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firstGet feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Researches have classified these stages of sleep by monitoring muscle tone, eye movements, and the electrical activity of the brain using an electroencephalogram EEG. EEG readings measure brain waves and classify them according to speed. Alpha-rhythms are the fastest waves, followed by slower beta rhythms.

Theta and delta waves are the slowest. A sleep cycle lasts 90 minutes or so, during which the brain revolves through each type of EEG rhythm. This sleep cycle is repeated approximately five or six times during the course of the night and corresponds to the circadian rhythms which we experience during the day.

The function Stages Of Sleep Essays these stages is to restore and rebuild the body after a long period of wakefulness.

Vegetative functions dominate NREM sleep. The body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure decrease, muscles relax and the body metabolism slows. Stage I is a transition between sleep and wakefulness which is usually only five minutes in duration.

Short dreams may occur, usually involving images remembered from throughout the day. The brain's electrical activity slows as exhibited by beta-rhythms on the EEG.

Stage II is a somewhat deeper level of sleep, characterized by slower breathing and heart rates. The EEG of stage II shows slow beta-rhythms, interspersed with periods of fast alpha-rhythms called sleep spindles and some delta-rhythms. About fifty percent of all sleep in a given night is Stage II. The body uses this time to maintain and restore itself. Growth hormone secretions are at their highest during these stages. As successive cycles of sleep pass, these stages are replaced by longer periods of Stage V sleep.

Stage V is remarkably different from the previous stages. The brain and body become active, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. EEG patterns for REM sleep are much like those during wakefulness, and include many fast beta-rhythms. It may even be that the brain works harder during REM sleep than when awake.

REM sleep usually lasts anywhere from 11 to 25 minutes, typically longer in the later sleep cycles of the night. On completion of a phase read more REM sleep, the brain and body return to Stage I, and begin another sleep cycle. As mentioned above, NREM Stages Of Sleep Essays deals mainly with the regeneration of the body, while REM sleep has much to do with the innerworkings of the brain.

But they may certainly be interconnected. Researchers have speculated that NREM sleep also functions to recharge the brain by allowing depleted glycogen supplies to be replenished. Further hypotheses state that the high levels of neurological activity during REM sleep allows ions to be pumped across the membranes of neurons in the brain and stimulate another cycle of NREM sleep.

Researchers have found that much of the information learned throughout the day is processed by our brains during REM sleep. Other brain functions may also be mediated during REM sleep, such as problem solving, memory consolidation and creativity. An experiment performed at the Weizmann Institute in Israel tested subjects deprived of sleep.

It was found that subjects deprived of sleep performed poorer on a memory recall test than subjects who had received adequate sleep. It has also been determined that rats have greater than average durations of REM sleep after being subjected to sustained sessions of learning. Information learned during these sessions can be exhibited as behavior following episodes of REM sleep.

The connection between REM sleep and memory may stem from the concept that neurological synapses grow during REM sleep in adults as they do in infants. The data processing that occurs during REM sleep may be connected to the fascinating phenomenon of dreaming.

Stages of Sleep essaysPsychology has described sleep as periodic, natural, reversible loss of consciousness. Over a period of time our bodies fluctuate and so does. Why must we sleep? It seems like a fairly simple questions, but if that were true, you would assume scientists would have more than a couple of theories to answer. Stages of Sleep There are five stages of sleep every night we pass through each with the time in each stage changing with each one. With the invention of. In the paper “Stages of Sleep” the author explores dreams, and the stages and disorders associated with sleep. He provides an explanation. Read this essay on Sleep Stages. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

It has been speculated that dreaming allows us to organize memories into coherent patterns of learning. NREM dreams tend to be anchored in reality and experienced as a semiconscious state of serenity. REM dreams are markedly "bizarre", lacking common sense, logic and often characterized by quick transitions in plot and setting.

Often, when a person is awakened from REM sleep, they remember vividly the events of their dreams. Dreaming during REM sleep is also accompanied by wild fluctuations in body metabolism.

The heart rate, blood pressure, hormonal secretions and many other functions correspond to the events of a dream. Muscle activity, on the contrary, is almost nonexistent. There is speculation that if the body was not paralyzed during REM dreams, we may even act them out. A great deal of research has been done to define and categorize sleep. One of the greatest tools available to scientist is the EEG. By measuring the electrical activity Stages Of Sleep Essays the brain, stages of our sleep can be classified.

Further studies on the metabolic functions of our body during NREM sleep will provide insight to how sleep refreshes and energizes. But there are still many questions left about REM sleep. There seem to be many correlations between REM sleep and learning.

How do our dreams help us learn Stages Of Sleep Essays process data? Is there a connection between REM sleep and remembering the events of the previous day? The mechanisms of these processes, as is much of the brain, are not clearly understood. But thinking about REM sleep in this web page respect Stages Of Sleep Essays lead to answers in the future.

Referring back to Aristotle's question, we must realize that the body does indeed sleep during the NREM stages. However the issue of whether the soul ever sleeps is still in doubt. WWW Sources 1 Aristotle. These hour cycles keep you on schedule. Desperately seeking REM" http: Essay about Dreams and Sleep - Most people think of sleep as a passive and relatively still and unchanging process; however, sleep is a very active state of consciousness. While here, we also have thoughts, visions, and feelings otherwise known as dreams.

This assessment on sleep and dreams points out the alterations in the sleep cycle while focusing on REM sleep.

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It will also examine the history behind dream analysis, as well Stages Of Sleep Essays introduce lucid dreams. This style was a reaction to click high style of detective stories such as those involving Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple. Writers often set hard boiled detective novels in a gritty world where everyone has a past.

In The Big Sleep, Chandler keeps this edgy, lower class tone right down to the objects he utilizes for comparisons in his metaphors. Chandler is highly precise in his word choice and diction Of course there are positive and negative aspects to such choices which Hawks makes in his film and those decisions which Hawks made from novel to movie should be examined and questioned whether they helped or hindered the production of The Big Sleep.

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One of the major differences, and I would argue a drawback, in the film version is the representation of the characters and the predictable ending Why all the similes. There isn't a single page in the novel that doesn't display this annoying literary device.

Everything is "like this" or "like that. Similar to decoding a secret message that isn't difficult to understand, but nevertheless tiring due to the overwhelming amount of messages, the novel is frustrating to read. The following analysis acknowledges Chandler's creativity in developing his main character, Philip Marlowe, with his usage of simile Obstructive Sleep Apnea Essay example - Imagine being semi-roused from sleep, gasping for air, adrenaline pumping through your body.

Now imagine this happening 80 to 90 times per hour. I have obstructive sleep apnea OSA a chronic condition in which the airway becomes blocked or Stages Of Sleep Essays during sleep, causing the body to partially wake itself in order to resume breathing American Academy of Sleep Medicine 3. Of course, this constant wake-sleep cycle does not lend itself to restful sleep, and left me tired no matter how long I slept Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Sleep]:: Chandler's descriptions of Carmen and Vivian, respectively, highlight his use Stages Of Sleep Essays misuse of the typical female stereotypes in, The Big Sleep.

From the initial physical description that Chandler gives, the reader can quickly see that the women are complete opposites. Carmen lacks color and does not appear to be healthy while Vivian is "worth a stare" He would like readers to see Philip Marlowe, Vivian Regan, Carmen Sternwood, Eddie Mars, and the rest of the characters as either "good guys" or "bad guys" with no deeper meaning or symbolism to them.

I found the book simple and easy to understand; the problem was that it was too easy, too simple. The production source forces the women in the movie to become more socially acceptable-Carmen was not crazy and Vivian was not blatantly seductive. Changes that the production code forces on the characterization of the women causes the movie to be somewhat lack Stages Of Sleep Essays.

The book was full of painstaking description of the women that the movie completely left out When Chandler stops the dialogue to creates a space for Marlowe to record elements in the environment, he constructs sentences that indicate how Marlowe assimilates the information: Sleeping Health Sleep Essays]::