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camera captured frustrated BradyRousseau argues that civil society is based on a contractual arrangement of rights and duties which applies equally to all people, whereby natural liberty is exchanged for civil liberty, and whereby natural rights are exchanged for legal rights.

This Essay Rousseau Social Contract and other 63,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays a civil expression of the general will. Rousseau's. This Research Paper Rousseau Contract Theory and other 63,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are Rousseau argues that the general will. Rousseau’s General Will By Candidate’s Name FACULTY OF ART, DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY (This page intentionally left blank) Because Rousseau was centrally co. Despite these difficulties, however, there are some aspects of the general will that Rousseau clearly articulates. Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Exile and Adversity.

The terms of the contract provide assurance that civil laws promote the public good rather than the private good of particular individuals or groups. If the contract is breached by a government which usurps the sovereignty of its people, then the people are no longer obligated to submit to that government and consequently regain their natural liberty. According to Rousseau, justice cannot be defined as 'the right of the strongest,' or the power of some individuals to gain advantage over others.

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If justice were the same as the power to gain advantage over others, then the most powerful individuals would always be the most just and morally right.

Moreover, if justice were Rousseau Essays General Will power to force an individual to yield to a particular demand, then there would be no obligation for an individual to comply with a lawful authority unless that authority had the power to force the individual to comply. Thus, the question of whether justice can be achieved in society may not depend on whether individuals can be forced to comply with civil authority but on whether individuals and civil authority can act in harmony with, and fulfill their moral obligations toward, each other.

Rousseau also argues that there may be a Rousseau Essays General Will obligation to comply with civil authority only if that authority is legitimate i. Rousseau argues that, in order to protect themselves and their property, individuals may agree to a contractual Rousseau Essays General Will whereby they combine themselves into an association for the benefit of all.

By means of this contractual relationship, individuals agree to accept various duties or obligations in exchange for the benefits provided by social cooperation.

Thus, a republic may be established on the basis of a mutual commitment between society and each individual, whereby society has an obligation to each individual and each click to see more has an obligation to society.

According to Rousseau, each individual may have a particular will which is different from the general will of the people, but the particular will of each individual may be forced to submit to the general will because of the obligations which have been defined for all individuals by the terms of the social contract. The general will is not the same as the will of all individuals, in that it is not the sum of all individual private interests.

Rousseau explains that the sovereignty of a republic is manifested by the general will, and that the sovereign is the same as the body politic.

Sovereignty is inalienable and indivisible, in that a republic which surrenders or divides its sovereignty is no longer a republic and can no longer represent the public interest of all of its citizens. While Rousseau argues that the general will always desires the common good, he also admits that the general will may not always choose correctly between what is advantageous or disadvantageous for promoting social harmony and cooperation, because it may be influenced by particular groups of individuals who are concerned with promoting their own private interests.

Thus, the general will may need to be guided by the judgment of an individual who is concerned only with the public interest and who can explain to the body politic how to promote justice and equal citizenship. Rousseau calls this individual the 'lawgiver. Rousseau argues that if a republic is governed by principles of justice and utility, then each person is required to surrender only as much of his or her natural liberty as is necessary for the republic to guarantee the protection of legal rights for all of its citizens.

Equal citizenship in a republic may be established by means of a social contract, which is a declaration by the general will that civil laws will apply equally to all individuals. Rousseau uses the term 'republic' to refer to any society which is ruled Rousseau Essays General Will law or which is ruled by the general will of its people.

According to Rousseau, a civil law may be defined as an act of the general will, and the general will must be obeyed by all people.

Thus, obedience to civil law is required of all individuals by the terms of the social contract. However, Rousseau also explains that the institution of government is not a contract, but that it is an act of the general will.

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As a result of the social contract, civil laws are decided by a majority vote of the magistrates who are elected to represent the people. The minority which opposes the will of the majority must accept any here of the general will, and cannot refuse to submit to the general will without violating the terms of the contract.

Free Rousseau papers, essays, Strong Essays: General Will and Rousseau's Social Contract - When Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote the Social Contract. Jean-Jacques Rousseau is one of the most influential thinkers during the Enlightenment in eighteenth century Europe. Rousseau and the Common Will Making some sense of Rousseau: Jean Jacques Rousseau () was born in Geneva. His mother died in childbirth. He was an engraver. Jean-Jacques Rousseau where Rousseau emphasizes that the general will exists to protect individuals against Two Essays. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Brief essay on 'General Will' as expounded by Rousseau. The concept of 'General Will' is the crux of Rousseau's political philosophy and his most important.

Rousseau argues that the general will is the will of both the majority and minority, and that if a minority of individuals does not approve of a law which has been approved of by the majority, then that minority must Rousseau Essays General Will mistakenly supposed that its own particular will was the same as the general will. The general will is defined by Rousseau as not being a selfish, unjust will, but as being a will which is truly concerned with the common good.

According to Rousseau, the social contract involves a total and unconditional surrender by each individual of his or her natural rights in order to gain the rights of citizenship.

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