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mayCotton is one of the strongest and most durable fibers known to man.

Papers manufactured from cotton fiber will last longer and hold up better under repeated handling and various environmental conditions than paper made from wood pulp. To illustrate click here attribute, it has been documented that in while perusing the Illinois Historical Society archives, a letter dated and signed by Abraham Lincoln was discovered.

This letter bore the unmistakable Southworth brand watermark that has stood the test of time. Behind the words and below the images, the paper you use makes an impression. The cotton fiber in Southworth Papers sends a message even before ink is applied. Its look and feel says quality, prestige and permanence. However you choose to it, cotton fiber paper is the start of something special.

While it remains the paper of choice when you are concerned about image, cotton fiber performs well in a range of roles. Not only does paper with cotton content feel good, you can feel good about yourself for choosing Southworth cotton paper for your business and personal correspondence and important documents.

Cotton is Proper Paper Size For Resume natural fiber that is made from renewable and recovered materials. These are the short fibers that are not used in the textile industry, and as such would be discarded Proper Paper Size For Resume the waste stream if not used in the making of cotton paper.

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This reduces the waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. New surface enhancements and finishes created especially for new office technology now brings a whole range of options within the reach of anyone with an office printer. Cotton fiber paper performs in a variety of applications. As with any paper, for best results we advise that you reference the Print Settings visit web page for your machine.

It is recommended to use the Bond or Heavyweight paper setting for laser printers. For more details read this Laser Printer Troubleshooting article. The watermark on Southworth Papers is a sign of quality. It assures the user that the paper is a fine paper. The watermark generally will identify the manufacturer, the brand name and the amount of cotton fiber, if any, in the sheet.

All Southworth cotton fiber papers are watermarked signifying their fine quality and distinction. Southworth watermarked papers contain a date-code. The purpose of the date-code is to protect the integrity of the document that is printed on the paper from fraud. This is done by incorporating a special marker into the watermark.

The position of the mark is usually changed annually and legal records are kept to document the date and its exact location. These marks are especially important for legal, accounting or government documents where the integrity Proper Paper Size For Resume the document could be called into question. Fine papers are manufactured in various weights, commonly 32, 24, and 20 pound weights.

If the paper has been manufactured to a pound specification, sheets of this uncut paper will weigh 20 pounds. The most common paper weight today is 20 lb. While Southworth Papers are available in 20 lb. What is the difference between Writing and Text Weight? Writing Papers are often typically used for letterheads and stationery and tend to be of a higher quality often containing cotton fibers. Paper Merchants use Text Weights for the paper they sell.

These papers get converted to many different sizes for large and small printing presses. Text Paper was historically used to print text pages within books and reports. Cover Stock includes a wide variety of fairly heavy papers, which can be made into covers for reports, catalogs, brochures, pamphlets, etc.

Common weights Proper Paper Size For Resume 65 lb. For paper that has a basis weight of 24 lb. The correct weight of a matching envelope for a paper of up to 20 lb.

For example, the proper envelope to source with 20 pound paper would be an envelope made from 24 pound stock. The metric system of measurement for paper is used primarily throughout the world, with notable exceptions being the United States, Canada and Mexico.

A most commonly used size is A4, which measures mm x mm. There is a full line of complementary high quality A4 papers and envelopes. The term comes from WW I when war bonds were printed on cotton fiber papers that were extensively watermarked.

The extensive watermark was used to protect buyers from bonds sold by counterfeiters the first safety paper. A paper with a wove, or smooth, finish is one that has no specially manufactured texture. Oftentimes, paper with a smooth surface does not carry a finish designation.

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If there is no finish designation on a package of paper, you can assume it has a wove finish. This is a smooth paper with a small amount Proper Paper Size For Resume richly colored click which give it a natural speckled effect, resembling granite. It is thought that various forms of parchment were in use as early as BC.

Parchment was originally made from the flesh side of animal skins. The skins were cooked in lime, stretched on a frame, scraped smooth to the desired thickness, sprinkled with chalk, rubbed smooth with a pumice stone and then dried.

Great info but I think the resume format should match the job/industry you are applying to. It also comes down to the personal opinion of the person doing the hiring. Citation Machine™ helps students and professionals properly credit the information that they use. Cite sources in APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard for free. A compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about paper, with answers from the Southworth Paper experts, making fine cotton paper since Find the best Fitness Instructor resume samples to help you improve your own resume. Each resume is hand-picked from our large database of real resumes. Who can check my grammar? Our service could do it for you! is available 24/7.

The finishing process smoothed and softened the leather as well as improved on the color of the finished product. Parchment is still used for Proper Paper Size For Resume diplomas and public documents. However, most of what is called Parchment paper today is paper Bank Business Plan Zion to emulate the look of original parchment.

Southworth Parchment Specialty Papers reproduce the antique look and Old World elegance of original parchment paper. Papers made with a laid finish are made to emulate paper as it looked when it was first invented.

The texture is created by using a dandy roll to impress Proper Paper Size For Resume pattern into the paper along with the watermark at the wet end of the manufacturing process. Laid papers project a very elegant and sophisticated image. The difference is in the width of the patterns. Linen is a textured finish applied to paper by an embossing process done after the paper has been manufactured that has the look and feel of linen fabric.

Generally, a linen finish is a very subtle texture that performs well in most laser and inkjet printers and copiers. Textured linen papers are available in a wide variety of weights and colors. This is particularly true as the percent of wood pulp in paper relative to the amount of cotton increases, since cotton papers are less likely to disintegrate or yellow than papers made of all or part wood pulp.

Cotton is one of the strongest and most durable fibers known to man, and has historically been used for archiving purposes. Recycled Paper is paper that contains a percentage of recovered fiber. Post Consumer Fiber is fiber that comes from paper products that have reached the end consumer and were recycled back into the papermaking process. This could include paper, paperboard, and fibrous wastes from retail stores, office buildings, or homes.

Typical examples are old newspapers and magazines. Go here and incorporating PCF into the paper making process helps to extend the fiber supply, reducing pressure on forests, reducing mill emissions and cutting back on solid waste.

Are there Recycled papers in the Southworth Paper offering? See the following chart for a partial list that details the recycled content for each product grouping. Chlorine has traditionally been used to give paper its white appearance and to remove lignin, an element of wood fiber that yellows paper.

Elemental Chlorine Free ECF papers are produced from pulp that has been bleached with a chlorine derivative such as chlorine dioxide, but without elemental chlorine. The use of ECF bleaching is an excellent technology choice for sustainable pulp and paper manufacturing. It eliminates the formation of dioxin, it allows for a greater yield of pulp, and it creates a stronger, more sustainable and recyclable product.

Chain of Custody certification provides the assurance that Southworth is maintaining a control system that tracks materials it sources from the forest to the end consumer, through all stages of transportation, manufacturing, and final distribution. Home Contact Us Shop. Why should I use cotton fiber paper? Will cotton fiber paper work in my printer? Why are fine papers watermarked? What are the security features of the watermark?

What weight of paper should I use? What is Cover Stock? What weight envelope should I use? What is A4 Paper? What is bond paper? What is wove paper? What is granite paper? What is parchment paper? What is laid paper? What is linen paper? Will embossed papers work in my printer? How long will my paper last? Does Southworth make Recycled paper?

Why is cotton used in paper? Following is a handy reference to help you to make conversions between the two.

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