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This includes electronic or mechanical means, such as photocopying, recording, or information storage and retrieval systems.

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Revision History Changes to the original manual are listed below: Keypad; battery information; accessories. Table of Contents Config Table of Contents xiii Ignore Unknown Characters Advanced Data Formatting Introduction Criteria Linked to Actions Four Slot Spare Battery Charger Standard Default Parameters Appendix B: Programming Reference Symbol Code Identifiers Alphanumeric Bar Codes Alphanumeric Keyboard Signature Capture Code Introduction F-1 Signature Capture Area F-1 CapCode Pattern Structure Failure to read the note will not result in physical harm to the reader, equipment or data.

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It is the approved shipping container and should be used if the equipment ever needs to be returned for servicing.

MT20X0 Verify that the equipment listed below is included in the box: The device is not water sealed if the accessory port cover is removed. An additional Pairing Bar Code is affixed under the cup. Getting Started 1 - 11 Insert the Battery The battery resides in article source chamber in the device handle.

See the specific host chapter. NOTE Disconnect the power supply before changing host cables, or the device may not recognize the new host. Insert the device into the cradle top first.

Push the handle until it clicks into place, engaging the contacts in the cradle and device. Upon restart of the host PC, the device may not boot. The battery has to charge at a reduced charge rate until the battery acquires sufficient charge to boot the device. If you see a battery fault indication on the device display, take the following steps: Getting Started 1 - 17 Startup When the device is powered on for the first time, it initializes.

The splash screen appears for a short period of time. If the device does not power on, see Resetting the Device on page With your thumb, press down on the indentation on the battery lock and drag it away from the battery.

Getting Started 1 - 19 Lanyard To install the optional lanyard: Insert the loop on the lanyard into the slot at the bottom of the device. Insert Lanyard Loop Figure Thread the upper portion of the lanyard into the loop. Thread the Loop Figure Pull the clip through the loop over the tether point and tighten into place. The keypad is color-coded to indicate the alternate function keys blue Resume Symbol On The E orange. Note that an application can change the keypad functions so the device's keypad may not function exactly as described.

For example, multi-taps of the 2 key displays 'a', 'b', 'c', 'A', 'B', 'C', lower case first. The multi-tap sequence can be changed by modifying the Multitap. Scan bar code data into data fields. Entering Information Using the Keypad The alphanumeric keypads produce the character alphabet A-Znumbersfunction keys and assorted characters.

Battery fault; AC power applied. Bluetooth is active STB cradle only. RS read article is active. USB connection is active. Keypad Click One time blue key functionality see Blue on page This screen also launches when you press the Home key see Home, 0, space on page On this screen the user has access to the following features: Press the Up or Down Scroll key to select an option.

Displays information about the ScanItem application. Close Press the right soft key to close the screen and return Home. Scroll to Quantity and use the keypad to enter the quantity of SKUs or bar code data to transmit to the host PC 1 to On the View Inventory screen Resume Symbol On The E the left soft key to display the menu items.

The following confirmation dialog displays. Press the left soft key No to cancel the delete and return to the View Inventory screen. The dialog in Figure displays indicating the path of the file to be exported to the Application folder on the device.

Scroll to Options and press ENT to configure the inventory application. On this screen, set the file format and the file storage location to save data.

It differs from Scan Inventory in that it transmits data the same way the data is scanned into the MT. Press the right soft key Yes to delete all inventory items listed.

The following dialog displays indicating a successful save. Displays information about the ScanInventory application. In this case, download the application to your PC; By default, the MCL application on the device is a simple scanning application which performs scanning and sending bar codes to a host computer, and scanning inventory with a timestamp.

On this screen the user can here enter a quantity and scan data to a computer using a tethered cable or a Bluetooth connection via the STB cradle. On this screen the user must enter the location in which the inventory is scanned.

When a location is not Resume Symbol On The E, two short beeps sound indicating an error. The Inventory Menu displays.

Inventory Menu Screen Figure Select the appropriate option and press the right soft key OK to perform the appropriate action View Press the up or down Scroll key to select an option to edit and press ENT.

Higher numbers produce better quality pictures and larger file sizes. A Cancelled profile is disabled until a connect or login function is performed through the configuration editor.

The Profile Entry dialog displays.

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Enter a user friendly name for the device profile used to connect to either an AP or another networked device. For a single profile that can be used in Options Regulatory Country multiple countries, with infrastructure that supports This dialog click here not appear if you selected Infrastructure mode. If Ad-Hoc mode is selected, this dialog is not available and authentication is Resume Symbol On The E to None by default. Select the security mode from the Security Mode drop-down list.

The selection chosen affects the availability of other choices for Authentication Type and Encryption methods. The options listed in the drop-down list are based on the selected Security Mode as shown in Table Select a tunneled authentication type from the drop-down list.

See Table for the Tunnel Authentication options for each authentication type. Select the User Certificate check box if a certificate is required.

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If the TLS tunnel type that requires a user certificate is selected, the check box is already selected. The first is to obtain the user certificate from the Certificate Authority CA. This requires connectivity with that CA. The second method is to install the user certificate from a file read article was placed on the device. The Import Certificate dialog displays.

The Open dialog displays. The certificate s are imported. Also this file type requires the user to supply a password in order to be read by Fusion. A confirmation dialog verifies the Resume Symbol On The E. If the information in this dialog is correct, select Yes. If the information in this dialog is not correct select No. In summary, the user can control Choose the Token radio button when using the profile in conjunction with a token generator hardware or software.

These options specify when the network credential prompts appear: Logging out clears all cached credentials.