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Love or Lust? Romeo and Juliet Part II: Crash Course English Literature #3

gadgets likeFebruary 26, by Jenna. February 26,fancy that! Their love story doomed by fate and feuding families has since been the inspiration for many works in literature and later cinema through to the present day.

What makes this couple memorable enough Romeo And Juliet Gender Essay be studied in classrooms across the globe? Is it their youth, their steadfast devotion in life and following into death, the tragic events that lead to their demise, or a mixture of possibilities? One aspect of the play that has a profound impact on the reader is the usage and beauty of the language of Shakespeare. It breathes unique life into each character creating distinct personality traits with which many can relate.

Through his words, society in Verona, Italy is clearly painted as well as the expectations for beliefs, values, and behaviors in both men and women. The characters Romeo And Juliet Gender Essay Romeo and Juliet, however, challenge these ideas and incorporate traits of the opposite gender. The world of men in Verona is founded upon violence, sexual domination, and conquest. Every action taken is an expression of comparing oneself to another and the driving need to be proven more powerful.

Daily life walking through the streets and passageways is a tense affair particularly due to the feud between the two powerful families of the city, the Capulets and the Montagues.

The cause of the enmity between the two houses is never explained, but one can see the dislike transmitted all the way down to the servants who would taunt the opposite side and coerce them into a fight. Quick to respond on impulse, men tend click think of their immediate needs first. Jokes are made at the expense of everyone thought to be inferior.

This distinctly shows the enforced concept of dominance. Men from opposite sides are meant to be defeated through fighting duels, and click are objects to conquer and overpower to sate sexual desires.

Primal nature and instinct tend to be initiated without second thought of morality and consequence. Anything less than boldness is not considered to be male. The thought reinforces the need for men to constantly be above what are considered to be lesser emotions of weakness. Detachment is necessary so as not to allow one to be overpowered by something such as love.

However, Romeo challenges this idea of masculinity and is portrayed with more feminine and submissive traits. He speaks with a poetic melancholy contrary to that of the other men: Romance and longing fuel his daily thoughts, giving him check this out most fulfillment and satisfaction.

Romeo is in love with the idea of love, and his way of thinking is teased mercilessly by both his friends and enemies.

When paired with Juliet in scenes, his male role is increasingly diminished. He puts himself below her both literally and figuratively in a gesture of submission, especially learn more here the balcony scene.

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Jul 25,  · I am currently preparing an essay on the gender roles in Romeo and Juliet and was wondering if anyone could help or offer suggestions of things to. Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Gender Roles In Romeo And Juliet". Get free homework help on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: play summary, scene summary and analysis and original text, quotes, essays, character analysis, and.

A Veronese male would never dream of considering himself below a woman, nor would he Romeo And Juliet Gender Essay her on a pedestal to worship and revere.

While the pair exchanges vows of love, it is Romeo who revokes his name: Click here act of giving up his name for his love is non-traditional, even in the standards of today. Yet these qualities that make him uniquely Romeo are what draw Juliet in toward him to shine forth in strength and merge her heart with his.

Women of Verona are considered to be a completely different class in comparison to men. They are thought of as inferior, weaker, and more as objects to possess.

Never would they be called equals with opinions that would be heard and understood. Pleasing her parents, marriage, then pleasing their husband, and bearing children are the here goals of which a woman should dream. This is an attempt to make light of the sexually subservient lifestyle a woman must become comfortable with when she becomes a fertile age.

A girl is quickly transferred from the house of her parents to the house of her husband without any chance of independent thought, action, or growth. Shakespeare portrays Juliet in a way that defies these standards for women and gives her an uncommon strength contrary to society. She even allows him to kiss her. She is very straightforward in her ideas and daringly proposes the idea of marriage first: She is possessed with very eager and sexual thoughts than would be considered normal for a woman of the time.

Women are not regarded as sexual beings in Veronese society. She even defies her parents when they try to force her to marry Paris, risking their wrath and dishonor. Romeo gladly makes way for Juliet to be in Romeo And Juliet Gender Essay and rise with an inner strength.

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see more Yet when the pressures of society begin to weigh down upon them, Romeo and Juliet succumb Romeo And Juliet Gender Essay attempt to fit back into their traditional gender roles.

Romeo accuses Juliet of making him soft and losing his manhood: He involves himself in a fight to the death in order to defend his murdered friend Mercutio as well as his honor as a man, which leads to his banishment and the tragic turn of the play.

In succumbing to his male self, he increases in his rash judgments and behavior, causing him to seek out a way to kill himself and others in his way to be with Juliet without Romeo And Juliet Gender Essay she was not yet dead.

In surrendering to the standard gender roles, the couple falls into an inescapable tragedy. During their final moments, however, they revert back to their opposite roles. Romeo becomes very heartfelt and distraught at seeing his beloved lying cold in the tomb and takes his life with poison, a more passive feminine form of suicide. In death, they are reunited together forever successfully within their unconventional roles that defy society.

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Title of individual blog entry. Retrieved January 1,from http: This essay is very well done!! Thanks for the help on my essay! I need a third character that breaks gender conventions for my essay, anyone that you can think of?

Best of luck to you! One read through and all my doubts on the gender politics of Romeo and Juliet are completely cleared. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! But I am so glad that this has helped you!

Happy to share it with others. Another character who actively defies gender roles although unconventional is Rosaline, as she rejects a marriage proposal and in turn goes to live in a convent. My project is to find something about the play that intrigues Romeo And Juliet Gender Essay and find research it.

I found the gender roles interesting but my teacher says i need the author? Does anyone perhaps know who wrote this? But if notthank you! This was such a beautifully written, insightful original essay, one which I completely loved reading. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare - Gender Roles in Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. Free Romeo and Juliet In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is "a of Romeo and Juliet In this essay I will be discussing my. The tragedy Romeo and Juliet has been criticized by many critics throughout the years. Most critics tend to agree that Shakespearean literature has strong. Get free homework help on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: play summary, scene summary and analysis and original text, quotes, essays, character analysis, and. Free Essay: In Act 1, scene ii. Capulet appeared to be a kind hearted man and he defers to Juliet’s ability to choose for herself, “My will to her concent is.

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