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On 5 Januaryat 8. It was a text from Jamie Byng, the publisher of Canongate.

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But I need to discuss urgently. The book had also been bought for a high sum by Sonny Mehta at Knopf in New York and Jamie had sold foreign rights to a slew of big houses. He said he expected it to be published in forty languages. Jamie agreed, but said it was an amazing story. He said he and the agent Caroline Michel had suggested me for the job and that Assange wanted to meet me.

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How much did Alex Haley protect Malcolm X when he ghosted his autobiography? To what extent did Ted Sorensen create the verbal manner of John F. Kennedy when he wrote Profiles in Couragea book for which the future president won the Pulitzer Prize? And are the science fiction stories H. Lovecraft ghosted for Harry Houdini not the best things he ever wrote? There would be a touch of all this in the strange case of Assange. But there is something else about the genre, a sense that the world might be more ghosted now than at any time in history.

However it came, and however I unearthed it or inflected it, the Assange story would be consistent with my instinct to walk the unstable border between fiction and non-fiction, to see how porous the parameters between invention and personality are.

This one worked for Canongate; the second is a well-known reporter for the Guardian. They had just come back on the train from Norfolk. Jamie said that Assange had poked his eye with a log or something, so had sat through three hours of discussion with his eyes closed. They were going to advertise the book for April.

It was to be called WikiLeaks versus the World: My Story by Julian Assange. They said I would have a percentage of the royalties in every territory and Julian was happy with that.

We talked about the deal and then Jamie went into detail about has Professional Essay Proofreading Website Online the security issues.

He said Julian insisted the book would have to be written on a laptop that had no internet access. When I arrived at Ellingham Hall Assange was fast asleep. He Popular Personal Statement Ghostwriter Website effectively under house arrest and wearing an electronic tag on his leg. In the dining room there were laptops everywhere. Another girl, maybe Spanish or South American or Eastern European, came into the drawing room Popular Personal Statement Ghostwriter Website the fire was blazing.

I stood at the windows looking at the tall trees outside. Sarah made me a cup of tea and the other girl brought it into the room with a plate of chocolate biscuits. He was amused and suspicious at the same time, a nice combination I thought, and there were few signs of the mad unprofessionalism to come. He said the thing that worried him was how quickly the book had to be written.

It would be hard to establish a see more that would work. He went on to say that he might be in jail soon and that might not be bad for writing the book.

He said that Tim Geithner, the US secretary of the Treasury, had been asked to look into ways to hinder companies that would profit from subversive organisations. That meant Knopf would come under fire for publishing the book. The Guardian tried to soothe him — its editor, Alan Rusbridger, showed concern for his position, as did the then deputy, Ian Katz, click here others — but he talked about its journalists in savage terms.

The Guardian felt strongly that the secret material ought Popular Personal Statement Ghostwriter Website be redacted to protect informants or bystanders named in it, and Julian was inconsistent about that. His relationship with the New York Times was every bit as Popular Personal Statement Ghostwriter Website. Keller wrote a long piece in his own paper saying Julian was dirty, paranoid, controlling, unreliable and slightly off his head, which naturally made Julian feel his former collaborator was out to get him.

But both newspapers, in concert with others, had given over vast numbers of pages to the leaks and given WikiLeaks top billing in bringing the material. I always felt the involvement of Popular Personal Statement Ghostwriter Website New York Times would save Julian from prison, and I still believe that.

Even the US authorities see that it would be impossible for them to convict Assange without also convicting Keller and Rusbridger. But instead of seeing that, Julian could only see the men in personal terms as dissemblers or something worse. He had a strange, on-the-spectrum inability to see when he was becoming boring or demanding.

He talked as if the world needed him to talk and never to stop. Oddly for a dissident, he had no questions. The left-wingers I have known are always full of here, but Assange, from the first, seemed like a manifestation of the hyperventilating chatroom.

He wanted to talk about the other books about to be published. The two guys are friendly towards me but the book will contain new allegations.

He was obsessed with David Leigh and Nick Davies, two of the main reporters. They were against my getting other media organisations involved, so they leaked the data to the New York Times and others and they behaved abominably. Davies has a known personal animosity towards me.

He wrote a smear about me and link of the Guardian management stood in his way. He said the third book was by his former colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg. He printed all the stuff in the conversation except the parts that related to why he was suspended. There is also a book by the New York Times journalists and several other quick books.

But these will be damaging too because they would just repeat the worst allegations. I asked him how he thought the court case would turn out. I would sooner be in a country where no extradition treaty exists with the US, such as Cuba or Switzerland.

A lot of people in America want me dead and there was an article in the Washington Times which showed my face with a target on it and blood coming out the back of my head. He suggested I came with him to the police station at Beccles. We went outside and waited for Sarah to get the car.

Standing there, I saw that the contradictions Popular Personal Statement Ghostwriter Website just work out well for the book. I saw he had problems but he could be funny and I liked him.

Ellingham Hall is surrounded by barns and outhouses.

He made another joke about Norfolk, about local social workers stamping cases N. He phoned ahead to the police station to tell them he was coming.

There were two phones Popular Personal Statement Ghostwriter Website his lap but he answered neither one himself. A French journalist was following the car but lost us. At the police station, Sarah stopped and said: I said I would write the book on condition that I could do it for the interest alone, the thrill of getting the story right and learning something in the process. I thought I would have a kind of authorly freedom by not being the author on the cover.

I wanted to let the work speak for itself. I was assured this would work more info Julian agreed. On Monday 17 January I drove to Norfolk. It was dark and drizzly by the time I got to Ellingham Hall. I stopped the car and got changed in a lane, putting a hoody over a T-shirt, while rabbits hopped in the headlamps.

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The house loomed through the fog, as they say, and I texted Sarah to say I was two minutes away from Popular Personal Statement Ghostwriter Website door. The kitchen was the usual thing: On top of the Aga a garlic loaf was warming and on the table a little bowl of tomato salad.

On the walls of the dining room there were many paintings hung on brass rails. One of them showed a 19th-century gentleman. Julian later told me the white thing he was holding was a diplomatic bag. Filming was going on. There was always filming or the possibility of filming, which was odd for people who liked to think of themselves as hiding in the shadows. I heard Julian say to them that this was his gilded cage, the same thing he had said to me several days earlier.

While Julian continued to deal with the interviewer in the drawing room, Sarah and I had a drink in the kitchen. She said she was from South London and had come to work for the organisation the previous July. She asked me about my career and we spoke about the writing business. We sat down to dinner at ten.

Vaughan joined us, pulling baked potatoes out of the oven and lasagne that had been prepared by the housekeeper. We had a joking conversation about movie rights in general and they all larked about who should play them in the movie. Vaughan was most concerned about the movie company hiring the house for filming. I told them about the day they were making a film about Oswald Mosley and doing the Battle of Cable Street in our street.

The hippies who squatted nearby thought the revolution had begun and ran out and joined the fray. When we began speaking about the book, I was concerned to get a sense of what the elements were, so that I could think about how to build the picture. I said that perhaps there should be a narrative in which the past and present alternated.