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not bear exploitGustafson was first to report on a relationship between overweight and obesity and risk of Alzheimer's disease in population-based studies in Sweden.

Today, she explores potential mechanisms of adipose tissue, as well as vascular and metabolic factors, in relationship to cognition, neuropsychiatric disorders and brain structure in epidemiologic studies.

She also collaborates with studies in Southwest American Indian communities.

Gustafson has over peer-reviewed or invited publications and reviews. Contact Webmaster Last updated May 11, Depression in Swedish women: Relationship to factors at birth. Eur J Epidemiologyin press. J Anxiety Disordersin press. Temporal lobe atrophy and white matter lesions are related to major depression over 5 years in the elderly.

Neuropsychopharmin press. Thyroid hormones are associated with poorer cognition in MCI. Dem Ger Cog Disin press. The 32 year relationship between cholesterol and dementia from mid- to latelife. Professional Editor Website For Phd

I am happy to report that David Beede was selected to serve as the new editor-in-chief of The Professional Animal Scientist (PAS). Dave is retiring from Michigan. Training and Education in Professional Psychology ® is dedicated to enhancing supervision and training provided by psychologists. The journal publishes articles that. Doctor of Philosophy degree in Counselor Education provides the highest professional degree available to students who aspire to leadership positions in counselor. Deborah Gustafson, MS, PhD. Professor of Neurology. Director, NeuroEpidemiology Program. Guest researcher, Neuropsychiatric Eidemiology Research Unit (EPINEP.

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Hum Reproin press. Go here pressure components and changes in relation to white matter lesions: A year prospective population study. Hypertensionin press.

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