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dazzleJustice Department passed responsibility to California. In an unexpected move, the U. The Orange County coroner ruled suicide before an investigation was completed. Subsequent independent investigations by scientific experts support murder.

As expected, investigations by the Navy and the Department of Defense supported suicide. Oliver Stonecheck your voice mail! The Colonel Sabow story has all of the right ingredients for an Academy award winner.

Marines, drugs, war, murder, CIA, government cover-up to name a few. It even has a made to order hero. He may not be comfortable with this, but Dr. David Sabow, brother of Col. Sabow, is the one who has carried this fight for almost 20 years. David Sabow, South Dakota neurologist, has devoted years to investigating the murder of his older brother.

He became ever more suspicious when relevant documents, including the autopsy report were denied him by the Marine Corps. Having become aware of Dr.

General Tom Adams summoned him to El Toro for a meeting. Wayne Rich turned out to be a special Assistant Attorney General from Washington and he dominated the meeting. After they were finished Dirk Kempthorn invited each and everyone of them to make a closing statement. I was incensed that they Propose And Defend Thesis all the time they wanted for their addresses and now were Propose And Defend Thesis even more time of which they all took advantage. After they finished, I tried to stand and demand equal time for rebuttal.

Continue reading banged his gavel louder and louder to get me to be quiet.

I refused but in the excitement I fell to the ground.

I could not get up. Danny knelt next to me. Kempthorn and several other Senators walked off the elevated dais toward the audience which took several of them right past me. Not only did they not stop to help me, but Kempthorn and some others stopped 10 or 15 feet from where I was on the floor and started a conversation with General Krulack, CMC. I could not help but notice Propose And Defend Thesis and others glance at me on the floor.

Both were large, strapping black men who complimented me on my testimony. The Marine Corps has a proud tradition of never leaving anyone behind. Colonel Sabow never gave any serious thought that his life and that of his family were at risk. He was an outstanding Marine fighter pilot. By all accounts, he was general officer material. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, on August 5,Colonel Sabow was by every conceivable measure a highly successful Marine Corps officer with every reason to live.

Married to the same woman for twenty-three years, the father of two children, he was in excellent physical and mental condition and at the time of his death was worth an estimated two click to see more three million dollars according to his brother. All of his Marine Corps fitness reports were outstanding. Since he was in government quarters on a Marine Corps base, he made the tragic mistake of letting his guard down and not taking his own advice.

During the Reagan administration, a civil war or Contra war raged in Nicaragua, pitting the left-wing Sandinista regime against CIA-financed Contra rebels. The war covered the period roughly from to A series of CIA supported acts of sabotage without Congressional intelligence committees approval led to the passage of the Boland Amendment, which cut off appropriated funding for the Contras. The funding of the Contra war was secured by the sale of drugs, especially cocaine which spread to epidemic proportions in the U.

For the most part, our government looked the other way, allowing the drugs to article source sold, killing an untold number of citizens.

Many of these were black Americans from the ghettos. She can tell you from personal experience the tragic impact crack cocaine had on black Americans in Los Angeles. The powdered Propose And Defend Thesis salt form of cocaine can be snorted or dissolved in water and then injected. Crack is the street name given to the form of cocaine that has been processed to make a rock crystal, which, when heated, produces vapors that are smoked.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters knows all too well the disastrous health effects on those to become addicted to crack cocaine. They were either part of the trafficking or turned a blind eye to it, in an effort to Propose And Defend Thesis the Contra war.

I am convinced that drug money played an important role in the Contra war and that drug money was used by both sides.

Review of related literature is the annotation of available papers both published and unpublished that contain information or evidence related to the topic that a. Below you will find five outstanding thesis statements / paper topics on “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller that can be used as essay starters. A Modest Proposal for preventing the children of poor people in Ireland, from being a burden on their parents or country, and for. making them beneficial to the publick. Graduate Catalog for the University of Florida. It contains the policies and procedures, course descriptions, colleges, departments, and program information for UF. Forensic Evidence Supports Marine’s Murder By Robert ODowd | March 3, Colonel James Sabow, USMC. Former attorney supervisor in [ ].

Sabow met with Maxine Waters in He told us that: The group flew me to LAX and drove me to a small house in South Central where I met others who were to speak at the rally on the following day. The park in front of the Municipal building was crowded with people from South Central.

Still being naive, I thought it quite odd that the LA Times did not cover it to please click for source significant degree. It was at this time that I met Cellerino Castillo. He tried to blow the whistle and was blackballed and ruined. I had a long talk with him at that house on the night before the rally.

Maxine Waters made a stink about the Drug issue when she returned to Washington. After he returned Deutsch made a statement that there was no foundation whatsoever that the CIA was involved in drug trafficking or knew anything about such activity surprise, surprise. The sad truth is that thousands of African-Americans in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Houston, Propose And Defend Thesis Diego, Baltimore, and other urban centers became addicted to crack cocaine, lost their minds, were incarcerated, and died from overdoses.

And though Plumlee landed at military installations, the men who unloaded his planes were dressed just as he was—in civilian attire, sporting long hair. Plumlee says he guesses they could have Propose And Defend Thesis passed for drug dealers.

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There was nobody in uniform offloading our aircraft. I figured they were CIA spooks. Apparently, the Marine Corps Inspector General knew something about the misuse of former government aircraft, too.

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He asked for the data processing file on civilian aircraft containing records for refueling and other servicing of civilian aircraft at El Toro. The file had been purged.

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After the IG arrived at El Toro, Colonel Sabow was relieved of command for a minor infraction of carrying personal items to his son while making a routine flight on board a military aircraft.

Dr Article source said that when Colonel Sabow learned of the illegal shipment of cocaine in January from Colonel Joseph Underwood, his immediate boss and Chief of Staff, MCAS El Toro and next door neighbor, he objected and told Underwood that he would choose to tell all at a courts martial rather than retire early under a cloud.

In refusing to retire early, Colonel Sabow unknowingly signed his own death Propose And Defend Thesis. Colonel Sabow was murdered the next morning. As part of his effort to document the Propose And Defend Thesis support for murder Dr.

Sabow and Bryan R. Sabow and Burnett wrote that: The following day an autopsy was performed and death certificate issued, designating death as suicide. The purpose of this paper is two-fold: The correct conclusion of death in this case requires understanding of physiologic principles which determine when death is instantaneous as opposed to sudden.

If the initial trauma to the officer was the shotgun wound, then death had to have been instantaneous. However, autopsy results, skull x-rays and crime scene evidence demonstrate that death was sudden but not instantaneous.

The initial trauma was a fatal blow to the back of the head causing a depressed skull fracture behind the right ear.

Therefore, the manner of death was homicide not suicide. Talked on phone at 8: McBride Watching tv when received anonymous phone call at 8: Blood evidence-volume, stain and pattern Body and gun position Lump on back of head, blood clot between skull and scalp Depressed skull fracture Total destruction of brainstem Lungs filled with aspirated blood Fingerprint evidence. No suicide note devout Catholic loved family financially stable.

The use of intimation to scare people has been used since the beginning of time. Cain may have even resorted to this before killing Abel.

These notes were written by Rich during a telephone conversation with the deputy SJA in Washington, Colonel Lang, on the day before the El Toro meeting, and included statements such as: The memo reported conversations between McBride and Dr. This order was from Rich or Adams ordering McBride see more divulge confidential information, and violated the trust of the attorney-client relationship.

Sabow learned that at least one person interviewed, Major Bob Friend, would not sign the transcript because the statements did not reflect his responses. Who was behind it? Was it the CIA? I have no idea. The ultimate intimation is death. Nothing was taken from his car or his person. A follow-up call to the local police by Dr. In Novembera patient of Dr. She refused to cooperate since Dr. Sabow had not done anything wrong.