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mystery behind thePerhaps you have tried to make money blogging or writing before, and you get stuck with an ineffective strategy.

Or you just run out of job opportunities and are continually chasing that next one. It can be stressful. How much better would your freelance writing career be if you had an endless supply of writing jobs available to you?

This what Pay To Get Professional Blog Online you have occupy

A set of writing websites that would guarantee you work every time you needed it? All memberships include access to Contena Academy, which provides members with a six module video training course and materials to show how to really jump into starting a freelance writing business. This is a website focused on the most fascinating and rare gems of knowledge. At Listverse, you can submit list posts packed with uncommon facts.

The competition is stiff, but having your post published at Listverse is one of the quickest ways to get paid to blog.

The payments are decided on the basis of the volume and quality of your content. Since this is a reputable website, you can expect to earn a decent amount for a top-quality article. If you are tired of hunting blogs and websites that will pay you to write a single article, then you should aim for writing services that provide a constant workflow.

Do you think you can write for one of the most successful parenting magazines on the web? Metro Parent is always looking for experienced freelance writers who can write content of interest to parents.


You can write department columns of words, or feature articles of words. If you are a full-time writer, then you surely know a thing or two about saving money. The best part is that it pays writers to submit content associated to this niche.

This online publication distributes weekly editions with articles associated to writing, freelance job listings and markets for writers. This is a biannual magazine for adult learners and educators, with a mission to provide low-cost resources that feature writings by adult learners. The articles are focused on student Pay To Get Professional Blog Online, classroom activities, news, cartoons, poems, graphics, and opinion pieces.

There are over 25 great writing websites in this post that will help you earn money from your writing skills. I put this list together because I know how hard it can be to get a start when you are trying to kickstart a writing career. It brings together some of the best opportunities from all over the web and enables you to effectively pitch for jobs with their helpful training academy. Check it out and see where it takes you. I wish you all the best with your writing career, and hope this article has helped move things in the right direction.

Robert Morris is a content manager, loves creating social media tips and tricks. While there may be a couple of legitimate freelance opportunities here, I am taken aback by listings for sites like hubpages — they only pay if you produce your own traffic, much as sites like the Examiner.

This kind of information really does a disservice to businesses looking for a capable writer, giving employers the wrong idea about the value of high quality content for their sites.

Devaluing what writers do for marketing, social strategy, and sales is the wrong choice for any business that wants to be successful online. But it is our bread and butter. Do u have any other alternative. A very disappointing features even with some of the best recommended sites is classification as Basic, Premium and Standard. But, one can become a premium writer by paying some amount.

How funny it is …after all who are they to classify. We write and they pay if they like. You have to participate in the bidding.

Are we businessmen or writers? Where then is the talent already horned across the years before internet? So, where does an aspiring writer look? My most successful book was written from a topic I know about inside and out. Because everybody wants to be an author and make money, but no one wants to take the time and sit down and write a book! It takes perseverance, discipline, and the ability to see both the small and big picture of a project not to mention a good editor.

I still pay an editor to edit my books BEFORE I give it to one of the publishers I work with who is going to have their in-house editor work it over too. It opens the door for click NEXT book. Because of this I can call any publisher in the market and ask to send over a proposal for a book and my reputation will open the door.

So take pride in what you write and do it Pay To Get Professional Blog Online the first time. Writing is like any profession in that you need help to learn the craft and get better the more you do it. It is totally up to you what site and service you want to engage with and also how much you value your writing.

Set up a Nice Blog with Domain in 3 Minutes. Free to Try and Free to Keep. How would you like to earn $ per blog post? You can earn that and more writing online if you know where to look. While I often point out that the best gigs are. Become a ProBlogger. Since , ProBlogger has been the home for bloggers wanting to create and grow their blogs, and then go professional to make money blogging. So you’ve got a thing for writing. The following top 10 list will guide you towards reliable, safe, and profitable writing websites that will pay you. Do not pay someone to help you in homework online instead hire our professionals to help you in getting homework done online at cheap rates.

This post is about awareness not recommendation. Nobody is a professional writer. The more you write the more you will be professional. Have you ever observed the language they use? Was an interesting post but fully agree it was misleading.

The problem Jeff you have is that you have spun an article that many want to read because you know it will attract traffic.

If only your list was more legit, it would have had the potential to be a great article. Thanks Sean for your comment but I am struggling to see why it is misleading. They are 10 sites that pay About Term Business Paper your writing. I agree that entire article is very misleading. With some effort, writers can make at least 10 times the rates from this site by contracting directly with businesses especially B2B and working for leading agencies representing large companies.

I know many freelance writers who earn over K each year solely from writing. Writers can also increase their income by having a niche an area of industry expertise and then market their expertise to companies needing their skill set.

I talk extensively about these strategies on http: The tone of the article is also misleading regarding the realities of being a professional writer. Comments like if you are a full-time writer you know a thing or two about saving money gives the impression that all writers are struggling and poor. The article also gives the wrong impression for businesses considering hiring writers that these are market rates. Posts like this do a huge disservice to professional freelance writers.

Yes, a company can sometimes find a up and coming writer on a lower paying site that will do a great job, but my experience from talking to many agencies and businesses is visit web page these experiences are not the norm. You said that this article is not a recommendation, but about awareness. However, I feel that because of the tone and word choice used in the article especially the word amazing in the titlethe article comes across as a recommendation for writers.

At the very least, I wish you would remove the word amazing from the title and add a paragraph explaining that these are lower paying sites. You offered percent criticism and zero value except a plug to lure people to your own web site. You are percent right. I should not have posted my link. I posted some ideas below Pay To Get Professional Blog Online how to find higher paying work and an explanation of why I posted my link.

I was really trying to help other writers make more money, which is one of my passions. Thanks Jennifer for your comments and insights. Yes, they are mostly low pay rates, but no one is forcing you to use them. Some people may be happy with that rate. The web is commoditising everything that is why Pay To Get Professional Blog Online exists and writing and other services are no different.

This post is not a recommendation but a heads up. You still have choice. Thanks Jennifer for your information and insights. The web has its strengths and weaknesses and it also has a nasty habit of reducing prices in a competitive global economy. Cheap and nasty is not my preference but it is sometimes a reality. My thought on these sites is that they may be good places for less experienced writers to get a start in content writing.

I am pleased to read this post and commend you on your effort to create awareness for budding writers, opening new gateways for them to enter the domain of marketing content. This is here good opportunity for starters, to not only earn but also learn in the process.

What writer worth their salt would agree to that? Nr poo blogger or writer will submit a poem or poetry book to a publisher or foundation or prospect looking for a novel or flash fictions. Why not go for or subscribe to Writers Market then which include annual seasoned contests.? I have been doing this for a few years now, and all three of those are my primary sources of income. Then again, the author did leave Textbroker off, so he must know something about something!

I Have also written on earning money websites. How many of these use a method of payment other than PayPal in the United States? They never respond to questions through their online form nor their email add.

They have a site that seems to be created by an amatuer whose native language is definately not English.

I tested them out a couple of weeks ago, submitted an article and 5 messages and emails later — nothing. A lot of reviews say they do pay and I see that the assignments keep mounting so someone somewhere is working on th site. But a here of a response to your mail you will not get — ever, is my conclusion.