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why Windows Phone hasE leven years ago, June 5,Ronald Reagan left this world for the next. In the days that followed, America witnessed sights unseen since the death of John F.

Kennedy — people keeping all-night vigils to touch his casket and say goodbye, lining highways by the thousands to express their gratitude, affection, and love.

What was it about this man that evoked then — and still does today — such deep, heartfelt admiration? History tells the answer. From throughRonald Reagan led a great American comeback.

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He not only achieved what his critics said would be impossible; he made it seem easy. His leadership transformed a sputtering U.

He restored a neglected U.

Despite his astonishing success, some dismiss Reagan as no longer relevant to America and its 21st-century challenges. We should beg to differ. They still revolve around home, family, and their hopes and dreams for the future. Moreover, Reagan grasped more than just what was timeless — he had a great capability for adapting to changing realities.

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And, his profound respect for the dignity, rights, and responsibilities of the individual, rooted in constitutional principles and 5, years of Judeo-Christian history and tradition, would equip a leader well to deal wisely with the contentious issues that preoccupy our country today.

These gifts of leadership would be as welcomed and valuable in as 35 years ago.

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Perhaps even Ronald Reagan As A Leader Essay so. First, Reagan united America. He never sought to divide. He opened his campaign at Liberty State Park in Hudson County, New Jersey — the first Republican to visit that blue-collar county in twelve years. Standing in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, he embraced the entire nation. Second, Reagan inspired America. On that day he kicked off his campaign, and throughout his presidency, he challenged us to lift our sights.

He assured us that every American is created with the rights to life and liberty. The American Dream is the story of aspirations Ronald Reagan As A Leader Essay alive in millions of our minds and hearts in unique and wonderful ways. That is why he was so check this out to knock down barriers that prevented individuals from reaching their dreams, and America from read more greatness.

Third, Reagan emboldened America. He set forth a daring vision and policies that told Ronald Reagan As A Leader Essay world America is back and, once again, we will be doing great things. His goal was not just to heal our economy, but to make America the growth, jobs, and investment leader of the world. Accordingly, he cut taxes deeply and equally for everyone, eventually dropping the top rate all the way from 70 percent to 28 percent, while providing enterprises strong incentives to compete and restoring a dollar as good as gold.

He fought hard against ever expanding, encroaching bureaucracy, reduced non-defense spending, and eliminated subsidies and price controls, all of which provoked howls of protest. Yet, not once did he break stride or lose his trademark humor: A strong dollar slew double-digit inflation and restored confidence. Lower tax rates encouraged women to enter the workforce in large numbers, many of them starting up new businesses, while minority employment and enterprises also grew.

In short, the American people unleashed the most powerful postwar recovery in history, reducing poverty, raising incomes, and creating a prosperity that benefited every income group, rejuvenated our communities, and lifted up the entire global economy.

Finally, Reagan protected America. He not only called our enemies what they were — evil — he rallied the free world and worked secretly with Pope John Paul II to roll back the Soviets.

His policy was crystal clear: When his work was done, he sought no praise, and gave all credit to God and to the American people, whom he loved more than anything else on earth, except Nancy. Ronald Reagan not only remains relevant today, his star will still be shining brightly years from today. He was courageous and brave. He championed timeless principles.

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He united, inspired, emboldened, and protected his countrymen. And, during his eight years in office, he moved history. He left America stronger, freer, and better.

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