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wasEmployers are taking a much closer look at candidates' volunteer activities.

If you're wondering if employers consider it legitimate experience, the answer is yes. If you have volunteered in the past, list that experience first on your resume. It will show the organization how you have helped along with the experience you gained.

If the experience is relevant to your career goal, draw even more attention to it. Then follow the volunteer experience with a section on your work experience. For example, if you're applying to volunteer for a school literacy program, include any experience that you have working with children.

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1) Simply Fill In Fields Online. 2) Download & Print Resume- % Free By 1/31!. Sample Resume – Volunteer Vera Vandenbourg Wellington Rd, Clayton, VIC, P: 03 M: E: cocktail24.infobourg@student. Is it acceptable to put volunteer work on your resume when you're applying for jobs? What's the best way to add volunteering and where should you list it? Volunteer.

Often, experience outside of your field goes towards demonstrating character. Volunteering for work with at-risk youth, in a prison or with a hospice shows that you are committed, caring and well rounded. However, don't go overboard and overload your resume with good deeds such that it hides your work accomplishments.

Also, don't list a volunteer activity that was a one-time event or that you do twice a year.

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If you can't speak about it in depth during an interview, you may be stuck. If this is your first time volunteering or you don't have much volunteer experience, here's how to include the volunteer experience you do have on your resume. Sarasoga Hospital June - Present Responsibilities: Volunteering in the Maternity Unit - assisting nurses with medical duties and daily tasks, watching over infants in the nursery, filing and chart work, stocking nursery supplies, compiling necessary paperwork for patients, bringing infants to and from patient rooms and checking for correct identification.

Website design and maintenance, image editing, and content creation. Mountain Resort November - April Responsibilities: Helped teach ski lessons, shadowed ski lessons and supervised children in the resort day care center as a volunteer. Made phone calls on behalf of Barack Obama, informing citizens about Obama's campaign for presidency. Assisted with child care, chaperoned field trips and played with children.

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