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the many unanswered questionsPlease click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Latest Articles Products Conferences. Are there some recent grads on here that found jobs right after graduation that want to post a copy of their resume, identifying info removed of course, so that we can see what a good resume that landed an interview looks like instead of sifting through search results looking at rough drafts and then skimming threads to see the advice they were given?

I searched for this thread too, but couldn't find one. Maybe this can help people bust through the brick wall that is click here software. Apr 4, '13 by PatMac10,RN. I googled for resume and cover letter templates specifically for NEW GRAD nurses like "new graduate nurses sample resume" and got some great examples!

Here are a Rn New Graduate Resume links: I hope you have a sense of humor. I changed everything on here so there's nothing too terribly identifying about myself Oh, and the resume with the real information got me 5 interviews and one job offer.

Responsibilities included follow-ups for event venues, coordinating meetings with group sponsors, and recruiting new members interested in health-care related fields.

Apr 5, '13 by tyvin, BSN. It's not the resume form that catches the potential eye because there are countless examples of good resume forms everywhere. It's Rn New Graduate Resume cover letter that tells the tale. If it's long and drawn out more likely then not it will not get read.

But a succinct to the point very short cover letter that says it all in as few sentences as possible is the winner with new grads that don't have that much to say. Did you not do a special capstone in your senior year? Absolutely put it down. I would only put my grad date and not the time spent at the school. How did you get a BSN in only 2 years is what comes to mind first or is that just an expample.

And again your putting multiple data on one line Under license you don't say it's an RN and you should put the dates on Rn New Graduate Resume when it will expire and license number is what they want to know.

License and certs should go together or be under one another. You have your school experience between them. It needs to read smoothly. But what do I know, you already had 5 interviews with the way it is.

Also; if you had read article good Hesi, why not! Her resume tempplate is standard like many others. There really isn't too much more you can do to improve the resume side. It should show exactly what is shows in as less a confusing manner as possible.

I really don't mean to pick on your resume. May I mention that I would add a line or two about what you did volunteering like you did with your affiliations. Your template isn't exactly like everyone's; mine is a different form, but it all works.

Pat; good links to info on resumes! Quote from tyvin It's not the resume form that catches the potential eye because there are countless examples of good resume forms everywhere. Oh, and I completely agree about cover letters -- it's your opportunity to show you did your research on the organization and get to why they Rn New Graduate Resume give you an interview.

Apr 7, '13 by tippytootagon. I will graduate in may and I've already been hired to a new graduate residency at a university affiliated magnet teaching hospital.

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Identifying information has been changed. Maggie Greene E.

Lead Server and Trainer, We Eat Things Raw, Atlanta, Georgia May - December -Selected to be a trainer in recognition of excellent customer service, teamwork, and article source ethic -Developed and implemented a standardized training program for new waitstaff. Last edit by tippytootagon on Apr 7, ' Apr 8, '13 by Bayat.

See if this gets you thinking. Go over the skills summary to adjust what skills you offer for the position. Use the Profile statement the sentence above the "Professional Profile" section to make a one-sentence answer to the job description. Same for the "Professional Profile" Rn New Graduate Resume - tailor it to show Rn New Graduate Resume you're offering if hired. Go through your work experience and quantify your achievements. Since server and trainer are not relevent, it in a section called "Additional Work Experience" with a one-bullet point noting the main achievement there.

I'm assuming your Associates' is in Applied Science, check your sheepskin. Maggie Greene, RN E.

Apr 8, '13 by tippytootagon. Hey Bayat, I appreciate the advice, but I'll probably not be using a resume for a while, as the one I posted here already landed me a residency at the first hospital I applied to before I've even graduated.

I disagree with some of the extra stuff you put in there simply because it's, well extraneous.

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This sample shows how you can use your clinicals, internships and nursing school classes to build a powerful entry-level nursing resume. Sample Resume New Grad (Refer to “Resume Tips 4 Student RN Preceptee July Sonora Community Hospital Since you are a recent graduate. Entry-Level Nurse Resume Sample. Nursing RN recent graduate seeking to use earned skills and knowledge to assist your Registered Nurse: New York State Board.

I used to do hiring at one of the restaurants I worked for, and I hated stuff like "works well independently and in a team". When I see that I automatically think "what a load of BS".

That Rn New Graduate Resume why

Further, since I've only worked as a tech on a neuro floor, it wouldn't be appropriate to put that under my "skills. In fact, when I went for my second interview with the hiring manager and director of the residency, she said that I had her two favourite things to see Rn New Graduate Resume a new grad resume - tech experience in a hospital, and restaurant experience.

Generally, for jobs like "server" or "healthcare tech" you don't really want to put a job description under it - it's just unnecessary and taking up space. Hiring managers are people, and generally know what you did in those jobs. Instead, you want to focus on skills used, and ways you were good at your job and prove it. Otherwise, I like your suggestions, and the next time I find myself searching for a job, I'll be sure to take those into Rn New Graduate Resume.

Apr 9, '13 by Bayat. Tippytootagon, thank you for your reply and congrats landing the job. In defense, the part I added on the healthcare tech was supposed to reflect why you were hired or recuited for the position and it may not necessary be the job description you can leave it off if you're cramped for space. Then you use the bullet points below it to show how you exceeded expectations with the value you provided there.

I tried to reflect in a one-sentence bullet point your main accomplishment at the server positions, hence the bold on the verb and the tie-in to your profile and skills. The skillset section is more designed to highlight your top skills so it'll be easy for employers to find.

You can reword your skills to reflect your true knowledge, like adding "familiarity" if you were exposed to the skill but not comfortable enough to make it an "expertise. Yes, "works well independently and in a team" is a bit of fluff and I assumed you used independent judgement in accomplishing your duties, based Work Editing Websites Us my reading of your previous positions; I'm learning too.

My nurse friend had to work alone in the correctional institutions she worked at, caring for some really dangerous people some profiled on TV but she won't name who so she source insisted that I put in her ability at not needing to be constantly supervised.

Otherwise, glad you Rn New Graduate Resume my rework. I had some spare time at work and thought it was good challange. Your critique is appreached and all of us can learn from each other. The best way to succeed is to learn from those who became succesful.

Example of New Graduate Nurse Resume and to utilize my skills as a registered nurse in a manner as an application for one of the new graduate nurse. Sample Resume for a New Grad RN. This gives you the tools to construct a resume that will make yours stand out! What you need to get an interview. Do you know what to include in your New Grad Nursing resume? View hundreds of New Grad Nursing resume examples to learn the best format, verbs, and fonts to use. Sample Resume New Grad (Refer to “Resume Tips 4 Student RN Preceptee July Sonora Community Hospital Since you are a recent graduate. This guide was written by experienced nursing recruiters and is full of tips and recommendations for writing an exceptional new grad nursing resume.

Sep 22, '13 by Kisabelle. I saw a post in pinterest that if all else fails and you sent a massive amount of application with no reply. You should put "I is kind, I is smart, and I is important" I'm in the same boat as all of you and I am so tempted to type this quote.

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