terrorist group. But if the possibility of a possible Saudi hand is true or even plausibly so, it guarantees a rise in tension and an incident at sea could easily be contrived by either side to escalate into a shooting war.

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There is also other considerable collateral damage to be reckoned with as a consequence of the Trump intervention even if war can be avoided. Qatar hosts the al-Udeid airbase, the largest in the Middle East, which is home to 10, U. Backing Saudi Arabia in this quarrel serves no conceivable American interest, particularly if the ultimate objective is to strike at a non-threatening Iran. So the fallback position is to lie about what the support Terrorism Essay 200 Words the aggressive Saudi posturing really means — it is alleged to be about terrorism, which is Terrorism Essay 200 Words a popular excuse for government overreach.

And the ultimate irony is that when it comes to terrorism the United States itself does not emerge without fault. As early asthe U. So watch the lies if you want to know when the next war is coming. If the House of Saud, the Israelis and Donald Trump are talking trash and seem to agree about something then it is time to head for the bomb shelter.

Will it be Iran or an escalating catastrophe in Syria? Thats where his concerns and allegiance are. And maybe the source of his finances also?

This article is still in need of some editing. At times it is unclear, or implies the opposite of what the author intended. Hi PG, could our commander-in-chief have had ulterior reasons to cook up the ostracizing of Qatar? Now the assurance has also been approved by the masters, DJT is in deeply with the Ziocons.

Clark was right, just a little diversion here. What will become of the average Goy?

Terrorism Essay 200 Words Let me commend Mr. Giraldi for another excellent contribution. The Saudi regime is the chief enemy of civilization and those backing it are tarred with the same brush. It is disappointing to see Trump taken in by the deep state love of the Saudi barbarians. If Trump had pulled out of Middle East conflicts as he was elected to do Terrorism Essay 200 Words, all this talk would be much less dangerous.

The first lie is literally in the first sentence of the article:. The United States has been using lies to go to war sincewhen Americans who believed in manifest destiny sought to expand to the Pacific Ocean at the expense of Mexico. The Mexican-American War was provoked by Mexico, which refused to recognize the independence and annexation of Texas, even though the rest of the world and the vast majority of Texans were English speakers who supported joining the USA.

Not only did it provoke the war generally, it fired the first shots, killing 11 of 70 American in a surprise attack with Mexican soldiers. The UN estimates civilians are killed per month during the war, and that includes here three sides. This in a nation of 25 million.

Finally, no surprise that Giraldi supports Qatar, funder of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporter of the Sharia-imposing former Morsi government of Egypt and the increasingly totalitarian Islamic dictatorship in Turkey. As some what of an aside, on the issue of US lie-started wars: Essentially, US interests were directly affected by either a Nazi or Soviet victory.

Texas belongs to America not Mexico. And this means the mass expulsion of the Mexican demographic Fifth Column out of Texas…and many other parts of the US. First, the implacable Left-Hollywood-Zionist axis unnerved, abused, and punked Trump out. Then they and their Terrorism Essay 200 Words harassed and spooked him. Insurrection was in the air—ever as the President was being sworn into office!

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Has any newly-elected president has ever been treated so disdainfully and with such widespread contempt? Yes we have, despite the fact that these distant, non-nuclear states do not threaten US interests and do not threaten US security in any way, shape, or form.

This very accusation turns reality upside down. Gotta take out Assad first! After all, Syria shares a disputed border with Israel.

Pro-Zionist alliances however radiate in odd directions. The Saudis are even safe from any potential US-Israeli destabilization campaign. At least for now. But alliances can change rapidly, especially when anti-Zionist regimes rise and persist. Then they get targeted. Pulitzer was as influential as Hearst—and every bit as sensational.

Like Hearst, Pulitzer was an artful media demagogue; but it was Pulitzer—not Hearst—who used his skills and power to steer America into the two greatest political conflicts ever seen. Joseph Pulitzer was also Jewish. The Israeli and Saudi lobbies, and associated actors, seem to have had some success. Very, very true, and funny how that works. An anonymous dim-witted nincompoop attacking the honorable and brave Mr.

Giraldi for speaking the truth. The definition of cowardice, I bet.

Read the first two paragraphs again, and then review who is indeed the Chief enemy of civilisation. Both served in the armed corces of their adopted country. The other is that appalling rogue Robert Maxwell. The lie that he was killed in the Delta 6 raid in Pakistan is another. It took the Times around half a century to begin to publicly admit to its callous malfeasance, yet apparently.

Also note that in the statement, they deceitfully attempt to shift the responsibility for dirtball reporting article source the effects of Soviet censorship, which though real, is no excuse for their mendacity. Looks like the Saudis have pretty much bought us off with their ridiculously large arms purchases and other ways of sending their billions our way.

The other stuff is just window dressing. Seriously… is not relevant…. You need to deal with the fact that many of us here on Unz Review do Terrorism Essay 200 Words suffer from even a speck of White Guilt….

It is, in fact, the source of the terror. Just think about it for a minute: It is no longer disputed that the CIA has maintained an extensive and ongoing relationship with news organizations and journalists, and multiple, specific acts of media manipulation have now been documented. I never doubted that you think that but PG is a comparatively serious person and I wondered what he would say, choosing his words as carefully as he quite often seems to.

The jooies and their kept eunuchs in wash dc are complaining their precious US holocaust museum is only being funded with 54 million in American taxpayer funds.

This underfunding is very serious as they will have to close the lampshade wing and the soap Terrorism Essay 200 Words exhibition. Contact your congressional whore immediately and complain……. Hey Happy GuyWhats the problem.

Giraldi is always whining about America and praising Iran.