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the time, good sturdyThe knife starts with the blade, instantly recognized across time and cultures.

People who visit here are looking for information, pictures, descriptions, details, and reason in a world full of hyperbole and schemes. Here you can read, in plain clear language, the details about knife blades and what I have learned from being a full time professional knife maker for several decades. Everything written here is my opinion, formed by making and selling literally thousands of knives for over thirty years to knife users, collectors, the military, law enforcement, chefs, hunters, guides, and industrial and specialty knife users.

I guarantee that when you leave this page, you'll know more than most people about fine handmade and custom knife blades. I've seen your website and it is amazing. I've used a knife for the whole of my working life. To me they are a tool, like a wrench or a screwdriver. It's difficult to get good ones designed for what you need. They mostly let you down. I work with rope and must have a sharp knife.

I also need a marlin spike to splice. I must carry both a sharp knife and a marlin to do the job. Marlins are hard to come by these days but a decent Pay For My Geometry Term Paper is almost impossible now. I was looking for a quality knife then I saw your website. I want to say that in a world where I thought that nobody cared about quality or craft anymore, you've proved me wrong.

Thanks for doing so. Homo sapiens has been around for aboutyears. Surprisingly, he was not the first knife maker. Evidence shows that the recently identified hominid species, Australopithecus garhi, was a tool and knife maker, read article selecting and modifying specific raw materials in a sophisticated and consistent way, and with careful intent.

He was making double-edged knives about 2. This technology gave its inventors an astonishing advantage - the ability to shift to an energy-rich, high-fat diet which led to all kinds of evolutionary consequences.

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It is possible, then, that this species was among the first to make the transition to stone toolmaking and to eating meat and bone marrow from large animals.

Millions of years have passed since man first noticed that a sharp flake of obsidian, flint, or agate could cut. No image, figure or shape would carve his destiny so profoundly, and even today every item and component of everything we touch, eat, wear, or drive has at one time been touched by a cutting edge.

We humans, without fang or claw, will always require our essential edge, and are simply naked without it. We are a creature that cuts and shapes things: The origins of the word knife read more from the Middle English A. Who knows what a knife was called before that?

In our modern definition, to cut means to penetrate with an edged instrument, divide or separate with an edged tool, shear, incise, or sever. So what is the common click at this page here?

It's the cutting edge. A knife is used to cut, rather than abrade. Sandpaper and grinding wheels abrade, though in a way, they cut; they use tiny cutting edges when new and sharp to rip away small particles of surface material.

An axe blade uses a Pay For My Geometry Term Paper of cutting force and a lot of wedging to split away the grain of wood. A lathe tool or drill bit uses a heavy, thick cutting edge to displace and separate metal from metal at high speed as a cold chisel would. Probably the largest difference between the knife and all other cutting edges is the ability of a knife to have a very thin cutting edge, with the potential to apply a tremendous amount of force behind the edge with only the power of the human hand.

Though many modern tools used in industry are called knives, this text only refers to those held in the human hand. Learn more about the handle on the Custom Knife Handles page here. The shape of a knife blade, to a large extent determines the absolute use of the knife. Humans have made knives for millions of years. These are our most evolved and revered of tools.

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We've had millennia to define, refine, and perfect the knife blade, and yet there are thousands of designs. It's funny how just. I believe that man has made the knife for so long that it's possible that the pattern is somehow recognized on a genetic level. People relate Pay For My Geometry Term Paper knives that way. Handles notwithstanding, I've seen clients stare and compare and tune and modify the pattern in the slightest way to reach that perfect shape that they think is just right.

Where does that come from? Have they really used knives that much to be able to distinguish miniscule differences in what is right for them?

There is something deeper here, something at the very core of the human psyche. That's another discussion for my here. In a basic way, knife and blade use can be classified by shape. A long sweeping, curving blade is usually called skinningor fleshing.

A heavy, large aggressive-looking straight blade is usually called combat or tactical. I try to stay away from the term "fighting knife," as this is a negative and unrealistic designation for a modern knives.

Many knives are classified depending on the physical attributes of their profile, such as drop pointclip pointtrailing pointand swage. Other blade shapes not shown by example are curved, razor, wharncliffe, square, kris, dirk, jambiya, stiletto, spey, smatchet, hawksbill, katar, and chakmak.

There are a tremendous amount of variations in knife blades, and some of the blade styles incorporate the geometry of several different defined shapes. As the knife blade evolves, some new styles will undoubtedly be named, and the clear definitions of blade styles and shapes may be blurred or even discarded. For example, it would be ridiculous to describe a knife as a modified spear point with trailing point and tanto attributes with a recurve body and hollow ground swage Ultimately, a photograph or illustration is necessary.

To learn much more about knife terms, anatomy, and knife related parts, please take a look at the best Knife Anatomy Page on the internet right here on this web site! Knife blade shapes can also be classified by their use. This is a more casual affair, as most blade shapes can be used for a variety of cutting, slicing, or in the case of combat knives stabbing or ripping requirements.

Some of the direct use classifications are: There are many more: If all knives were the same, we'd only have one design, and you would see it everywhere.

Instead, you'll see thousands of knife designs in the modern world. I make over different designs myself. Imagine all the varied designs created throughout history, and you'll soon realize the tremendous variety of knives. There simply is no other tool or device that has so many variations and knives are astounding forms. The person asking this might be wondering about comparisons between a handmade custom knife and a factory knife. Though this topic comes up infrequently, it is important to educate those who may try to form a realistic comparison of these two very different origins and fabrications of the same tool, art, or piece.

This discussion is prevalent enough to deserve its own dedicated page on my site: Found your Web Site on a knife search I am in the UK and when i saw the photos, I was to say the least, very impressed. Well done Jay, you are a true knife Craftsman. Parks and Countryside Officer and Axe Collector. Comparing factory knives to handmade custom knives is like comparing a hand-rolled Cuban cigar to a pack of cheap smokes.

A factory or manufactured knife can not compare to a handmade custom knife. Just because they share the same form, a blade and handle and sheath, it does not mean that they are in the same realm. Find out the difference between a knife that sells for a hundred bucks, and one that starts at 20 times that much on this special page dedicated to the topic. In the specific and detailed subject of blades, the most read article thing to remember is that Pay For My Geometry Term Paper need something to sell, something made click to see more but sold for as much as their market will bear.

So for the blades, they often offer special steels that they claim are superior to the recognized AISI steels. They also are very careful not to reveal the steel alloy components or actual properties like tensile strengths, heat treating process, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other factors and instead, claim things like, "testing has determined that our steel has superior performance, wear, and corrosion resistance than C, ATS, etc.

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Don't be fooled by this hype. Any of these so-called tests are entirely subjective, and can be easily directed toward the intended result, which shock is always in favor of their special steel. Without revealing the exact components of the steel, there is no scientific way to test it.

This is because testing, real scientific metallurgy must have as its basis the knowledge of the steel alloy components and method of manufacture as well as all the properties, mechanical and exposure, that the steel has or will be exposed to. Let's make a simple, realistic comparison.

A skyscraper is under construction.

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The head engineer of the ironworks company has read on the Mystical Bolt Company website that bolts are available, to assemble the structural steel columns, that they are a special and secret alloy and they perform better than known, recognized, and accepted industry standards. No technical specifications exist on the bolt maker's site: On the bolt maker's site are just vague generalities about performance.

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Not one engineer on earth would sign off on the purchase of this fastener for the integrity of its properties and application on the project without knowing even what the material is. Yet in the world of knife manufacture and sales, it's almost expected that the knife factory or boutique shop Pay For My Geometry Term Paper knife manufacturer will supply some special, proprietary, or unique and mysterious steel that outperforms all other known types. It seems each factory follows the same advertising formula, claiming a special designation, comparing in generalities the qualities to known types, claiming superiority and thus value, sometimes adding performance anecdotes like chopping pine two-by-fours, shoving the blade in a car door, or bending, leaving submersed in water, or other ways of brutalizing a piece of overly thick steel.

Then, to top it off, organizations and interests claim that certain knives must be certified by them for the honor of being tested in this anecdotal, subjective, and extremely unscientific way. Usually, this requires the donation of a knife or knives for this honor! This is all advertising hyperbole, so that you will think that the inexpensive factory knife is somehow superior to other inexpensive factory knives.