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inches (about Neil ReynoldsEnvironmental Project Managers are responsbile for helping companies repair or prevent damage caused to the environment.

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Typical resume samples for Environmental Project Managers describe duties such as overseeing construction projects, preparing reports, making inspections on site, collecting and analyzing data, ensuring environmental safety regulations compliance, and negotiating project changes. The most successful resumes emphasize in-depth knowledge of environmental policies, organization skills, communication and negotiation abilities and time management.

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A degree in an environmental sciences field is required for this role. Looking for job listings? Check out our Environmental Project Manager Jobs page. Developed and bid on large-scale agriculture and remediation accounts. Consulted with clients and reported on activities including, but not limited to: Life Cycle Assessments, remediation projects, biodiesel initiatives, permitting, and environmental monitoring for ethanol and petroleum facilities.

Specialize in technical oversight of new CAA permitting projects, as well as multi-media environmental compliance, including auditing. Managed environmental projects at company facilities in emerging markets including India and Africa.

Integrating stormwater BMP's in Town in partnership with the Blackstone River Coalition which link begin by installing a rain garden at the centralized location of the Town's public library with educational signage in order to stimulate public interest in residential rain gardens. Responsible for the development and management of a wide variety of concurrent projects funded by private industry.

Increased environmental, health, and safety sales by offering services outside company standards to satisfy requirements and generate new revenue streams.

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The power industry's trusted source for generation technology, O&M, and legal & regulatory news for coal, gas, nuclear, hydro, wind & solar power plants; power jobs. Client Services Manager The Energy Authority Jacksonville, Florida. Plant Manager Tenaska Kiowa, Oklahoma. Manager of Financial Oversight Long Island Power Authority. Find the best Engineering Manager resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes.

Manage the waste program to include: Make waste determinations for proper disposition, conduct site and off-site audits and inspections to ensure compliance. Managed the haul and disposal of impacted materials destined for landfill disposal. This included profiling waste streams, coordinating with various landfills, manifesting, and reporting on all activities.

Oversaw landfill gas conversion monitoring projects in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures. Ensured compliance with state and federal regulations click here implementing strategies to enhance cost savings. Maintained a billability rate of Resume And Power Plant Manager plus percent. Managed the billability rates of project cost and employee time for a team consisting of fourteen employees.

Health and Safety team leader informing clients and employees of site-specific hazards, best practices, and compliance in order to maintain safety and regulatory standards. Prepared and reported on budgetary goals and verified budgeted funds for on-site projects in conjunction with the Operations Manager.

Environmental Science And Management. Sheet included cost and pricing of personnel, equipment, materials Responsible for reading and interpretation of project drawings and specifications, project estimating, entering competitive bids, and writing client quotations Responsible for delivering project submittals, securing sub-contractors, tracking project budget, overall project efficiency, and project billing upon Resume And Power Plant Manager Responsible for the characterization, profiling, transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes Managed several former service station remediation projects ranging between 4, and 7, tons of petroleum impacted soil.

Projects included designing and building ground water treatment systems and treatment of up to 40,gallons of impacted ground water Removal of underground and aboveground storage tanks ranging from 5, to 30, gallon capacity and disposal of related materials.

Managed the development of three U. This work involved the development and implementation of HASPs for performing extensive ambient air monitoring and sampling in the U.

Final reports and technical presentations of the results were submitted to the [company name] and Environment Canada. Managed the Emergency Response operations for characterizing and quantifying the extent of airborne contamination around "ground zero", Staten Island and New Jersey surrounding areas during the September 11, World Trade Center Disaster.

A final report and technical presentation was submitted to the [company name].

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article source This work involved performing ambient air monitoring and sampling for hazardous pollutants and determine any potential threat to human health and the environment during the thermal destruction of the debris generated by the hurricanes. Final reports were submitted to the [company name]. This work consisted of a groundwater investigation to address trailing concentrations of chromium and Resume And Power Plant Manager revised remedy consisting of In-Situ Anaerobic Bioremediation ISAB.

Awarded additional work including; transfer of equipment from one NPL Superfund Site to another, decommissioning of the GTS, and a buried waste monolith durability study and risk evaluation. During decommissioning efforts recycled 25 tons of steel, tons of concrete, and offsite disposal of 77 tons of demolition debris. Managed the source testing and air quality services program on behalf of over 50 clients in Southern California continue reading include companies such as Amcor and Georgia Pacific, ensuring compliance with California regulatory requirements.

Oversaw the soil boring, well installation, and sampling required Resume And Power Plant Manager delineate impacted media and assist in developing remediation recommendations. Coordinate logistics for transportation of hazardous, non-hazardous materials and recyclable materials from client site including profiling, scheduling, manifesting and physically loading shipments. Ensure compliance with client and government regulations by performing necessary inspections and reporting.

Subject to multiple internal and 3rd party audits for compliance in federal, state and local laws and regulations with zero NOV's. Administer client and vendor financial obligations including invoicing, reporting and contracts. Prepare and maintain various compliance and invoicing reports: Work closely with customer to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations for 90 day area, as well as plant in general, by advising on proper disposal methods, allowable materials for general waste, and proper procedures for spill cleanup and disposal.

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