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gadgetsHow to properly organize work history? May 1, So how do I go about this?

There is no law that says the contents of your resume have to be in chronological order, but I think the order you have there is the most "correctly" chronological anyway, in that your current positions are first, and then your other positions are later. But really, you don't have to put them in time order if you don't want to.

It might not be strictly correct in terms of how date ordering is supposed to work, but remember, your resume will get maybe 30 seconds of reading time from the hiring manager, so you want to make it count. Use the prime Order Of Employment On Resume estate closest to the top of the page for the stuff you want people to pay attention to.

Okay, here's what you do.

The more resumes you look at, the more confused you can get especially since there are so many different formats to choose from. Most people don’t realize that the. Job-seekers: A professional resume writer shows you how to avoid/fix the 10 most and education are listed in reverse chronological order on your resume;. Do Previous Jobs on a Resume Have to it's likely she won't be able to tell if you are actually qualified for the job. The chronological order also illustrates. Job seekers often are diligent about getting all the important information into their resumes, without considering the order of what gets noticed most by someone that. Apr 30, · Need assistance with resume chronological order of work history.

Ex the Whole foods bit, unless you are seeking work in retail. As for the rest, you can do it most relevant to least relevant. Even if it was in the middle of multiple present work things, I'd put the Court Project second. I'd include the Whole Foods simply showing that you have a responsible job on top of your other work.

Even if it is retail, it allows you to talk about time management, responsibility and work ethic. Put Whole Foods last.

I'd include it without including any details. Do include details about the other jobs -- they're more substantive, so you want them to stand out more than Whole Foods.

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Unless you're looking for a job that's more like Whole Foods than the others -- in which case, list Whole Foods first. It seems worth giving one line to Whole Foods, at least to show that you've been showing up on time at a steady job for years.

Also, since you're still working at Whole Foods, it could be awkward to omit this information and then have it come up if and when they make you an offer and want to talk about your availability.

I arranged my resume to have Relevant Experience and Other Experience sections so relevant but not recent jobs would be more apparent to hiring people. I also ended up with 3 or 4 different versions tailored to different areas of my general field so I could send the right one off to the right organization.

Agree with telophase - I had a "legal experience" section and an "other experience" section, until the "legal experience" section got long enough that I was able to drop the "other experience completely.

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However, I would make sure to have space to include a current job. This thread is closed to new comments.