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snehashah theYes, I am starting to get a little a lot concerned. I came off the contraceptive pill in January after taking it for over 10 years.

Or inexistent in my case. But think, the pill is designed to STOP you from falling pregnant. And zinc deficiency can cause major behavioural problems in children, let alone causing prolonged labours, reduced skin elasticity in birth think OUCH and cracked here. How did I naively believe for so long that taking this little drug everyday for most of my post-pubescent life was healthy and acceptable?

I went on the pill after more info 12 months after getting my first period and I Resume Menstruation After Giving Birth people who were on it a lot earlier than that.

I want to have children. Which means taking my health seriously and making wellness a priority. Let me know in the comments! And if you know anyone who would benefit from this post too, please feel free to share it.

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I got my period back! Check it out here. Last December, I came off it for good to give my body plenty of time to re-adjust before we try to get pregnant. My period came back straight away and the first couple of months were fairly regular approx day cycles.

My hormones have also been all over the place. Have taken 2 pregnancy tests and both were negative.

Vee Aug 18, This year, I decided to go off them Reason being: I was having a lot of trouble sleeping. SM Aug 18, I was on Yasmin for about 6 years, stopped taking it at the end of April and have had a regular 26 day cycle since then.

I am now 6 days late, 2 negative home pregnancy tests and a negative blood test… And wanting to fall pregnant! He checked Resume Menstruation After Giving Birth thyroid and that was all normal. I am not sure what the next step is, but the doctor said to just wait it out. Laura wilson Jan 13, Great when trying conceive. Any advice would be appreciated. Julia Jan 25, Painful sex may be brought on from the change in your hormones due to coming off the pill. Usually it happens the other way around and the pain is increased when on the pill.

Talk to your doctor about getting s hormone test and using topical hormones. Google vulvodynia and Resume Menstruation After Giving Birth pill for more info. Amy May 02, Lee May 26, Vanessa Jul 31, On the pill since I was 15, had my periods for less then a year!

Was on the pill for 12 years straight! Brittany Sep 21, Can we take a second to realize that half the people in this topic are facing this after specifically taking Yasmin! I too am 26 took it for 10 years and went off for personal reasons to stop putting weird foreign hormones in my body.

I got my period from February through August and now nothing! Ashley Nov 04, But what the heck is going on? Does anyone have any answers? Any help on what you ladies found out would be great!! Portia Jan 08, Hello, just wanted to go here people some reassurance.

I was advised to come off the pill beginning of November — I did not have a period until today! Tips to get AF back after bc: Kayla Jan 10, Ssk Jan 24, Hello I had used birth control pill for 8 months. I stopped using it on 27 December in between. Then I started withdraw bleeding on 29 December and it last for 7 days. But till today I dint get any period.

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Would u plz tell me what. I will have my first period after this withdrawal bleeding?

I discovered last tuesday that i was pregnant after going to the hospital with bad cramps in my right side and had been bleeding for 8 days. Bright red blood. Fact sheet on family planning providing key facts and information on benefits of family planning, who provides family planning, contraceptive use, unmet need. The bonobo is commonly considered to be more gracile than the common chimpanzee. Although large male chimpanzees can exceed any bonobo in bulk and weight, the two. CHAPTER 1 The Nuts and Bolts of Bone Marrow Transplants. Bone marrow transplantation (BMT) is a relatively new medical procedure being used to .

I dint have sex after bleeding till now. So it is sure very much that I m not pregnant. Lorna May 31, How is everyone getting on? Fabienne Sep 16, Lc Feb 18, You guys I have struggled for a year trying to get my period back after using birth control.

Not having a period for a yearmade me tired all the timeand my sleeping patterns were all messed up. I was so hormonally imbalanced after birth control, maca has combatted all those issues. I sleep so much better at night and have more energy throughout the day. Do your research and see if maca is a fit for you. Jade Aug 19, Rachel Mar 12, We were hoping to start a family this year…. Rose Dec 09, I have the same experience like yours. After 3 years of using pills I decided to quit.

I stopped using since September 1st week after finishing the 7 last tablet while having my period. Still got my go here on the 2nd month of October. That was the last time until now.

How long will it take for my period to return after delivering a baby?

Rachel Apr 01, Similar thing here too, actually quite glad i found this when googling! I came off Yasmin in September after using contraceptive pills for 10 years. Its very frustrating and scary. I went to see my GP but all he did was have me do a pregnancy test which i know will be negative.

I go back next week so hopefully i can get some answers! I was on the pill for 3 years. I am off it for 2 months now. Resume Menstruation After Giving Birth test is negative. Jen May 21, This is exactly my same scenario. I went off bc in Dec orthotricyclin high dose for like 18 years… I feel like an idiot that I just did this for so long not even thinking about it.

Candi Aug 25, Has anyone found out why? Negative pregnancy test as well. Paige Oct 11, Tina Sep 29, I took birth control for 9 years.

Was surprised to see my first two periods were totally normal and on time. Negative birth control test. Katy Feb 24,