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Defense Committee Mar to Jan Amnesty International recognizes that a retrial is no longer a feasible option and believes that Leonard Peltier should be immediately and unconditionally released. He is a remarkable person and the depth of his spirituality shows I would hope that the campaign to have him freed will succeed.

I certainly support it very passionately Because it is a blot on the judicial system of this country that ought to be corrected as quickly as possible. I have nothing on my conscience at all. We, the members and supporters of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, wish to express our grave concerns with regard to the denial of justice and due process to Mr. Leonard Peltier, and his ongoing detention at Leavenworth Penitentiary.

Peltier has been incarcerated for twenty-seven years, despite the clear indications of misconduct, including the falsification of evidence, by various U. He is now nearly fifty-eight years of age and his health is beginning to deteriorate. We are therefore asking for your most urgent attention to this situation. The facts of this case have long been the subject of intensive investigation and documentation.

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We wish to set forth the following summary for your convenience: Short Essay On Leonard Peltier goal was to protest injustices against their tribes, violations of the many treaties, and current abuses and repression against their people. The United States government responded with a military style assault against the protesters.

In the end, various officials promised hearings on local conditions and treaty violations. These hearings were never convened. The use of military force by the U. Wilson was notorious for his corruption and abuse of power. During this "Reign article source Terror," some sixty-four local Native Americans were murdered.

Three hundred were harassed beaten or otherwise abused. Virtually all of the victims were either affiliated with AIM or their allies, the traditional tribe members. The FBI had jurisdiction to investigate major crimes, yet these deaths were never adequately investigated or resolved. The prosecution presented the testimony of a Mr.

This testimony was shown to be pure fabrication, with serious implications of FBI misconduct. The judge dismissed the case, declaring that "the waters of justice have been polluted. The jurors asked the U. Attorney General not to appeal the case. New York Times 26 Sept. Yet the politically related murder rate climbed. Needless to say, tensions were running extremely high on all sides. Jack Coler and Mr. Ron Williams, entered the Jumping Bull Ranch, private property.

They allegedly sought to arrest a young Native American man they believed they had seen in a red pick up truck. A large number of AIM supporters were camping on the property at the time. They had been invited there Short Essay On Leonard Peltier the Jumping Bull elders, who sought protection.

Many non-Aim persons were present as well. A shoot out began between the two vehicles, trapping a family with small children in the cross fire.

Leonard Peltier was an AIM leader and was asked by traditional people at Pine Time for justice is short. FREE Clinton St. The Case of Leonard Peltier Statement of Fact By In short there is no reasonable evidence that Mr. Peltier committed the murders. Instead. MORE INFO. Short essay on the case of leonard peltier My life is like a roller coaster essay essay for civil services pdf viewer essay on role of youth in j&k how to. essay Short on peltier of leonard the case. If an essay about the biological basis of contraception comes up tomorrow I will cry for sure. Short Essays Onthe Case Against Leonard Peltier maduro on wednesday shook upcomplex currency controls in the socialist-run country, where adollar can.

From throughout the ranch, people screamed that they were under attack, and many hurried to return fire. When the skirmish ended, the two FBI agents were dead. They had been wounded, and someone had shot them at close range through the heads.

Today, the United States Attorney admits that no one knows who fired the fatal shots.

The red pick up truck escaped from the ranch and was never found or identified. When the gun fight ended, a young Native American named Joe Stuntz lay dead, shot through the head by a sniper bullet. His killing was never investigated. Stuntz and the two agents under such conditions represents a tragedy for all three the men and their families. However, it is equally clear that an unfair trial this web page the 27 year imprisonment of an innocent man is also a great tragedy.

More critically, such a situation endangers the most basic tenets of our system of justice. Official vengeance can never be allowed to replace the due process of the law. Instead of carefully considering the legitimate grievances of the Native Americans, Short Essay On Leonard Peltier response was essentially a military one which culminated in the deadly firefight on June 26, The United States government must share responsibility with the Native Americans for the Peltier as part of the healing process.

Leonard Peltier was one of several high level AIM leaders present during the shoot out. Murder charges were brought against him, as well as his two friends and colleagues, Dino Butler and Bob Robideau, who had been present throughout the incident. Butler and Robideau stood trial separately from Leonard Peltier, who had fled to Canada, convinced he would never receive a fair trial in Short Essay On Leonard Peltier United States.

At the trial of Butler and Robideau a key prosecution witness, Mr. Draper, admitted that he had been threatened by the FBI and as a result had changed his testimony upon the agents' instructions, so as to support the government's position.

The jury found both read more not guilty. They found that there was no evidence to link the defendants to the fatal shots. Moreover, the exchange of gun fire from a distance was deemed to have constituted an act of self defense. Leonard Peltier was extradited from Canada on the basis of an affidavit signed by a Myrtle Poor Bear, a local Native American woman known to have serious mental problems.

She claimed to have been Mr. Peltier's girl friend at the time, and to have been present during the shoot out, and to have witnessed the murders. In fact she did not know Mr. Peltier, nor was she present at the time of the shooting. She later confessed she had given the false statement after being pressured and terrorized by FBI agents, one Short Essay On Leonard Peltier whom source also been involved in the falsification of Mr.

Moves Camp's testimony earlier. Myrtle Poor Bear sought to testify in this regard at Leonard Peltier's trial. The judge barred her testimony on the grounds of mental incompetence.

Nothing was done with regards to the illegal extradition. Myrtle Poor Bear had also been forced to sign a similar affidavit against yet another local Native American named Dick Marshall.

Again she claimed to have been his girl friend, and linked him to a separate murder. This too she recanted.

Three adolescents gave inconclusive and vague testimonies, contradicting their own earlier statements as well as each other. All three witnesses admitted they had been seriously threatened and intimidated by FBI agents. Peltier's innocence was withheld from the defense team, making a fair trial impossible.

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Specifically, at the trial, the FBI ballistic expert, Evan Hodge, testified that he had been unable to perform the best test, a firing pin test, on certain casings found near the agents' car, because the rifle in question had been damaged in a fire. Instead, he stated that he had here an extractor mark test, and found the casing and weapon to match. Years later, documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act showed that in October a firing pin ballistic test had indeed been performed on the rifle and that the results were clearly negative.

In short, the fatal bullet did not come from Leonard Peltier's weapon. The jury never heard about any of these crucial issues. Agents Williams and Coler had radioed that they were chasing a red pick up truck, which they believed was transporting a suspect. The chase lead to the Jumping Bull Ranch and the fatal shoot out.

At trial however, the evidence had changed to described a red and white van, quite a different vehicle, and which not coincidentally was more easily linked to Mr.

Peltier's murder trial, did not permit the jury to learn of the FBI's pattern and practice of using false affidavits and of intimidating witnesses in recent related cases.

Former Prison Guard Speaks: Leonard Peltier Must Be Free

The jury was thus unable to properly evaluate the prosecution witnesses' testimony. In the trials of other AIM leaders, such evidence had been admitted.

There is no witness testimony that placed Mr. Peltier near the crime scene before the murders occurred. Those witnesses placing Peltier, Robideau and Butler near the crime scene after the killing were coerced and intimidated by the FBI. There is no forensic evidence as to the exact type of rifle used to commit the murders. Several different weapons present in the area during the shoot out could have caused the fatal injuries.

There was more than one AR in the area at the time of the shoot out. The AR rifle claimed check this out be Mr.

Peltier's was found to be incompatible with the bullet casing near the agents' Short Essay On Leonard Peltier. Although other bullets were fired at the crime scene, no other casings or evidence about them were offered by the Prosecutor's office. In short there is no reasonable evidence that Mr.