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off yourSoon the United States will have a new president. Without speculating how efficient Obama was as a president, as well as leaving aside the comparisons between the two major candidates—Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—it still must be said that the latter is probably the worst choice for president this election season.

There is a number of reasons underlying this statement. Donald Trump is, first of all, a businessman, not a politician. Perhaps this can explain the fact that he cannot boast of well thought-out policies: Probably trying to fix this, Trump proclaimed building a huge wall on the border between the United States and Mexico to be one of his major political goals.

Apart from this proposal being chauvinistic, it would not only leave the problem of illegal immigration unsolved, but would also be insanely expensive and impractical in many other ways.

Mexican president: 'No way' we pay for Trump...

And this is, by the way, the second reason why it is difficult to trust a candidate such as Trump: As it has been noted, many radical people support Trump for his attitude towards immigrants in particular, against Mexicans and Muslimsand his rhetoric against them. If Trump wins the elections, it is unlikely he will be able to effectively bring his anti-immigrant plans to life. Besides, in this case, the number of workers many of them being immigrants would decrease by 11 million people.

This is not to mention that making such anti-immigrant policy work would take up to 20 years.

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Those people believing Trump would become an effective manager for the United States because he is a wealthy person and a businessman should consider the fact that Donald Trump inherited his wealth from his father, not fully earning it himself.

His popularity and the status of celebrity seem to be earning him more money than his business acumen, and there has been numerous cases when he filed for bankruptcy.

This means that he had made multiple decisions that were wrong and harmful for his business. Can a country such as the United States afford such a person being its president? It is unlikely DiscussMuch.

Besides, Donald Trump is or at least seems to be a rather ignorant person, being interested only in promoting himself and, to the extent defined by his political ambitions, the United States.

What lies beyond its borders remains a mystery to this candidate, judging from scandalous and gullible comments he made about other nations, which is definitely unacceptable for a here president, whose competence and responsibility should stretch out to the whole world.

Being a president requires knowledge and understanding of global processes, foreign relations, and diplomacy. Donald Trump is surprisingly popular among Americans, which is disturbing, considering his obvious incompetence in everything related to governance, foreign relations, and economics. The scandalous proclamations and grandiose plans he makes are not supported by common sense, nor by any substantial reasons, plans, or programs.

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