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like machine You canPeople inhabit different parts of the world and have different ways of living.

The geographical location, climatic conditions, as also education and economy in an area have a direct impact on the lifestyle of individuals living there. The available resources and the plant and animal life of that area influence the occupations of the inhabitants, and in turn Rural Life Vs Urban Life Essay living conditions.

Based on the accessibility of an area determined by geographical factors, educational and technological development may or may not reach the people living there.

This affects their lifestyle. The growth opportunities in certain areas or the lack thereof, determine the dwellers' standard of living. Based on this or for administrative reasons, geographical areas around the world have been classified into urban and rural.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on City Life vs. Village Life! One of the most striking features of industrial age is the growth of city life. In ancient times the people. What are the advantages of rural living and what are its disadvantages? Is urban living better and why? This Buzzle article gives you a comparative study of urban vs. Ideas and vocabulary for a common type of question in IELTS speaking part 3 – How to compare urban and rural life. The ideas and language can also be used in your. Title Length Color Rating: Urban Life vs. Rural Life - Imagine having to choose to reside in one place for the rest of your life. Which would you opt for. I'm going to explain the Donald Trump phenomenon in three movies. And then some text.

What is the difference between rural and urban ways of living and what are their pros and cons? This Buzzle article on rural vs. What is Urban Living? Major cities and the areas around them can be classified as urban. The definition varies across nations, but generally an area with a population of more than a certain number is classified as urban.

For example, in the United States, an area with a population of article source, or more is known as urbanized, while urban areas with a population less than 50, are called urban clusters.

Urban areas are equipped with all the modern amenities like the Internet, telephone, television, and satellite communication.

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Facilities for shopping, entertainment and other forms of recreation are more concentrated in these areas. Large housing complexes and skyscrapers are found in most urban metropolitan cities. Elevators, escalators, leveled parking areas, and towering constructions add to their magnificence. People mostly engage in non-agricultural jobs, the career options are better and more in number. The living conditions are better.

Urban living is economically more stable and luxurious. Due to people preferring this kind of living, urban areas are densely populated. Excessive industrialization has invited environmental problems. The rise in economic growth has led to self-sufficiency and people appear to be self-centered. What is Rural Living?

An area outside cities and towns is referred to as rural. The definitions vary across nations. Rural areas are not as crowded as the urban ones.

The population is quite less.

Unlike those in urban cities, houses in rural areas are widely spaced with ample space for fields. There is room for pets and grazing animals, large pieces of agricultural land, and greenery.

People in these areas live in the proximity of nature, which has a positive effect on their overall health. Pollution levels are low due to less vehicles and very less or no industries. Thus, the equilibrium in nature is better maintained. Rural living is relatively slow-paced and much more peaceful than urban life.

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Lights, trolleys, skyscrapers, romance, action. These were among the first words to enter the minds of Americans when contemplating the new urban lifestyle. While. Ideas and vocabulary for a common type of question in IELTS speaking part 3 – How to compare urban and rural life. The ideas and language can also be used in your. Title Length Color Rating: Urban Life vs. Rural Life - Imagine having to choose to reside in one place for the rest of your life. Which would you opt for.

The modern-day amenities are not a part of rural living and the life here is away from luxury. The dwellers are not as technologically advanced as those in the urban areas. The socioeconomic conditions in rural areas are Rural Life Vs Urban Life Essay and the education and medical care facilities are less.

Rural living may not be as lavish and independent as urban living, but the people here are more involved with each other.

They are generous and their hearts have room for emotions. However, attracted to urban development and in the pursuit of higher living standards, many are shifting from rural living to urban life. Life is fraught with stress and lifestyle diseases.

Shopping and food malls and restaurants are commonplace. Hence the daily traveling for these reasons is comparatively less. Businesses are interested in investing in these areas. Moreover, pollution levels in the urban areas are high.

This leads to a rise in temperature. And there is environmental degradation.

The average ages of marriage and childbirth are high. They don't tend to accept cultural or other differences easily.

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People can find privacy. That's because such facilities are located far away from the Rural Life Vs Urban Life Essay areas. Family planning measures haven't reached them, and people here are less aware of the need for population control and its methods.

Teenage pregnancies are common in traditional rural areas. Lacking the knowledge of family planning or birth control, people tend to have more children. Rural living may lack luxury, but it is more fulfilling. The pollution and the deforestation has led to environmental imbalance and health problems, which shadow the future of urban living.

The rise in prosperity has been eclipsed by a decline in peace. Having said that, though rural living scores higher in some aspects, truth is that the faster and smarter city life entices almost everyone.