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seems from whatRandom Tropes Random Media. Community Showcase Explore More. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. When we talk about da Vinci and your book, how much is true and how much is fabricated in your storyline? All of the architecture, the art, the secret rituals, the history, all of that is true But the background is all true.

Said power is just as bad as Popular Homework Editor Site Uk books are in regards to reasoning, the only difference is that everyone can see through the hogwash in this work when they can't in real life.

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Reki Kawahara isn't known for his knowledge on video games despite having made two light novels centered around themas this video explains and criticizes Sword Art Online [the in-universe game, not the anime itself] along the way.

While one doesn't need to be an avid gamer in order to write a decent story about video games, research at the very least is needed, and the logic in Kawahara's novels just doesn't add up.

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For one, a game where skills are unique to each player would be incredibly unbalanced. Needless to say, they're a source of Bile Fascination.

He often tries to back up his claims by including quotations from books that he supposedly used to research the claims he makes in his tracts. Anyone paying attention will quickly notice that most if not all of these books have been published by Chick himself, making it pretty obvious that he only uses books that agree with his presuppositions. For a taste of how uniquely crazy this guy was, watch this.

What's wrong with that? The Monty Hall Problem is purely a matter of Statistics. Calculus has nothing to do with the math behind it. One Popular Homework Editor Site Uk gives the answer that is correct under the usual assumptions, without actually explaining how he got to that answer.

Mickey then starts asking questions like "What if he would only give you the choice to switch if you picked the right one? In Popular Homework Editor Site Uk, this is a standard question in statistics about how reality is reality and mathematics is just a model of the real world. In a later discussion, one of the players this web page talking about whether to split 8s against an Ace.

This is a strict math problem, given that the rules of casino games are pretty standard, stated up front, and often enforced by law.

Francisco, spent Popular Homework Editor Site Uk Thomas said

The character then gives an intuitive, non-mathematical explanation and gets it wrong. The character in question is close to graduating, and so should be in a fairly advanced Calculus course. They're being taught Newton's method, which is really some rather basic stuff covered back in the first month of Calculus 1. This one is possibly excusable as being for the benefit article source audience members who are not taking advanced Calculus classes.

Also, anyone who has ever worked in a casino will tell you that if someone is caught counting cards while playing, they will simply be escorted out of the casino and blacklisted, not beaten to a pulp.

This is because card counting isn't even illegal, while battery sure as hell is. Making this even less understandable is that the original book pointedly says that beatings only happen in movies. Despite Braveheart 's claims of historical accuracy, there are historical falsehoods from the opening narration to the final scene. This is not to mention the fact that inIsabella was nine years old and living in France.

The Day After Tomorrow is doubly Dan Browned, in that the movie was widely publicized as being based on the factual book The Coming Global Superstormthe book even gets a credit in the film and the typical tactic of playing on current real world fears was employed and at the time there were articles Popular Homework Editor Site Uk the sort of Could Ice Age occur overnight with quotes like It may just be a movie.

But to environmentalists, there is more than a kernel of truth in the catastrophic scenarios depicted in the upcoming summer flick The Day After Tomorrow. If you really want a solid night's entertainment call your friendly neighborhood meteorologist, and offer to treat him to a showing of The Day After Tomorrow. One group did; here's the result. Here's where the Double-Dan-Browning comes in: The Coming Global Superstormthe "factual" book it was based on, was written by Art Bell one of the hosts of Coast to Coast AM and Whitley Strieber who wrote Communionan account of his own abduction by extraterrestrials.

At one point, they reason that the latest Ice Age can be traced back to pre-historic High Tech. Damn those Atlantians read article their Popular Homework Editor Site Uk click here Mission to Mars was supposed to have a physicist as a consultant to get the details right.

It seems he was ignored. There were a number of experts consulted on the film, and this fact was touted in promotional materials, but they were mostly old-school MMA fighters, Popular Homework Editor Site Uk they have little interaction with the modern version of the sport.

Overall, the film gets very little right about MMA or the fight business. There are a great many reasons why the marble gimmick could never catch on or be legally practiced in the United States. The most glaring reason is that no athletic commission would allow competitors to fight handicapped that way. Even in Japanese MMA, which is known within the sport for enjoying the absence of a proper regulation body and being characteristically gimmicky, it would be really difficult to pull that out.

Chiwetel Ejiofor's character is offered an opportunity to make his MMA debut days before the event begins. There are numerous reasons why this would and could not happen.

Ejiofor is offered an outrageous sum of money for a debuting, unknown fighter on the undercard. It's apparently a flat fee, whether or not he wins. Only on rare occasions do headliners work out special deals that do not include win purses, and it's usually in exchange for a percentage of the event's profits.

Given that Mamet is himself a Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt, you'd expect the pure BJJ portrayed in the film to be accurate, but it's not without implausible sections to the trained eye. When Ejiofor fights John Machado, the BJJ technical advisor for the film, his character goes for a rear naked choke from a standing position, which is a very poor tactic with a low chance of success. Director Ridley Scott made numerous public statements about his intention to make Gladiator as historically accurate as possible.

To support this goal, he hired several historians to serve as advisers. Yet he made so many choices that were historically inaccurate that one adviser quit in protest and another Kathleen Coleman of Harvard University refused to allow Popular Homework Editor Site Uk name to be put in the credits.

Marcus Aurelius wasn't murdered. By the time the movie is set, the borders between Germania and the Roman Empire were firmly established as the Rhine and Danube rivers and had been for over years. There were raids in both directions, but not an ongoing war of conquest. The Marcomannic Wars did rage for much of Marcus Aurelius' reign, and he was in the middle of a successful campaign in Germania when he died.

This bit's really just an oversimplification rather than made up. At the time in question, what we now call the Colosseum was referred to as the Flavian Amphitheater. Although it could be due to Translation Convention. Maximus's name doesn't even make a lot of Popular Homework Editor Site Uk. Cicero being the cognomen of Marcus Tulius Cicero. Maximus's name is like a jumble of those without the most common ones, given and family.

But the leading lady's outfit, by the end, is basically "a modern dress designer's idea of what a Victorian would think a Roman dress would look like". Made with fabric that was commonly available in Jo-Ann Fabrics at the time. There were no tigers in the Roman Empire, and any imported from as far as India or China would've been kept in a menagerie as prized possession, not sent off Popular Homework Editor Site Uk die in gladiator games.

Lions were much more abundant and were normally used along with bears. A minor one, but as admitted by one of the movie's lead CGI artists, the fireballs launched catapults in the opening battle should've flown about two times slower.

The CGI team did their research, made a test scene, deemed it not exciting click the following article and made fireballs fly twice as fast.

That caption, halfway through the movie, that says "Zucchabar - Roman Province"? This is particularly egregious, since they read more easily have said "Zucchabar - Roman Province of Mauretania. The increased fat made sword swipes less dangerous as they would cut through the increased fat instead of subcutaneous flesh.

Stocky bears would not be quite as sexy as ripped hunks, however, though the latter would have been cut to shreds in actual bouts.

It was also never officially abolished anyway. So the monarchy was always de facto rather than de jurebecause Romans had a strong dislike of kings, having violently overthrown their last one long before.

In fact, Marcus Aurelius is the first emperor whose biological son succeeded him, quite unlike the film's depiction, where choosing Maximus as his successor over Commodus spurs the latter to kill him. Even then, this was done by making Commodus his co-emperor while he was still alive, and he thus simply took over when Aurelius died. Commodus did prove to be a terrible emperor, though for very different reasons than the film depicts-he renamed Rome, the Empire, and the Romans themselves after himself Commodia, Commodian Empire, Commodians.

While he did like to fight in the arena, his death actually occurred when a wrestler strangled him in the bath. Of course, that would not be dramatic enough for the movie.

The biggest lie of all, however, is the film's basic premise shared as well by Spartacus and most gladiator flicks: A volunteer could expect to fight around thirty bouts over the course of his five or six year contract, after which he could retire on his earnings, usually enough to buy a tavern or small farm.

Gladiatorial combat was in fact something like modern pro wrestling, in that it was designed to look way more violent than it actually was. Mel Gibson hyped The Passion of the Christ as a totally accurate reenactment of the New Testament and then proceeded to make stuff up: Some of those extra details are not in the Bible accounts, but the Catholic Church in particular has a history of saints and mystics who claim to have had visions of the Passion, which Gibson used as source material for the movie.

Some of it was just artistic license, of course.

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The film was also criticized for its Popular Homework Editor Site Uk of languages. The Romans speak Church Latin, which was obviously unlikely at the time, and the film doesn't feature Greek, which was the main lingua franca in the Eastern Mediterranean at the time. In an interview with The New York Times MagazineGeorge Lucas took credit for the infamous scene in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in which Indy survives a nuclear blast in a lead-lined refrigerator, and insisted that his odds of click at this page were about This claim has been thouroughly debunked, and a scientific peer review concluded he could have not survived.

The film had medievalists and Arthur buffs in tears before it was ever released. You can be totally sure the movie isn't the true story of real historical events, for the sole reasons the plot combines the Roman withdrawal from Britain and the battle of Mons Badonicus ca. The movie The Fourth Kind claims it was based on non-resolved cases of disappearance in a small village in Alaska, and use so-called archive footage of a psychologist who has done research on these cases, while in fact she never existed, and the police said the disappearances were probably related to alcohol and bad weather.

Hidalgoabout a horse race across the Arabian Peninsula, was billed as being based on a true story: Viggo Mortenson, the star, and John Fusco, the screenwriter, have both publicly proclaimed the story is largely accurate.