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guess now justAs we all know, downloading a file from a website is done by the click Resume For It Support a Resume For It Support, but if we want to develop an application which downloads a list of files for us, we use a web request to download files.

But due to network interruptions, downloading a file is a problem when the size of the file is large. Here we will learn how to download a file partially so that the we can download a big file easily in parts. Before we create a request for the file we want to download, we should know if the file which we are going to download has already been downloaded previously or if this is the first request.

If already downloaded, then we create an object of the FileStream class with Append mode otherwise we create an object of FileScream with Create mode.

After that we are required to know how much content has been downloaded already. For this, we use the FileInfo class from which we check the length of the downloaded content. The most important point is that in partial downloading, the length is required to add to our HttpWebRequest by the method HttpWebRequest. AddRange length which downloads content after the existing length….

Articles Quick Answers Messages. Resume Support for File Downloads. Technoses9 Jul Please Sign up or sign in to vote. FileStream saveFileStream; if System. AddRange int iExistLen ; System. Read downBuffer, 0downBuffer. This member doesn't quite have enough reputation to be able to display their biography and homepage.

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Conversion to VB sounddude Oct 5: Conversion to VB spiritdead 5-Jul Resume download, file size larger than the orginal Member Oct 7: Hi, Great little app, but am I missing something? I have a file, which is 8mb in size When I enter my parameters ie source and file location it starts to download which is great.

How ever, when I close the app it stops downloading which is what I expect. When I start the application again, I would assume it would download the rest so, if I stopped at only 2mb and the started again I would get the other 6mb?

So in total have 8 mb which is what the file size is.

Why when I resume the download does the file size increase. I've noticed this on a few examples on the web? My vote of 5 sunilkpv Aug 0: Very clean and precise explanation. Vote of 4 GanesanSenthilvel 7-Jul 4: My vote of 5 Farhan Ghumra Jun 4: My vote of 5 Technoses Jun 8: My vote of 4 zhxhdean Jun My vote of 4 Technoses Resume For It Support 8: My vote of 5 Carsten V2. Very awesome and helpful!

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My vote of 5 Prosan Jun A suggestion stingrayweb 9-May The only thing I might suggest is handling the situation where a fully downloaded file already exists. At that point, the user could choose whether to overwrite the existing file, rename it, or maybe cancel altogether. The way to do this would be to make an initial HttpWebRequest to retrieve the full file size from the server.

Once we know the full file size, we'll know for sure if the existing file is a complete or partial file.

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Something like this code is VB. Set the starting point 'by sending a "AddRange" request to the server. GetResponse End If 'At this point, continue creating the file streams and start the download like usual.

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