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November 2016 Ardent Leisures'Dentists are oral healthcare professionals handling problems affecting the mouth and the teeth.

A typical sample resume for Dentists mentions work activities such as offering healthcare advice, diagnosing dental conditions, maintaining stocks, carrying out restorative and cosmetic treatments, extracting teeth, and updating patient records. A successful Dentist resume highlights qualifications such as dentistry expertise, dexterity, decision making abilities, empathy, teamwork and good interpersonal skills.

Holding a dentistry degree is a mandatory condition for this role. Looking for cover letter ideas?

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See our sample Dentist Cover Letter. Served as Dentist providing complete dental services to pediatric patients in practice consisting of 3, patients, doctors, 2 assistants, 3 hygienists, and administrative staff.

Delivered comprehensive dental care, performed restorative treatments, presented treatment plans, and explained care and maintenance measures to parents. Provided oral hygiene instructions, dietary counseling, and overall oral health education. Trained assistants, facilitated patient scheduling, and collaborated with dentists to improve effectiveness of office procedures and processes. Provided treatments like fillings, root canal treatments, extractions and removable and fixed prosthetics.

Provided and managed direct patient care, including examinations, diagnoses and treatment for a diverse patient population. Consistently produced respectable revenue numbers. Successfully helped children overcome dental fears by displaying kindness, patience, and compassion.

Valued by patients for promoting good dental hygiene through continuous education and encouragement of preventive maintenance measures and general oral healthcare. Recognized for performing high quality dental work and building strong relationships with patients and parents, evident by patient loyalty and retention.

Promoted oral healthcare initiatives through community outreach programs and school events. Completed challenging general practice residency, gaining valuable knowledge and experience in treating medically compromised patients.

Developed a strong medical background. Well versed in not only oral disease but also the systemic connection, with vast knowledge of medications.

Presented grand rounds presentations, served on-call, gained unique experience in treating maxillofacial injuries and dental emergencies.

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Rotated through all dental and various medical specialties. Performed extractions and root canals. Bleached, cleaned and polished teeth to restore natural color.

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Wrote prescriptions for antibiotics and other medications. Eliminated irritating margins of fillings and corrected occlusions. Administered routine patient care and monitoring, including instrument and material setup and sterilization. Perform clinical treatments, alginate impressions and dental x-rays.

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Repaired, adjusted and polished prosthetics. Performed tooth bleaching, child prophylaxis and sealants. Texas Registered Dental Assistant. Assisted colleague dentists with difficult extractions Completed numerous fixed and removable prosthetic procedures.

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