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seems from whatMy mom is special in a lot of different ways, but here are just a few of them.

Short Essay On Mother Day always compliments me in my work and my stories. She thinks they are funny, and so do I. She also cooks me a special homemade meal for my birthday. She will always make sure I am healthy and active. And she will read me a book every night and give me hugs and kisses. We make up handshakes and jokes together.

She tries to make me laugh when I am sad about something. Like, she sings to be funny, but not a lot. She will try to sing a Britney Spears song in opera - it is so funny. I am usually the one who makes her She takes naps with me when I am sick. She makes me a sick couch and makes sure that I have everything that I need. She is always there for when I am sick or hurt.

I love it when she "nurses" me back to health because then I feel like her little baby again.

Mother’s Day Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Find paragraph, long and short essay on Mother’s Day for your Kids, Children and Students. A Short Essay On Mothers Day. A Mothers Love A mother’s love is like no other love on earth, and can make a person do things Everyone else and even she did not. short essay on mother day get essays about moms on mother's day essay writing for kids and mother's words to her children in English! Get the Mothers day essay. Short Essay My Mother Sai Shruthi She helps me every day in preparing my home-work given by the class-teacher. My mother is an ideal woman in my life. Mother’s day is the happiest of time and great opportunity for the mother and the child to strengthen the bond and you Happy Mothers Day Essay For Students In.

We take pictures of each other and talk on the phone a lot when she goes out of town. My mom is always a special person to me and to others. I think that I should win this essay because everyone should know just what a special mom does for her kids. My mom is wonderful.

She is kind and generous.

link She cares for me every day and night and makes dinner.

She is always saying how bright I am. She is really as sweet as honey. My mom is very gentle and careful, and she's organized, too. And oh, how wonderful she is! I really do love her. She's really bright and super pretty. My mom is my hero, and she loves me a lot. Her name is Kaki, and to me it's like saying my favorite color. She's always thinking about the bright side and not the negative side!

When I am scared, she always comes and calms me down. Every night my baby brother wakes up, and every night she goes in his room and puts him back to bed, and she is never cranky! I just don't get it. She definitely is the greatest mom on earth. I ran across Short Essay On Mother Day article about writing an essay explaining why your mom is special, and I think, man, I don't have a chance, there's too many people going to enter.

As you can tell, I finally got up the courage to write it. Everyone is going to say the most obvious things like her cooking, cleaning and how she understands everything. Short Essay On Mother Day, that is great, but what's the difference from their mom and mine? That is simple - my mom is a mom to everyone. She always gives someone a chance.

My friends love and confide in her for advice. She's the kind of mother who you can walk downtown with and not be embarrassed. My mother is always getting calls from my friends wanting to know if they can come over and hang out. My mom has taken me to my first concerts, and she's my best friend. We have the kind of relationship that I can say "I love you" and not have her ask, "And what do you Short Essay On Mother Day We hardly ever fight, and we share each other's clothes.

Yes, she is beautiful, a great cleaner and an awesome cook, but I click to see more no one can say they have a mom like mine. She is my best friend, mother, adviser, protector, manager, and most of all she is Mary Beth Retke. My mom, Kathy Frye, is the greatest mom in the universe because she lets me call people and go to friends' houses.

Some people say they hate their mom because she's too protective. She always has to know were you're at and stuff like that. I like it when my mom does that because it lets me know how much she loves and cares for me, because she does not want anything to happen to me.

My mom always makes us kids clean the house. I like to because it helps her out. I mean she does pay all the bills, and all the extra things I like, but don't need. She doesn't only do that, she also cooks dinner and is a manager at Great Clips. I can talk to my mom about anything.

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No matter what it is, if I need advice or have a question, she's always there to answer me. If a kid is bullying me and saying things that aren't true, she tells me I'm pretty, and nobody can take that away. My mom is special because there's nobody like her.

She does things like have a "girls day" for my sister and me. No matter what happens, if we're having a bad day, she will always Short Essay On Mother Day a way to have fun. I would like to thank my mom. Most people's moms don't click here all that fun stuff.

So that's why I know my mom is the greatest mom and person in the universe. My mom is the coolest mom in the world because she works a lot of hours just to make good money so we can eat and go places. But because she works all go here time, my sister and I don't see her as much as we'd like.

When we do see her, which is usually on the weekends, we have lots of fun; like she likes Short Essay On Mother Day ride three-wheelers.

She helps with any problems I have at school, or what is nice to wear, and she helps me straighten my hair. My mom is amazing in every way possible. She is always source for my sister and me. My mom is the biggest helper in the family. She cooks, cleans and does the laundry.

She takes me shopping in downtown Lawrence. My mom is a life saver!

If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here and we wouldn't have our pig Jo-Jo. My mommy also coaches and takes us to our sporting and school events.

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We lounge in our pool cattle tankwe go on walks and bathe in the bathtub, read and lay in bed and watch HGTV. My mom works hard at work as a nurse, but when she comes home she still has time for everyone else. I don't know how she takes care of my dad, brother and me without any complaining. My mom is awesome! She taught me how to sing, walk and jump. We go on walks by the park. We sing in our basement. We jump on the trampoline. She shows she loves me by saying it all the time. She kisses me all day long.

She hugs me all the time. She cooks hotdogs for me. She makes me feel better when I'm sick. She takes me to my Short Essay On Mother Day practice. Short Essay On Mother Day watch birds together. We clean up the house together. We play basketball together. She is a fast runner. She thinks all the time. She is very calm. And I am glad she is my mom. Things we do together!