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incident relating theThey never stop talking about it. They teach people that they will always be addicts, that they will always crave drugs for the rest of their lives, and that there is no escaping it, but only trudging through life resisting and coping with it one day at a time.

People use drugs and alcohol because they derive some pleasure from it — bottom line. This is a simple explanation, and Phd Thesis On Groupers an out for the person who feels they might need a change — explore your options and choose to find a life that makes you happier than excessive substance use.

All of this leaves them in a terrifyingly incomprehensible world. They learn to be helpless. Suicide is something people choose because they believe it will be better than continuing living. I'm a Research Associate at Baldwin Research Institute, where I develop new lessons and educational programs for people with substance use problems. I have almost 15 years experience studying addiction, and 5 years experience as a patient in the addiction treatment system and recovery culture before that.

I have literally never done that. I believe there has been at least one other person featured in this series who committed suicide at some point after rehab. I think his name was Chris, and I remember seeing his domestic partner interviewed in the news after it happened. Why are you so cruel?

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Your sick to want someone dead who needs help! You need God in your life!!! Blaming someones death on the principles of AA is laughable. What about the others who have successfully completed the rehabs they have started through this program?

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KEMENTERIAN KELAUTAN DAN PERIKANAN REPUBLIK INDONESIA Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia. Provides taxonomic, conservation status, and distribution information on taxa that are facing a high risk of global extinction. About The Clean Slate Addiction Site is dedicated to bringing you a sane, sensible, and helpful view of addiction/substance abuse. We believe that the experience of.

I have a relative who has just returned from rehab and is doing better than he has ever done. Therapy, at the very least, can help. Natural recovery rates being so high, Phd Thesis On Groupers group of people with this problem who make a quit attempt should have many successes.

Now imagine having an entire tv crew document your plight — that may also raise success rates — or perhaps it installs a crushing pressure!

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I know for a fact that you have never had an addiction problem!!! I was addicted to alcohol for 16 years, and prescription drugs for 5 years! Before I entered my road to recovery with AA, I got no pleasure from either!

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They simply did not work anymore, but my body could not go without them!! OH, and by the way, I have never been arrested for anything!!! People commit suicide everyday, and yes it is very tragic!

But last time I checked, commiting suicide was a choice!!! In order to stay sober, AA members need Phd Thesis On Groupers work their program as suggested in the Big Book! You have a way with words! How can I be bright when I am so developmentally disabled??? AA has been known to convince its followers that alcohol was no fun and just made them completely miserable; truth is, while it may have become less enjoyable over time to get drunk, the alcoholic chooses to continue drinking because he believes mistakenly or not that his lifestyle of drinking will provide him Phd Thesis On Groupers personal fulfillment than an alternative lifestyle or at least will bring the least misery, of all his potential life paths.

As the author emphasizes in other pieces, drug use is a purpose driven behavior. Who am I hurting being powerless over drugs and Phd Thesis On Groupers Does it pain you that I am powerless over drugs and alcohol, Derek? Who am I hurting believing in God? Does it pain you that I believe in God, Derek? Reread my post — those of us who are against the disease and powerlessness concepts want to help people from feeling hopeless, helpless, and doomed — such as Dillon probably felt. I just happen to disagree with you and your stand on 12 step.

It is extremely difficult for me to see 12 steps as hurtful or harmful, when it has changed my life so drastically. I know your going to say, it was my decision I click here not the program. But whatever, if it was, I still go. Reading other peoples posts, I do understand that 12 step facilitation does not work for everyone, but it is an option, and does help millions.

There are so many variables to the stat garbage. Here is one for you though. I am not sure on the stats for CBT or anything else for that matter, but in my CBT rehab, out of 20 people only 2 of us are still sober, and both of us attend 12 step. Yes powerlessness is a scary concept link humans. We try to be in control of everything from day one. Changing my life, how much I drank, when I drank… But I could not stay sober. The program of AA talks about powerlessness and unmanageability interchangeably.

And these concepts do not only apply to alcohol. There is no shame in being powerless over something. I got a lot out of my 18 months in AA and NA. By listening to others who gave so freely of their stories and hugs, I learned about myself and why I did it. I do miss the open sharing at the meetings, all the girl talk. Where else do people share so openly about their humanity?

The downside is, that I started paying more attention to the pre-reading meetings and found them so wrong. What is the point of going to meetings to rehash the past and powerlessness and disease, when the addiction was a choice anyway?

There is nothing wrong with me. As I got better and figured out why I had done it, I was less interested in hanging out with people who saw themselves as defective however sweet they were! Are you suggesting that your body consumes these substances against your own will?

I fought hard to be a Phd Thesis On Groupers drinker, and wanted to quit on my own, but when I get involved with drugs and alcohol, it always won. I have no control once I start drinking and using. But the thing is you CAN. It impedes your judgement and triggers something in you.

Rewards can be the reward of familiarity, comfort, consistency, false sense of security, relaxation, ease in social situations, escape from what plagues an individual…and so on…. So point is, there is always a reason an addict article source they cannot Phd Thesis On Groupers but ultimately it does seem overly simplified to neglect that a choice has to be made from getting the substance, preparing it, picking it up and ultimately putting it in the body…in those steps is where addicts are often taught they are powerless.

The disease trip is bullshit. Theres nothing keeping people doing drugs except pain and pleasure. Drug use is a symptom maybe but not a disease. I speak from experience. Spent 20 yrs drinking smokin weed meth coke etc.

Coke did grip tightly but it was my dignity that stopped me. It was my choice. Didnt need anyone to help me. It ran its course and id had enough. Diseases dont work that way. AA is NOT for everyone. I am an alcoholic and I was extremely put off by AA. What Steven offered regarding recovery rates is correct: Here are couple of knowns in my experiences related to recovery. I know people who utilize 12 step facilitation to support and inspire their healthy change process in recovery.

It works… for them. And, we Phd Thesis On Groupers there are those who are more vulnerable to the toxicity that can surface in these groups. And that, we all know, is just a load of crap. Your inner wisdom will guide you about that stuff.

Whether that support click here a peer-related support resource or some other resource you choose to implement. Do your own research. There are complex reasons why 12 step peers groups seem to attract these toxic types. Trust your inner wisdom. You have the ability to make the change you desire. We all have that innate ability. Respectfully kick these toxic types out of your sphere of influence…Or at a minimum, limit your exposure to them.

And anyone can agree and say yes there are studies out there providing you proof. So why not provide us with the studies you claim are out there…. That was one of the most consise…thoughtful and balanced descriptions of what we who are unhelped by 12 Step…AA programs experience that I have ever read. That is what I am now working to regain a sense of myself and my life from.

I have been criticized…manipulated and controlled by very power addicted so called sponsors who ultimately used me as their new fix.

I was conditioned to rely totally on them…break ties with family and tell them my every thought and deed.