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billion, whileBrowser contributes to the following actions: Herstellen einer Verbindung mit der richtigen Serverinstanz Connecting to the correct server instance.

Herstellen einer Verbindung mit den Endpunkten einer dedizierten Administratorverbindung DAC, dedicated administrator connection Connecting to dedicated administrator connection DAC endpoints.

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When upgrading an installation. Beim Installieren in einem Cluster. When installing on a cluster. When installing a named instance of Analysis Services Analysis Services. Dieser Listenerdienst reagierte auf Clientanforderungen mit den Namen der installierten Instanzen und den von der Instanz verwendeten Ports bzw. This listener service responded to client requests with the names of the installed instances, and the continue reading or named pipes used by the instance.

Dieser Port oder "Pipe" wird von der betreffenden Instanz zum Datenaustausch mit Clientanwendungen verwendet. This port, or "pipe," is used by that specific instance to exchange data with client applications. When connecting, clients can specify a specific port; but if the port is dynamically assigned, the port number can change anytime SQL Server SQL Server is restarted, so the correct port number is unknown to the client.

Browser support ipv6 and ipv4. The Sql Server 2005 Resume library on the client application then completes the connection by sending a request to the server using the port or named pipe of the desired instance.

Ein Verbindungsversuch einer beliebigen Komponente mit einer benannten Instanz ohne Angabe aller Parameter z.

Verbindung mit einer benannten Instanz ohne Angabe der Portnummer oder der Pipe.

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Connecting to a named instance without providing the port number or pipe. The OLAP redirector service. Dieser Ansatz birgt folgende Probleme: This approach has the following problems: You must update and maintain client application code to ensure it is connecting to the proper port. The port you choose for each instance may be used by another service or application on the server, causing the instance of SQL Server SQL Server to be unavailable.

Browser is not a clustered resource and does not support failover from one cluster node to the other. Browser can be started from the command prompt for troubleshooting, by using the -c switch: Browser should be run in the security context of a low privileged user to minimize exposure to a malicious attack. Zugriff vom Netzwerk auf diesen Computer verweigern Deny access to this computer from the network. Lokal anmelden verweigern Deny logon locally.

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Anmelden als Batchauftrag verweigern Deny Log on as a batch job. Anmelden als Dienst Log on as a service. Other possible accounts include the following: Das Konto Lokaler Dienst The local service account.

Informationen zum Umgang mit einer Firewall finden Sie unter "Vorgehensweise: For information about working with a firewall, see "How to: