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have threeGloria Vlcek is another unemployed new grad in NSW.

This article provides sample nursing management interview questions with answers. Job Description: Nurse Managers coordinate and monitor patient services provided by. Clinical Educators are in charge with training aspiring or newly-graduated medical staff. Typical job duties of a Clinical Educator are developing curricula. CNA Financial Corporation is a financial corporation based in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and noted for its foot ( m) tall red headquarters building, CNA. Your volunteer and internship details can be vital to your job search. Highlight your skills with a functional resume using a free resume template. Gloria Vlcek is another unemployed new grad in NSW. Other states in Australia had serious rates of new grad unemployment in – has it now spread to NSW.

Other states in Newly Graduated Nurse Resume had serious rates of new grad unemployment in — has it now spread to NSW? Send a message to health ministers about new grad unemployment. Well, once I started my nursing course I loved it and there would be no chance of seeing myself doing anything else now.

The degrees took me five years to complete. Unfortunately, eight months after starting the job-hunt for my first nursing position, I am still serving my time in the retail job that put me through uni in the first place. During all my clinical placements while at university, I received great feedback on my abilities, from nurses, patients and doctors. Sure, I am a bit smug about this, can you blame me? I fitted right into the workplace. Yet here I am, jobless, understandably bitter and completely desperate.

Most people who hear stories like mine are completely shocked. But just like me and all the other nursing graduates without a job, they have been completely misled about our job prospects. The government gives many of us Commonwealth Supported Places CSP at universities because they want to attract more nurses into the workforce. In my case, having a CSP cut the cost of my degrees by about 78 percent. Thank you Australian taxpayer, you paid for me to become a nurse. Some of my fellow students, who are fortunate enough not to be in my situation, click to see more started giving me all sorts of advice.

Trying agencies is a popular one, but agencies only hire nurses with 12 months experience. Try applying for Registered Nurse positions? I have only ever had a reply from two employers, one of whom told me that I should be applying for a new graduate program and that I would be really late in doing this. But one thing is sure for source future: I am never going to consider getting an education to Newly Graduated Nurse Resume for a job ever again, because what a colossal waste of time it has been.

Previously on Nurse Uncut: This is nothing new, this has been the case for years! I was in the same Newly Graduated Nurse Resume and when I applied for a New Graduate job and got rejected, it was the single most devastating thing that had happened to me. I think Newly Graduated Nurse Resume cried for a week, because I knew I would never get a job as a nurse! I had small children and struggled to put myself through uni, full-time over 3 years, to pursue a career in nursing.

Newly Graduated Nurse Resume the year following my graduation, I applied to do a post-graduate in midwifery. This was the single best thing I have done so far, except giving birth to my own children. I love being a midwife! So my advice is this: There are so many fields of nursing and midwifery that are desperate for staff eg: It keeps you in the industry, you can re-register and you may just find the job you love. All is not lost, even if you feel like it is! I thought you had to work as an RN for a year before you could apply to become a post-grad midwife?

As this is what I want to do with my life. These are the UTAS selection criteria for postgrad midwifery: This story really scares me and I feel so disgusted that you have completed 5 years of tertiary study, obtained a Masters and yet you are working in retail!

I am currently a second year nursing student and have had my doubts about a career in nursing due to this very reason. It is hard to believe we are being accepted into uni in bucket loads, yet only a handful walk away with a job.

There are so many factors which make a current student think that it is easy getting a job after uni and I would rather source found out the truth before applying for my new grad placement.

The truth is, it is just as competitive out there as it would be for any profession, nurses do not have it any easier. My advice to all current students is this: It certainly did not help me, as I had to move interstate and specialise in mental health to get my first role as a RN.

The rest of your advice is very valuable to anyone wanting to work in nursing. Dear Gloria, Reading your story touched me so deeply.

Newly Graduated Nurse Resume have done five years of nursing study and at the end, are forced to go back to a retail job. Our NSW government and its state health minister should hang their heads in shame. They deserve you being a nurse serving the community and giving read article. But you have been prevented from giving back your service due to the fact the system is not working.

We New Graduates who have been left behind and could not get into this new grad program know how you feel, we share your frustration, disappointment continue reading your anger.

Saddest part is that no one seems to care and no one seems to want to take responsibility to fix this ongoing problem, now growing more each year. What is going on with nursing studies in all Australian universities? It is the fact that they are taking in more students each year from local and abroad which adds to the problem which already exists in our outdated system.

Each year there are growing numbers of New Graduate nurses joining the waiting list, just to be forgotten. Many nurses are already leaving the profession because they are fed up with the non-caring and non-supporting approach of the system.

Your voice counts and it is very important that we join together to be counted. I really hope you find new grad employment click. The low rate of graduate employment is endemic across Australia at the moment. No matter how much anyone talks them up and markets them, these places often offer limited experience, parochial attitudes, very limited social interaction and no real career incentives to go there.

And when you listen to all the rhetoric, it shows you how passive the government and nurse leaders expect new graduates to be. The number of graduate positions available in Tasmania in I have a friend who runs a retail food store down here: I wonder what degree that could be? What does an engineering graduate say when you show them a here and a cylinder?

Hmm, we can feasibly construct a lever with these items that could conceivably revolutionise production. What does an accounting graduate say when you show them a stick and a cylinder? On a cost-benefit basis, Newly Graduated Nurse Resume can produce these with a marginal return of about 5.

What does a nursing graduate say when you show them a stick and a cylinder? Do you want fries with that? Would you like to upsize? Joking aside, why are the universities simply not telling undergraduates the true demographics of employment after graduation?

You told it exactly how it is, perfectly. Hi Gloria, Your story is disheartening. I am currently studying nursing and am so stressed out about not getting a grad program. I currently have a partnership at a hospital but am worried not even that is enough!

Did you have good grades? Or can you give out any advice? Whatever happened to taking responsibility for our own learning? Why do we require universities to restrict the of students undertaking a particular course and potentially deny amazing people the dream of studying that subject and potentially having a career in that field just because it is harder for us to find work?

This is the real world and far from what happens. It is common knowledge that universities are pumping out more than is required by demand, especially in the nursing field, and this just makes getting a position all the more competitive. It only makes sense to do that. Newly Graduated Nurse Resume Anna, nurses are born to be nurses…university and college qualifications are not enough.

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I ought to know as I was one for 33 years. Gloria, I sincerely wish you all the best in your search for a nursing job. Anyway, nursing is not the only industry where there is an oversupply of graduates and high competition for existing vacancies.

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I had to move to a different city to get a post grad position. A Masters is fast becoming the norm in many professions Amanda. Many universities offer undergraduate degrees in the broad subjects, like Arts and Science, and then expect those who are wanting to do the specific professions to complete a Masters. The Bachelor of Nursing will phase out eventually and the Masters will Newly Graduated Nurse Resume the only option to become a nurse.

Agree with Kellie, we are fast adopting the American model where professional degrees nursing, physio, medicine etc can only be completed post-grad. I too am an unemployed new grad, if you saw my comment on the other blog post. Posting to give you support to hang in there.

The same happened to my daughter 20 years ago, despite working in click Nursing Home and Private Clinic while going through Cumberland now Sydney Uni.

It seemed to relate to the demoghaphics of where you lived for a while. Being the RN in charge of the under-2s. From that position has not looked back, but taken every opportunity to study and do extracurricula courses.

From what I have heard from many younger nurses, your degree is the opener for many varied work positions. If you still want hospital work, it will come.