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vertical milling machineI have two different degrees from the same college.

You are just completing your education You have a degree that is required or particularly desirable minor courses of study or "concentrations," academic. in Resumes: For job applicants just finishing degrees, the education section of the resume is crucial. If you hold more than one degree. Get advice on how to list your degree, your majors and your minors on your resume. Education is an important part of your resume, How to Put a Minor & a Major on a Resume If you have an engineering degree with a minor in business. I am updating my resume and I just wanted to know how one puts their minor degree on their resume. I am having trouble finding any good samples.

Should I list the college twice with each degree under each entry I would list the college once and the two degrees with info under it. Click here to post comments. How would you show a minor on your resume or would you? I would Resume With Minor Degree show the minor on your resume, as it will give further insight into your educational background.

You could also include the Major if it is more specific than the degree designation. To your success, Kathi. I graduated with a degree in finance but returned to complete the necessary classes to sit for the CPA Exam. I now have enough hours in accounting to qualify as a major.

Now I need to put the Account somewhere on my resume to apply for accounting positions. What should I do? Great question, John, and congrats on completing your education!

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I think you can just list the major under your degree. It might look something like this: Alternatively, you could just explain the additional designation of an accounting major in your cover letter.

How Do You List A Bachelor Degree On A Resume?

Or do it in both places! How do I list a masters in education on a resume? This seems too easy to answer, so I'm wondering if I'm missing your point here.

You would just list it like you do any other degree, such as: Is that what you were getting at? If not, use the comments link to give me more information, OK? I have a double major. How do I handle this on my resume?

I'd just list the 2 majors one after the other under the educational section of your resume. Something along those lines You can also mention the double major in your cover letter for extra emphasis on your dedication. I am job searching after 13 years with the same company.

I graduated from college in I went to college on a full tuition academic scholarship. My question is whether or not it is appropriate to include this on my current resume in the Education section. It is an accomplishment I am proud of, and I want to make it work for me if possible, Resume With Minor Degree just unsure if it is too old to include? I would include this info if you have article source in your resume.

It IS an old achievement and hopefully you've had many more relevant achievements in the years since, but I can understand why you are proud of it. Resumes should be no longer than 2 pages. So, if you have room for it, include it.

Otherwise, you might also mention it in the cover letter, but I'd tie it in somehow to a current achievement or positive quality too. See our Advertising Policy. Can't Find a Job? Grab your copy of these 5 concise reports about every aspect of job hunt.

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Images of resume Education sections, each with a Bachelor's degree. Tips for how to list a BA or BS depending on your objective and date. A minor will boost your regular degree over other candidates and demonstrate that you are willing to go above and beyond. Looks Great on a Resume. You can correctly list a minor on a resume in many different ways, but it is common practice to keep the minor and major listed on one line to keep the presentation. SAMPLE RESUME #1 – Basic Format (or Minor if you have one) (List your exact Degree Program) Expected January