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large skillet, heatChris Foss was born in Guernsey Pay To Write Geology Biography, Channel Islands. Both his parents were schoolteachers who worked on the UK mainland, during term time the Foss family — parents, Chris and his younger brother — lived in Devon, returning to the island during the school holidays.

Hitler felt the islands were of strategic importance to the invasion of Britain and ordered the construction source a series of fortifications around the coast of Guernsey and the larger island, Jersey.

Chris was born less than a year after the end of World War II, and these imposing structures made a lasting impression on him.

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They were crudely sealed and not too difficult to get into; there was a real excitement to worming my way into the elaborate bunker complexes and occasionally finding odd bits and pieces the Germans had left behind.

There was a curiously depressive atmosphere.

In some of the towers the wallpaper and decorations the Germans had put up to make them more homely were still there. The towers are very precise, with a scientific taper to the top. The Germans could build an entire tower out of concrete in a forty-eight hour period.

He was also intrigued by the bunkers on the island. A year later Chris started at a preparatory boarding school in Dorset. His art master at the school encouraged him to train for an scholarship, offering invaluable support.

He taught me all my perspective and representational knowledge. In fact, perhaps surprisingly considering his later career path, Chris was more interested in westerns than go here. I avidly collected cowboy annuals such as Maverick and Bronco Lane. The first western film Chris saw was The Lone Ranger A lot of my science fiction landscapes are actually western landscapes transported into a space setting.

Open vistas are a big influence in my work. He never forgot those early images, and was particularly gratified when the magazine contacted him in My initial passion when I started painting at around twelve was battleships. To this day that illustration fascinates me.

Another early and lasting passion, the influence of which can be seen in his later work, are source trains.

From the age of eight Chris would cycle miles on his own from his boarding school to the nearest station to watch and ride on the locomotives. I loved the engine, the steam, all the rattling and banging along the track, leaning out of the window getting bits of hot soot in my eyes as it went through the most beautiful countryside. Sometimes the driver would even let me ride in the cab. He became fascinated by the surrounding wide rolling landscape. The art master gave him the keys to the art Pay To Write Geology Biography so he could work any time he wanted.

Art became a Pay To Write Geology Biography during the holidays spent on Guernsey, as without his boarding school friends he felt relatively isolated. The picture fascinated me.

In Turner Spaceship [] I have tried to recreate the light and the swirls and the sense of space with a very solid object in it. Guernsey light has a dramatic feel; intense blue skies which give a very sharp definition.

The shadows just become uniformly dark. World War II had recently ended and Chris remembers his mother shopping for groceries at the village shop with a ration book. It gave Chris a good understanding of the formation of landscapes and an intrinsic fascination with geology, which can be seen in his rendering of terrestrial planets.

Chris and his younger brother and father would visit Guernsey harbour to watch the cranes unload the cargo from the ships. Here was building and making things from a very early age — I built huge cranes.

At four years old, Chris remembers visiting the patriarch of the family, Great Uncle Jack, in his huge, dark Victorian house on Jersey. His uncle had owned a building firm, and there was a huge granite workshop behind his house with a steam engine in a shed at the side which powered the tools.

I remember the smell of the wood and the terrific excitement of the whole thing springing to life — seeing the machinery in action; all the belts, the saws. And he made me a boat out of wood. Seeing this rusting machinery of the Victorian age made a huge impression on me. His mother was supportive of this, his father less so. He approached local businesses offering his services creating article source. Around this time Chris also started privately selling his oil paintings of land- and seascapes.

At eighteen, he went to Cambridge to study architecture. One of those speculative submissions was to the fledgling Penthouse magazine.

Joining the agency allowed Chris to meet many of his commercial artist contemporaries, some of whom became life-long friends. His visualisations, based on a sound technical knowledge, are stunning, especially the cloud effects. Pay To Write Geology Biography addition, Guccione paid the fledgling artist a one-year retainer.

Guccione was living in some style in a South Kensington mews.

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Source Space Odyssey It featured a spaceship with a row of heads in the foreground. George did a lot of work then with poured concrete, and this began my obsession with working with the material. I used to carve the moulds in foam or fibreglass. It was a relatively quick way to finish a large area and was very popular with civilian contractors.

Around the same time, Chris got his first sf commission. From then on, the large number of war book cover commissions that Chris had been receiving was superseded by the sf work, which slowly took over.

LITERATURE - Charles Dickens

When Chris started his book-illustrating career, publishing was very sociable. I thought it was a really nice painting.

We put it on the cover anyway, and we told the author to sod off. Dick, who he had met at the Metz see more fiction festival. Art directors would encourage artists to copy my style.

Fine art is just hot air. He had never intended to change the look of sf. His main preoccupation had simply been keeping enough money coming in, as by the age of twenty-two he was married with a baby. I often just saw the artwork as a job. I was quite surprised later when people actually wanted to buy them. It never occurred to me that the paintings had any intrinsic value. I find it irritating having a picture hanging around; it drags you back, it drags you down.

If they wanted me to paint a matchbox in the sky, I painted a matchbox in the sky. I could pretty much paint what I wanted. During the s Chris began to receive advertising commissions from France, one of which was a large campaign for the privatisation of the government-owned electricity sector. The French advertising house supplied Chris with studios in Leon and Paris to create a series of adverts.

The Joy of Sex: A Gourmet Guide was a groundbreaking publication — the first serious illustrated sex manual to be widely distributed in the English-speaking world, and particularly in America.

No one had ever done willies before in a book. It was considered a very serious thing, and this was only six months after the infamous Oz [magazine] obscenity trial. It was during the winter of Electricity was rationed due to strikes at the time and whole sections of London would lose power for hours on end. So when I was doing the reference pictures, not only were we trying to get the scene and the positions Pay To Write Geology Biography, but we had the deadline hanging over us of the power being turned off… That was fairly hilarious, in retrospect — attempting to rush through this Pay To Write Geology Biography of positions in see more or four sessions.

From his studios in Guernsey and DorsetChris continues to experiment with new techniques and mediums. The airbrush is still in use but he now mainly paints using brush and oil paint rather than acrylics. He especially enjoys figure work, landscapes and 3D model design and making by hand not computer! Chris was born in on Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Hitler felt the islands were strategic to the invasion of Britain and ordered the construction of a series of fortifications around the coast of Guernsey and the larger island, Jersey.

There was a curious depressive atmosphere in there. Look into Zbrush it is digital sculpting great program with a tablet. Good to see you still active, I myself have been rather stagnant as a career, thanks to the economy and tastes. Thanks for the artwork. I used to stare at those covers for ages, imagining myself in the stupendous machines. I love Sci-Fi art from the 70s, 80s and 90s. If only more artists who were active at that time had a websites with a blog and a youtube channel.

It is great to watch videos with your favorite artist — hear him speak and see him draw. A huge influence on my proto-career as a filmmaker. Dear Chris, I am currently doing a postgraduate research module at Nuca. My research theme in investigating the representation of the future. I was wondering I could ask you how you go about creating you own visions of the future?

Do you take in to account the current situtation of the world, ie enviromental issues, current technology advancements. Or is it from pure imagination?