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For a variety of reasons, I am unable to contemplate going back to the field I studied in my PhD. You could summarise it as burnout. Besides, there just isn't much call for my speciality in Australia, and I've reached the point in life where I want to settle down in my own country, not so far from family.

I need — or at least would very much like — different skills. That means some form of re-education. This is despite never having accessed Austudy before. Retraining is going to be awfully difficult financially. Despite some creative suggestions by other forum members, its quite likely impossible.

I feel very boxed in. That involved quite a bit of sacrifice to get the grades. Life on an APA is not easy, saving is not likely and you aren't getting any superannuation while you do it. Being on it floated me just below the poverty line.

There are always exceptions to this, but generally you are signing up to a LOT of emotional and intellectual hard slog, and you will make some significant sacrifices.

This is something not to be overlooked. Like it or not, simple, irreducible luck plays an uncomfortably large part in the difference between a great PhD and a mediocre, not-going-very-far-with-that PhD. You can only do so much hedging against that risk. It does not reset after 10 years, as it would with basic degrees].

There Professional Resume Editor Websites For Phd a fiscal incentive source a enrolling institutions its their businessand b your research papers will usually also have your supervisor's name on them and your data will be likely be used by your supervisorwhich helps their career.

Experience will vary, but generally, I'd not be on my own if I suggested that Australia isn't a nation that holds intellectualism in high regard. I never got any extra pay to recognise my higher degree in my government job or compensate for lack of earning in that timenor did I find that people recognised I had any special expertise worth listening to because of it. In fact, I encountered a resentment that I had to really work hard against, which won me different resentments.

There is a manifest, serious risk of being overspecialised and overqualified for non-academic posts. Of course, there are positives to a PhD, but they will be made pretty visible to you when you're 'in the system' contemplating enrolling in one. Its important to separate out my voice — someone with their own baggage and faults, and in my Professional Resume Editor Websites For Phd when I enrolled — from a more general truth about PhD studies and life afterwards.

What hurts most — and what seems most dangerous — is the seriously large and additional challenge of being denied study support to retrain. A PhD, then, seems to carry a large hidden cost of future inflexibility.

That's really hurting me at the moment. So think VERY carefully, all you budding intellectuals. Some of these comments also apply to other forms of higher degree, although I don't know which, exactly.

I note also, having just come back from more info stint overseas, that there are other nations in which your PhD is recognised as proper work — you are tackling real research questions, after all — and you are given a wage as a state employee e.

My experience is that intellectualism is more respected — or at least less derided — in those cultures, too. Keep that in mind when you're making your decisions. Might be worth heading away early if you are set on it. Other Whirlpoolers probably have valuable additions to this topic.

It would be good to get them down — supportive, divergent or contrary — for the benefit of those making the decision on higher degrees. More fulsome rendering of spleen-venting is here, including a heart-felt message to the relevant government wonks and pollies behind that Austudy ruling: I don't think the intent behind Austudy was for it to support professional students.

Why don't you do what most mature age students do and support yourself by working while studying part-time and not relying on hand outs? Andycat — unusually interdisciplinary, which was state-of-the-art in environmental then and click here. I'm not saying I am unskilled or unemployable — I'm probably a lot better off than many — but I just can't bring myself to work in the middle of the bun-fights that issues like genetic modification generate any more, and its a pretty rarefied field it wasn't a lab-based projectso I need a new direction.

I'd also like new skills. Standing on this side of the rabbit hole now, knowing how difficult it will be to do the retraining, it just doesn't look like those years were a wise investment of time and energy. I'd like that to be more visible to others thinking of taking the plunge.

Well, what can one say? You've done a very specialised PhD and don't want to work in the field it has qualified you for. You're either read more qualified or likely overqualified for a variety of other jobs. You could retrain who does a bachelor's degree after a PhD?

Yes, maybe you didn't know that PhDs don't get welfare if they want to go back to uni, but that isn't the issue, is it? I hope you work it all out but you'll forgive us if our sympathy is limited. Never mind the free PhD and heavily subsidised undergraduate education the taxpayer has already given you unless you're old enough to have got your Bachelor's degree for free too.

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The government's quite understandable position is that they've made a considerable investment in your skills and you should be using them. If you don't want to use those skills, you'll simply have to pay your way through other qualifications. It's not here and you could be earning more by working than you would get on Austudy anyway.

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Hell, I pulled that sort of money with a coursework Master's whilst putting myself through another Master's. I never once article source welfare in the course of obtaining my three degrees and was able to make voluntary repayments on my undergraduate HECS. EDIT — removed responses to personal criticisms and legitimacy of government support. Its a difficult decision, and there is an imperfect distribution of information about it.

Despite the visceral hatred and derision I seem to have stirred, I can sure pick up some interesting ideas and new perspectives on my situation from what you're saying.

Honestly, some of that is quite valuable. What's that the Buddhists say about loving your enemies? Awww, I love you too, fellas.

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Perhaps the paranoia is what's holding you back. Why do you see people who disagree with you as your enemies how the hell did you get through a PhD with that sort of attitude anyway? Sorry, but screw it: Of course, your perspective and the others will be useful for that audience too, so I suppose that's a good thing.

Enjoy your high horse. Feel free to jump into engineering. You won't survive too long with your mentality if you can even pass Professional Resume Editor Websites For Phd the first place. You will fail with that much BS fluff for sure. But as you allude to, you "dont wanna be a part of the grist mill" which is fair enough, many of us do jobs we dont wanna do and smile when we'd rather punch the people we work with. You probably didnt know that when you took the blue pill but that's the treadmill our is.

Sure this country doesnt appreciate education but its easy to say that if you dont want to help yourself. The government has the opinion that when they pay for someone's education, the payoff is the person gets a job and becomes a useful taxpayer. What guarantee does the govt. Yep I did a PD. Anyway doing a bachelor degree now in engineering in my opinion would be very difficult, for a number of reasons. The human mind peaks at about 30 years of age, after that unfortunately Professional Resume Editor Websites For Phd starts to decline, when you are 18 years old your mind is still like a sponge absorbing new facts quickly and your memory is good too, Einstein made most of his best theories during this age.

It just gets harder as time goes on, which could hinder an engineering study. A lot of professional Engineers work in a hard core technical role for the first years then progress to more management positions, where they would be using less 2nd order differential equalization's.

Takes 4 years for an Engineering degree full time 8 years part time then if you do manage to get a graduate job, it will still be another 2 — 3 years min to learn the basic's to get up to speed to a professional engineer. Getting a grad job, would be almost impossible because of your age in industryemployers will spending money on you to get you up to a professional Engineering standard, only for you to stay at the company at half the time that a 22 year will be.

I find it rewarding to see it grow, helps to give you hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yes a lot of you are overly negative.

You are not looking at the help he is trying to offer, just seeing imagined slights or offence where none is given. It's disturbing to read such rubbish. It's well known that you can be a professional student and study bachelor degrees forever.

Why do you have a go at this guy for giving info that " hey, a phd puts Professional Resume Editor Websites For Phd stop to that! Obviously you'd have to work for them afterwards in that capacity for a commensurate amount of time, but it might be of interest to you. I really appreciate the post, Ben. There aren't too many avenues that I know of where Phds and prospective Phds can discuss these issues and concerns openly.

I'm currently working as an RA and my supervisor is WONDERFUL, but even then there are certain questions I cannot ask, simply because it would encourage less of an investment in my professional development if there was any hint that I might consider doing a Phd elsewhere. My interest comes down to whether I should pursue a phd overseas, because it opens up more employment opportunies in academiaor whether to risk have a degree that may be less portable because it's Australian.

Ben and othersdo you have any thoughts on this? Will an Australian phd carry as much weight as one from Europe all else being equal — university rankings, publications etc.

My worry comes down to no one in admissions giving me straight advice regarding this they have an incentive to enroll me into their university, of course but obviously the number of Phds completing each year far outweighs the number of jobs advertised. If I want to work in Australian university Australia is my homeis it better for me to get a PhD from overseas and come back, or would networking here hold more sway? Honestly, with the state of education right now across the globe, there are no 'safe' bets.

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Going to a US or European university will not confer success, nor is the opposite true if you did your PhD in Australia.