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Should your Greek affiliations be on your resume?

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I held a leadership role in my sorority one where there was no committee under me, but I did initiate and successfully complete some large projects and was also a recruitment counselor for Greek life for two years a highly competitive position at my school.

If I omit these positions, my resume is rather sparse in the leadership category. Do you have any suggestions? Should I say that I was in Greek life, but leave the name of the sorority off? I was not a member of a sorority in my undergrad years — something that I slightly regret now. Now, that said, should Reader C put her leadership positions Popular Resume Editor Website For Mba her resume?

Ultimately it depends what else your resume looks like, though — if you really have very little work experience then a sorority-filled resume is better than an extremely sparse resume. How has it affected your professional lives since — have you used your sorority as a networking tool?

Demonstrating leadership is undoubtedly important for law school. Completely disagree with this one! We also have careers.

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I think the ability to organize projects, budgets, and people are very useful for the sciences, too. Sorry, Emma — I have to strongly disagree with you and strongly agree with Kat. At the margins, maybe some Popular Resume Editor Website For Mba might care about other parts of your resume e. Our committees look at GPA, previous degree and institution, letters of reference, test scores, essay motivation for studyand professional experience when appropriate in a different order for PhD and masters applicants.

In my experience, listing Greek affiliations and other activities is often a way that candidates will signal race or gender, if they think that will help them acquire financial support… That strategy can turn some faculty off and work learn more here turn others on.

But it will not make or break your graduate school application. It may depend on your major, but I know that my business professors always told us to include this information on our resumes for the above reasonas and because you never know who may be a fellow sister, significant other of a sister, etc.

I have actually Popular Resume Editor Website For Mba that it serves as a nice icebreaker during an interview. College is not hard. Whether you mean for it to be or not, that is rude.

There are better schools than continue reading, and harder majors, as well. Your experience is not universal. College can be hard — it just depends on your choices. Yep Anon that was rude. I went to a school where MANY students were so immersed in their studies that they had very little going on otherwise.

I do care about her grades and her leadership skills, which is where Greek life may be relevant. If college seems hard, then you Popular Resume Editor Website For Mba quit the social activities and focus on academics. As someone doing postgrad and working to put myself through school and also dealing with various other health related and family issues, I do at times struggle with college.

If you have an intellectual disability, or mental illness, as one in four people will have in their lifetime, it is made more difficult. Yes, college is easy. To clarify — I meant that more in the grad school context, but it has a place in the work environment as well. I know A LOT of people, esp.

Also, your comment was rude whether or not you intended it to be.

I went to a very very good college and a very very good law school with most of it paid for. They care about what they do. Leadership, intelligence, competence, and personality are important.

To the extent your Greek affiliation demonstrates that you can do that, great. But for your own good, do not say that you balanced college and a social life in an interview. Lots of people partied their way through college and then got their act together in the work world…and other people burned out after grad school and cannot operate in the real world.

However, I absolutely highlighted my sorority leadership experience when applying for law school because at 22 it was the most relevant leadership experience that I had and I believe this is true for a lot of people. While I did not use this example when interviewing for positions post law school, I do think it can be very useful experience to highlight in an interview for your first job out of college.

It is OK for a guy to be a frat boy, but women, well, we are judged by a different standard, and many men have leered at me once they found out I was the Vice President in charge of Social Events at Delta Mu. They ask me how to Popular Resume Editor Website For Mba drinks as if they want to do shooters with me rather than hire me.

But, you are not the only person in the entire world that interviews people. If its a personal opinion, it should be stated as such. I interview people as well, and I disagree rather strongly. I want to have an idea of whether a candidate can manage multiple priorities at once, take charge of and execute projects, and has a sense of the world outside of his or her transcript.

College activities can make a Popular Resume Editor Website For Mba in that case. I feel like I can get that from an in-person interview, though—the sense that this person was not a grind and will be personable and good to have around the office. Hearing it touted as an accomplishment, though…seems very unprofessional.

A mention is fine. If someone actually held a real leadership role in their sorority, then for me it is relevant. I think Popular Resume Editor Website For Mba activities are helpful, particularly in a profession where you will have to work to get business. Being in a sorority is at least somewhat indicative of your abilities to socialize with Popular Resume Editor Website For Mba, and it also will give you connections that can help in the long term. As click the following article employer, I think it would be a plus.

Pledges are selected for lots of different reasons — depending on the particular chapter, it could just be indicative that your mom was in the same sorority, or that your dad is rich, or that you are a stereotypical mean girl. Social skills are important, but they inevitably come out in the interview. Whether college is hard depends on where you went to school, what you majored in, how hard you worked, whether you had to work at a job outside of your studies, what else was going on with you life.

I confess to having click the following article bias against people who flaunt their Greek connections. The membership of those clubs were mainly rich preppies and other assorted jerks. At least they many of them were smart. They produced people like Winkelvoss twins. I should note that most people at my college did not belong to the private clubs.

They were exclusive, small, and incredibly expensive. Undergraduate life read article centered on the residential dorms, each of which had a unique identity and a separate academic head. I think that it is fine to highlight a sorority on your resume, but just be sure to talk about the relevant aspects such as volunteering and community involvement rather than mixers and rushing.

My sister did get her foot in the door at her current position because she and the interviewer were in the same sorority. And, as a partial aside, I know that there are certain people in the Greek community who espouse the view that leadership—and particularly, Greek leadership—is a huge plus factor for law school admissions. While snarky in tone, the point is still valid.

I think Anon 3: Sometimes our inability to balance shows in work performance lower grades, fewer billable hours, etc. Regardless, grades measure of work performance and activites together can show time management and ability to balance competing priorities. A student who took a leadership role, whether editing law review or serving as elected official in any student group or being a member of a sports team, can position that experience.

My issue is with the tone. I think a lot of this is geographical. I live in the Northeast. I am in two scholastic honor societies that sound like sororities.

My advisors always tell me to list them and then to put next to it academic honor society. I have a friend who was in an engineering fraternity. He also spells his out rather than just using the greek letters. That said, I have family in the South and in some parts you are seen as really odd if you were NOT in some kind of greek life. I think there is much less stigma around it there and it would be more useful for networking. I was going to post something similar regarding geographical differences.

To say that Greek organizations in the South or any region, for that matter have less of a stigma than others is, in my opinion, untrue. I think the reaction to Greek references on resumes varies tremendously depending solely on the interviewers and their previous interaction or lack thereof with Greek organizations. Sure, there is a chance that your interviewer will be from your sorority. But there is an even bigger chance that your interviewer will harbor negative feelings or stereotypes against sorority girls, either because of a bad experience or because that is how sororities are often portrayed in popular media.

Too risky, in my opinion. I was about to say that I also associate Greek life with the South. Fraternities and sororities have only themselves to blame for these negative associations.

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The hazings, the cruel humiliations, the petty tyrannies, the racism, I could go on and on. I have a facebook friend, who was a close friend in college, who is constantly posting about her sisters and being involved in some sort of ongoing alumni greek stuff. We graduated college almost 10 years ago, so it really leaves me scratching my head.

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If you do put the Greek name, you should add sorority afterwards e. I went to a very heavily Greek undergrad, so I may be unaware of biases that exist among graduates of schools that are not so heavily Greek.

I served as president of my sorority, and it has never gone on my resume.